Season 6 Episode 7

The Evil Eye, Aizen Again

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Ulquiorra shows his report to Aizen and his fellow Arrancar, and Grimmjow questions why he didn't kill Ichigo when he had the chance. Meanwhile, Matsumoto talks to Orihime about why she has been so depressed recently.
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  • Boring

    Another episode of Bleach, another abundance of its fake slice of life stuff. Tite Kubo must be a really horny guy who seems to have an obsession with massive breasts; its overuse as fan-service and jokes in this episode makes that especially apparent. Again nothing really much happened story wise. Orihime had an emotional breakdown concerning Ichigo and Rukia, Yumichika and Ikkaku ponder the concept of packaged goods--which was surprisingly funny--and Renji gets harassed by Ururu. As you can see, not much happened, nothing was really funny, and the character interaction stuff wasn't charming because it's so artificial. At least it ends in promise with several Arrancar mobilizing for battle.moreless
  • New enemies are on the rise, while the Shinigami and Ichigo's companions settle in. Inoue confronts her feelings.

    There were quite a few strange scenes in this episode, but at least they didn't end up... strangely. Anyway, we see some rivalry finally taking from between Inoue and Rukia, which is definitely something an anime needs (love triangles in the middle of battle!). The director wasn't kidding when he announced that he was going to concentrate a lot of Inoue's character. A whole gang of Arrancar get their debut and soar off like missiles, something rather awkward. I know that Hollows fly around, but aren't these half-Hollows... more human? Oh well, all of them hover. A strange lull in action but made up with laughs about Shinigami culture shock (frankly, weren't they dead before? But they didn't have packages when they were alive...) and Inoue-Rangiku awkwardness. There were good angle shots; I especially liked the night art, where it almost seemed surreal. Looking forward to the next!moreless

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    • Keigo: Man! Depending on the person who wears it, a uniform can be a weapon! An invincible weapon that cuts through the steel armor of our reason!

    • Rangiku: (while holding Orihime) There, there, there. Cry, Cry, you poor thing! Drown all of your sorrows in my chest!

    • Grimmjow: (To D-Roy, Shawlong, Edorad, Ilforte & Nakim) Everyone locked onto one of them? There's no holding back or worrying about gender. Kill any with the slightest shred of reiatsu! Don't let a single one get away. Let's go!

    • (Isshin invites Rukia to stay at their house)
      Isshin: (To a picture of Masaki) Mother! Please listen to me, Mother! I've had our third daughter!

    • (Tōshirō, Rangiku, Renji, Ikkaku & Yumichika are all in Ichigo's room)
      Ichigo: Where are you gonna sleep? And before you answer, there's no way my house has enough space for all of you.
      Rangiku: Not even for me?
      Ichigo: Normally, you'd be the last one I'd let stay! Besides, don't get why you think it would be okay for you to stay here!
      (Rangiku starts unbuttoning her shirt)
      Ichigo: What are you doing?! You can't stay here even if you unbutton your shirt! You still can't stay here even if you lift up your skirt a little! (Covers his face) Damn it! Seduction like this isn't going to work on me! I'm definitely not that type of guy!
      Rukia: (Behind him) Then, how about you close the gap between your fingers?

    • (Ikkaku and Yumichika head off)
      Renji: Well then, I'm off to Urahara's
      Ichigo: Planning to freeload off him again?
      Renji: Who'd want to do that there?

    • (Rangiku is planning on staying with Orihime)
      Kon: (Eavesdropping) Inoune-san and Rangiku-san staying in the same room! (Nose bleed) What an amazing forbidden garden! How about a mascot character in that garden!...
      (Rangiku clobbers him)

    • (Ulquiorra shows them the previous encounter with Ichigo)
      Aizen: I see. So that's why you decided he wasn't worth killing.
      Ulguiorra: Yes. Your orders were to kill him if he might become a problem.
      Grimmjow: (Interrupts) That's stupid! I'd have killed that sorry punk with my first attack.

  • NOTES (3)


    • "Evil Eye" refers to a superstition of a curse that comes from someone coveting another's fortune. Aizen can be said to be watching for Ichigo's power.