Season 1 Episode 4

The Cursed Parrot

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Ichigo’s friend Chad finds a bird that is rumored to bring bad luck. Chad takes the bird in anyway because he has a soft spot for animals. Ichigo’s sister Karin finds out that the bird is really the soul of a young boy whose mother was killed. The boy is now being hunted by a Hollow. Karin makes Ichigo promise that he will save the boy.moreless

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  • A very good episode. This one has some pretty funny moments as well. Our first look at Ichigo's classmate Chad.

    Season one episode four, called "And Your Bird Can Speak" is another good Bleach episode.

    In the opening scene(s) we get to meet Chad, as well as a little bird (A cockateil) Chad adopts. It seems that this little bird brings bad luck to all of its owners. With good reason. The bird is actually harboring the soul of a little boy! And the boy is being chased by a very nasty hollow.

    I really like the way the character Chad is portrayed. He is a very big and tall teenager, though he looks big enough (and old enough) to be an NFL linebacker.

    We also get to see Ichigo dad's clinic, where Chad is admitted when he becomes injured protecting himself and the bird from the Hollow.

    Through all this, Chad is basically unable to see the Hollow attacking him. All he can usually see is a blur, if that at all. He has to depend on pure instinct and the direction of others who can see spirits.

    I enjoyed the camera shots in this episode. It's a style of shooting that is prevalent throughout the Bleach anime series. Also the voice acting is solid. The English dubbed version voice actor for Chad, Jamieson Price does a good voice-acting job in this episode.

    Job well done!moreless
  • It's getting better!

    This episode flowed a lot more smoothly compared to the first three, everything felt more natural and free flowing. It started off pretty good with the introduction of Chad who seems to be Shounen Jump's version of The Hulk (without the angry and rampaging part of him). Although gentle giants are becoming more mainstream now, Chad is a bit more unique in that he holds a strong vow to never fight back no matter how much beat up he gets. This episode is also so far the funniest one. The only thing I didn't like was the whole situation with Karin, she immediately goes to Ichigo to tell him to save the ghost. Okay when did she find out again that Ichigo was a death god?moreless
  • Chad, Rukia and Ichigo must save a cursed parret from the dangers of a hollow

    Ichigo's friend Chad finds a bird that is rumored to bring bad luck. Chad takes the bird in anyway because he has a soft spot for animals. Ichigo's sister Karin finds out that the bird is really the soul of a young boy whose mother was killed. The boy is now being hunted by a Hollow. Karin makes Ichigo promise that he will save the boy. The story of the cursed bird doesnt frighten chad he takes in the parret and gets hurt alot. The parret tells chad to abadon him but he refuses now chad with the help of ichigo and rukia must save this tormented soul from an evil hollowmoreless
  • another ep of bleach by me..

    alot of stuff sorta of happens in this episode enters chad and he is a big guy who you would think would be a brute but instead he is a kindhearted person so he takes the bird that is legend to kil everyoone it ever comes in contact with and he takes it anway and he protects this bird where we find out its is actuall just the bait for a holoow that turned that bird from a boy in to his form now promising that he would bring his mom back if he would help him and ichigo helps and destroy the hollow but instead this hollow goes to a hell like dimension for what it did to the child att he end the kid and chad promise to meet each othe rin soul society and maybe chad could carry him around againmoreless
  • Chad fights a Hollow

    Chad meets with two of his friends to converse about a cursed parakeet, which the two decline in taking, so Chad decides to accept it. Seconds later, a steel beam falls on him, and he escapes with barely a scratch. Taking the parakeet home with him, Chad encounters a Hollow thats stalking the parakeet, and ends up getting a handprint on his back of the Hollow, before arriving at the Kurosaki clinic. The parakeet tells him about himself, so Chad leaves his bed, still injured to try and get the parakeet away from the Hollow, however he finds he's unable to hide from the spirit creature.moreless
Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal

Keigo Asano

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Rie Kugimiya

Rie Kugimiya

Kurosaki Karin

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Toshiyuki Morikawa

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Kurosaki Isshin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At one point when Ichigo is talking to Miziro on the roof, Ichigo's empty left hand is on his hip. In the next scene, he has a straw in his hand his hand is over the juice pack.

    • Watch Ichigo's sister Karin when he carries her home. At first, her head is near his right shoulder. A little later, it's near his left shoulder.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Ichigo: Hey, Chad! Stop running away! You need my help... hold up!
      Karin: (weakly) Ichigo...
      Ichigo: (worriedly) Karin? What are you doing here? You look really sick... (Karin collapses) Karin? (rushes to Karin's side)
      Rukia: Ichigo! You need to get Karin home now so we know she'll be safe. I'll handle them.
      Ichigo: Hmm? What, are you kidding me? I can't just leave you...
      Rukia: Just do as I say! I know what would happen if we leave here here. You'd be worrying about here when we fight the Hollow, and that cannot happen here no matter what! Go on! Get moving... get her home... and get back here quick!
      Ichigo: Rukia... I hope you know... right now you don't have the strength to fight a Hollow by yourself. Please... don't risk yourself for my sake.

    • (Ichigo is trying to think of away to track Chad)
      Ichigo: Gotta think... I got an idea! We'll use Chad's bird friend! Can we use that bird to help us detect the presence of a Hollow?
      Rukia: No. That's impossible!
      (Ichigo takes a deep breath and closes his eyes in concentration.)
      Rukia: Ic...higo? What's this... sensation I'm feeling? (thinking) He's trying to sense the soul in that bird. Even I can't sense such a weak soul at this distance. And that human soul is partially eclipsed by the bird's soul. To hone in on it from so far away... (gasps) He's done it!
      Ichigo: Oh, yeah! I gotcha!
      Rukia: Wow. (thinking) He saw them... spirit ribbons. Rays of spirit energy. But only a high level Soul Reaper can see those. Can it be? Is he really developing into a Soul Reaper that quickly?

    • (Rukia is explaining how Hollows hide between the World of the Living and the Soul Society.)
      Rukia: You understand? You got it?
      Ichigo: You think I can understand those kindergarten drawings of yours?

    • (Ichigo is staring worriedly at the parakeet.)
      Rukia: Don't worry...
      Ichigo: Huh?
      Rukia: You're right. There is something in that bird... but I don't think it's evil. It's probably just a lonely soul... you know... one that didn't have many friends. But we can't leave it, or it might become a Hollow. Tonight, we need to preform a Konso.
      Ichigo: Oh, great. Just what I need... another sleepless night.
      Rukia: It doesn't help to complain.
      Ichigo: Yeah. I know.
      Rukia: (thinking) How odd. Ichigo was concerned about the safety of others and sensed the soul's presence. Maybe he's beginning to understand what it means to be a Soul Reaper.

    • Ichigo: (about Chad) The only thing I wonder about is what exactly is your body made of...?

    • Keigo: Ha ha! Lunch party! Right here! Right now!
      Ichigo: (scoffs) Some party! Noodles and juice?
      Keigo: Shut up! It's the feeling that counts!

    • (subbed version)
      (Speaking to Ichigo and Rukia)
      Mizuiro: Oh? You're together again. You two are awfully friendly.
      Ichigo: Mizuiro. You moron, does this look like we're friends?
      Mizuiro: You're not? Well, if you want to deny it, that's okay, too. I'm not sure how to say this, but you should consider what others think a bit more, Ichigo.
      Ichigo: Are you stupid? If I cared about that, I'd have dyed my hair black years ago.
      Mizuiro: That's true.
      Rukia: (Talking about the straw she just found for the juice pack) Oh, so this is it?! But... where should I poke it...
      Mizuiro: Kuchiki-san, hello.
      Rukia: Hello, uh...Kojima-kun.
      Mizuiro: Right. I still haven't introduced myself, have I? Kojima Mizuiro, 15 years old. My hobby is...
      Ichigo: (interrupting) ...girl hunting.
      Mizuiro: What?! No, it's not! That's mean.
      Ichigo: He looks innocent, but he's an incurable womanizer. Be careful.
      Mizuiro: Quit that! You'll ruin my image! Besides, I'm only interested in older women.
      Ichigo: That's why I told her to be careful.
      (Screen pans to include Rukia with a sign above her pointing at her head)
      Sign caption: A Hell of a lot older!
      Ichigo: Nothing.
      Keigo: Hark! Lo there, do I see our pretty new transfer student, Kuchiki-san! Why art thou here?
      Mizuiro: Ichigo hit on her and lured her up here.
      Ichigo: Wha- No-
      Keigo: What?! Ichigo, you bastard! (starts to cry) Good job!
      Ichigo:'re happy enough to cry?

    • (subbed version)
      Ichigo: Chad won't fight no matter how tangled up he gets.
      Rukia: That's unusual.
      Ichigo: Yeah.
      Rukia: This juice is good.
      Ichigo: Oh.

    • (dubbed version)
      Mizuiro: Let me introduce myself. My name is Kojima Mizuiro. And my hobby is...
      Ichigo: (interrupting) Dating girls.
      Mizuiro: Ichigo!! You know I date with girls who are older than me!!
      Ichigo: That's why I should ask you watch out for her.
      Mizuiro: Huh?!
      (Screen pans to include Rukia with a sign above her pointing at her head)
      Sign caption: She's very, very old!

    • (dubbed version)
      Ichigo: Chad, where did you get that parakeet?
      Chad: Yesterday.
      (A five-second pause...)
      Chad: I got it.
      Asano: Wait a second! You just decided not to give us the full explanation because it was too much work, didn't you? That's a bad habit. Tell us what happened! Come on!

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