Season 8 Episode 16

The Moment of Conclusion, the End of Grimmjow

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Grimmjow :'(

    When the episode first started past the super long recap and Grimmjow showing some fight in him, and there was that explanation of the evolution of a hollow, I really thought this was going to be a filler. Though as soon as the tiger reveals himself to be Grimmjow, everything just clicked and turned around in that instant. Not that a flashback before a villain's death is anything original, though it's pretty neat how the history lesson of how hollow's evolve and Grimmjow's mentality of being a king ties in together really made everything that much interesting. Too bad he had to die though :'(
  • YES! Ichigo and Grimmjow at an all-out fight!

    One of my favorite fights! Ichigo and Grimmjow have a crazy awesome fight! And Ichigo does awesome! (So does Grimmjow but Ichigo is way better! As he always is! ^^)

    I love when Ichigo uses his Hollow form and his Bankai! It is the best method of fighting! And his voice just sounds awesome with that mask on!

    Inoue might be afraid of Ichigo's hollow form, but I love it! XD

    Nel cheers on for Ichigo, which is why I love Nel! Nel is on of my favorite recent characters! She is hilarious! And is always worrying about Ichigo! I did like Inoue's speech of how Ichigo promises to win, and when he promises, then she knows it is true. Because it's like an oath to them and himself.

    Keep it up Ichigo!
  • Grimmjow is the king

    Grimmjow's past and his ascension to Adjuchas, along with his meeting of Shawlong and the others is revealed, as the battle with Ichigo continues. Grimmjow pulls out his final strongest technique, Desgarrón and he prepares to end the fight. Ichigo is not willing to give in either and they clash as the battle finally ends. This battle was amazing grimmjow looks awesome as a panther. We get to see his history and stuff and ichigo finally wins. But unfortunatly... this is the start of the fillers while the hueco mundo arc is put on hiatus. Im starting to move on the the manga to keep and and see what happens next. Hail to the king Grimmjow Jaggerjack
  • Ichigo Vs. Grimmjow: Conclution

    I must say wow. Yes wow. This episode rocked my socks, i mean sorry for using cliches, but from beginning to end this episode had me wanting to know more. We learn a bit about Grimmjow's past, and see what he was like as an ajucas-class menos. Personally when i get some back story to how a character got to be how he is i almost always love the episode. At the beginning we see ichigo finally show some nerve, and basically start owning him. But that doesn't last for long, and Grimmjow starts using some of his more advanced techniques, but i won't spoil those in this review...just watch it! I like the part with good old nel and orihime watching as the fight goes on. Although the ending of the episode let me down because we learn of "fillers" on the horizon, i just hope that BLEACH will soon pump up some more episodes from the manga soon.
  • A great ending to a great fight.

    Well i was impressed with this episode. I think this is a great ending to a great arc and season, What happens basically is the conclusion of the fight between Ichigo and Grimjow. We also see little background of Grimjow and his life as an adchuja or something like that. Ichigo uses all his might to fight Grimjow and in the end he beats him. Unfortunately this is the final episodes that features the main story for in the folliwing weeks there will be fillers. Oh well theres the bleach manga to see what happens nex Overall i enjoyed this episode, had good action, nice story telling, and of course the ending was fitting.The episodes ends with Orihime and Ichigo (Nel somewhere in the middle) standing and sort of holding hands.
  • Thoughts and recap of episdoe 167

    Grimmjow's past and his ascension to Adjuchas, along with his meeting of Shawlong and the others is revealed, as the battle with Ichigo continues. Grimmjow pulls out his final strongest technique, Desgarrón and he prepares to end the fight. Ichigo is not willing to give in either and they clash as the battle finally ends. I thought the only bad thing about this episode was the fact that it was a season final and they didn't even make a big deal about it. Also how are they going to get rukia and renji and Uryuu back there all injured. Very strange thats why i didn't give it a 10 out of 10
  • This episode is crazy....

    The episode itself shows, how strong ichigo has become. but like he cant go home they wont let them and if they do they will return and it wouldnt be the first time they go out of the way the magna is written.they always go back and fix it.
    well no matter ichiruki wasnt really like a romance it was a debt. well cant wait to see fillers they keep u busy. and they always give alot of hints in fillers.
    common new captain, and how are they gonna take 4
    injured ppl to the real world without any problems.
    well cant wait to see.
  • The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because...

    of the ending. I just don't understand how they could add a filler arc at a time like this! Anyway, the battle continues between Ichigo and Grimmjow. We learn about Grimmjow's past and how he devoured other hollow to become stronger, and how he met Shawlong and the other hollow who are now apart of his Fraccion. Grimmjow uses his most powerful attack on Ichigo, but Ichigo has the will to fight knowing Inoue is rooting for him. In the end, Ichigo beats Grimmjow. I was waiting for Noitora to appear at the end, but I knew the filler arc was next week so that didn't happen. I wish the filler arc wasn't starting now, but Bleach's first filler arc wasn't half bad so I'm excited to see what's in store!
  • ichigo killed grimjow. now theyre going home. this was the season finale. and it was sukish.

    this show just took on a CoMpLeTeLeY different turn from the manga!
    they arent home yet!
    ThE WaR iS StArTiNg In ThE mAnGa!!!!!!
    they aint home!!!
    this episode just completely ruined this series!!!
    but it might be kinda exciting to see what happens...?
    i hope it still keeps to the main story line...
    i was watching it an me an my sister are screamin at the computer! yea
    thats how upsetting it was!!!
    go read the manga and youd be just as upset about this!
    but what really pissed me off was the whole thing at the end,
    when he grabs her hand*shiver*
    >=Oit totally throws off that ichiruki thing goin on!!!
    i really only watch this show for the little romantic parts...
    but the actions cool too!
  • The final part of the battle between Grimmjow and Ichigo!

    IF the previous episode was 10, than this ep is worth for 9,8 at least. That was the finishing part of Ichigo and Grimmjows fight. Grimmjow used his greatest attack against Kurosaki, but he dodged it. He used his last energy to block, and counterattack. At the time of this, we saw grimmjows past. How he became an arrancar from a hollow. He ate his own fellows, to become stronger. That was interesting to see.

    And it was a little sad too. Yeah I know that grimmjow as bad, and he wanted to kill them, but he was a cool character from the beginning of this story. I felt sorry for him, when he died, and Ichigo landed him on the ground... :(

    Goodbye Grimmjow...
    /Hello Ulquiorra!/...maybe... :D

    It was bad, the worse is that now fillers comin...
    :( :( I want the Espada, and more fights with Kurosaki, and Ulquiorra...
    Someday We will se!