Season 8 Episode 10

The Cruel Arrancar, Ulquiorra's Provocation

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ight episode.

    Like I said in an earlier episode, when it comes to shounens, it's all about balancing between the battle and the explanation of tactics. That's what separates shounen animes from western action cartoons; the whole "smarts" and "wit" part of the game. Sometimes though animes will go a little far and ramble themselves on more than actually battling, and this episode is an example of that. Szayel spent too much time explaining his strategy, but fortunately there was still a bit of fighting between him and Renji. Overall the episode was pretty decent; Ichigo goes up against Ulquiorra and we discover that Rukia is on the verge of death. Nothing but anticipation stuff to get you prepped up for the next episode though.
  • Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Not bad. Not bad at all. This episode is really good to the T, all the members that were fighting there found out that rukia is dead and that they can no longer feel any reading from chad. Inchigo doesnt believe this at all and the espada is not going to let him get passed him. But inchigo doesnt want to fight with this espada, than the espada told him that the reason why she is here is because I force her to be here. Inchigo was mad and with notice he drew his sword and use shunpo to flash over there but the espada blocked. Inchigo now chose to fight him.
  • Renji continues his fight agains Szayel Aporro and Ichigo meets Ulquiorra, both of them learn that Rukia is in a bad condition and is getting nearer to death every minute.

    Well this was a good episode, with a lot of stuff in it. It was fun to see Stark for the first time, he seems really cool and stuff, but maybe he is a little bit to kind for an espada, but maybe he only acts that way towards arrancar, we shall see. The fight between Renji and Szayel is develloping nicely. Renji needs his bankai badly though he could wound Szayel in the end he isn't going to make it without his bankai, certainly not if you now that Aporro can still use his release. But as much as i wanna see Renji in a decent fight, i wanna see how the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra develops, i mean the previous fights were all a little bit of a build up to this on, so this should be really nice. Can't wait till next week.
  • While a Bankai-less Renji is outpowered by Szayel Aporro, Ichigo senses Rukia's fading reiatsu and decides to go save her, but he is confronted by a familiar foe.

    I have been waiting for AGES for this moment to come, and now that it finally has, I feel so excited that I can hardly wait for next week's episode to come. Maybe that excitement is part of the reason why I decided to come and submit this review.

    The animation, the performance of the voice-actors, the quality of the backgrounds, the AMAZING soundtrack -- this is the Bleach I fell in love with a couple of years ago. Not that the love was gone, not at all, but the truth is that the Arrancar arc and the beginning of the Hueco Mundo arc brought a lot of disappointing moments. However, since Ichigo & co. entered Las Noches, that disappointment slowly begun to decrease, and now I can say that the exciting Bleach I loved is back. And I read the manga, and I know what's gonna happen and what's not, and I'm still hooked up and wanting to see the continuation of this episode, as if I didn't know. That's the Bleach I'm talking about.

    So, cutting to the chase. Renji is having deep trouble with Szayel Aporro, who I find to be a lot more entertaining here than in the manga. His gestures, his voice, everything about him makes me laugh and want to punch him in the face, both at the same time. And there's still a lot, LOT more of him to come. Renji, on the other hand, is in deep trouble, but this fight is just beginning.

    In other news, Aaroniero is gone for good, and none of the Espada seem to give a damn about it. But at least we get to see a glimpse of them, specially hot-chick Halibel and Stark. Both of them are quite mysterious (though in completely different ways) and I really wish to see their characters more developed in the future.

    And now, the biggest attraction of the episode, and the moment I had been waiting to see since, well, since forever: Ichigo and Ulquiorra, face to face. While it's obvious that Ichigo's nemesis is none other than Grimmjow, Ulquiorra is such a particular antagonist that I have always wanted to see them clashing. Even though the Shinigami didn't have a special grudge against him, Ulquiorra managed to light his anger, which speaks of what a deeply dark character this guy is. He's definitely my favourite Arrancar, and Ichigo is one my top guys too, so this confrontation is like Heaven to me.

    The episode couldn't have ended in a worse cliffhanger, but that's not really a bad thing. I love [to hate] cliffhangers, and this one promises a lot. How long until next wednesday, again?
  • This episode is about Renji's fight against Szayel Aporro Granz...

    Like anyother episode of Bleach it really made me want to see what the next episode is going to be like.It made me look forward to Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight.
    It also somewhat if you would call it "revealed" that Pesche was calling Uryuu Ichigo on purpouse as comic relief.This episode wasn't that much about humour and Renji's fight was the highlight showing Renji's level without Bankai.Interestingly enough he didn't appear that strong without Bankai even though he was fighting the 8th Espada who is one level higher than the 9th who Rukia defeated.Overall I really really enjoyed this episode and would reccomend to watch for any fan of the series.
  • Espada...Renji vs. Szayel Aporro, Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, But what about Rukia???

    OMG! Thats why I like this series. Lots of cool chats, and fights!
    Renji started a fight with Espada Szayel Aporro. He cant use his Bankai, because the Espada created that place to prevent that...
    He can only use Zabimaru...but thats not enough...
    Ichigo met Ulquiorra. Ichigo doest want to fight with him, but he provocated: He told that he forced Inoue to come to this place. After this Ichigo had no choice, but go Bankai!
    This fight is gonna be awsome!
    We could take a closer look to the Espadas and their "friends". Now We know their reactions to the news of their partners death... Noone really cared.
    But theyre gonna bring some new arrancar to the story. The next episode is gonna be...GREAT!
  • Reji fights a scientist, Rukia and Aronerio are considered good as dead, and Ichigo goes Bankai.

    I'll have to admit this was a really good episode. To me it had a little bit of everything. It had fighting, plot advancement, and a cliff hanger. In my opinion those three elements are usually a solid formula for a good episode, that is if something good can even be solved with a formula, but I digress. Anyway the episode started out with Renji against Espada Aporro. Now the best part about this fight was that it went back and fourth. At first it looked like Renji was going to crush Aporro, as Aporro took on the avitar of the geek that's all brain and no brawn. However that quickly changed as Aporro revealed that he was toying with Renji. However after further provocation Renji found the strength to be on more equal footing with his opponent. In the meantime I enjoyed the side plots, especially getting a chance to see the other Espada in their elements, and a check up on Orihime. My favorite part came at the end where Ichigo was confronted by Ulquiorra. However to find out what happens there you'll have to watch the episode.
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