Season 1 Episode 3

The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Orihime and her friend Tatsuki are being attacked by a Hollow who was once Orihime's brother. Ichigo shows up and begins fighting with him. Orihime's brother is also struggling to gain control. Orihime is almost killed but her soul remains attached to her chain. Will Ichigo be able to save Orihime from her own brother?moreless

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  • A very good solid episode. We begin to learn more about the nature of the Hollow, Soul Reaper, and the Soul Society, as well as getting to know some of the main characters better.moreless

    Season one episode three, called "Sibling Rivalry", is a pretty good episode. We get to know the main characters throughout this episode, especially Orihime and her brother, Sora.

    This episode starts off pretty well. It pretty much begins inside Ichigo's house, specifically in his bedroom. A Hollow is coming through a portal from Hueco Mundo (the Hollow's dimension), right above Ichigo's bed.

    Of course, fighting ensues and it's off to the races. Ichigo hits the hollow a glancing blow on his face mask with his Zampato (his sword), and cracks the mask. He sees that it's Orihime's brother, Sora. Of course he becomes agitated and wavers a bit.

    Once his crisis of conscience is over and Rukia has explained things a bit more to him about the nature of Hollows (they are mad, crazy, evil human souls) the next scene at Orihime's house begins.

    I thought this scene was a little long and slow; I guess it's meant as a lull in the action before the fight between Hollow Sora and Ichigo continues.

    My favorite part of this episode is the dialog between brother and sister, Sora and Orihime. It's pretty touching. I also like the ending where Ichigo doesn't exactly "kill" the Hollow Sora, but it's Sora that releases himself from the hollow state.

    As usual, good animation, good camera work. I also like the ambient and fight scene audio. Good lip-syncing as well. Voice acting was good as well, both in Japanese and English.

    This episode again shows why Bleach is one of the most liked anime ever made. Don't believe me? Just do a google for "best anime of all time" 99 percent of the time it ends up in the top 10!moreless
  • Another great episode....

    Ichigo is fighting a Hollow in his room. He jumps in the air and swings his sword down on the Hollow's forehead. Rukia says that the hit is too shallow. Part of the Hollow's mask shatters from Ichigo's attack and reveals a human face. The Hollow screams and Ichigo is shocked. The Hollow goes into the ceiling to return to Hueco Mundo (the Hollow world) and Ichigo tells Rukia that the face of the Hollow was Orihime's dead brother Sora.

    In Hueco Mundo the Hollow's mask repairs itself and the Hollow screams. Ichigo tells Rukia that he doesn't get why Orihime's brother attacked them. Rukia corrects him and says, "Not us, just you." Rukia explains that Orihime's brother and the Hollow from the other night are probably being controlled by another Hollow who wants to consume Ichigo's soul. Ichigo grabs Rukia's pajamas and says that he can't kill Orihime's brother. Rukia says that he has to because he'll just keep coming after Ichigo. Rukia then realizes that not only Ichigo is in danger but Orihime too.

    Meanwhile, Orihime and Tatsuki are at Orihime's apartment praising the dinner they just ate. Tatsuki asks if she has any desert and Orihime says that she has ice cream. Suddenly, Orihime's pink teddy bear gets ripped in the face and Tatsuki says she hears something. Orihime picks up the bear and asks how he got the rip. Tatsuki walks over to her and they hear a loud crash. Ichigo is racing to Orihime's house with Rukia on his back. Ichigo says, "So, Hollows will attack their own families!" Rukia says that they'll attack brothers, sisters, and even children. Ichigo asks why they would do that and Rukia tells him that Hollows are abandoned souls that were not guided to the Soul Society.

    Rukia also says that the mark on Orihime's leg could only have been left by a Hollow. Ichigo says that her brother has already tried to kill her once and now he's going to try again. Rukia says that it's very possible.

    Orihime and Tatsuki are both looking at the door to see who or what is coming. Suddenly, blood falls on the floor and Orihime looks down at her hand and sees that it is covered in blood. Orihime asks if it's blood and then her brother stabs her through the heart. Orihime falls to the ground and Tatsuki looks at her. Next, Tatsuki is thrown across the room and she hits the wall hard. She looks and sees her shoulder bleeding and wonders what happened. She is thrown several feet and gets to her knees to look around. She knows that something is in the room even though she can't see it. Orihime's brother holds her down and she has her hand against him trying to figure out what's going on. Orihime is out of her body and sees her brother holding down Tatsuki. She's looks over and sees her own body, and she struggles to make sense of what is happening. She pulls on her soul chain wondering where it came from. Her brother grabs Tatsuki's neck and Orihime gets up and tackles his arm removing it from Tatsuki. Orihime asks Tatsuki if she's okay and Tatsuki backs up against the wall. Orihime tries to communicate with Tatsuki but her brother tells her that Tatsuki can't hear or see them. Tatsuki faints and Orihime asks, "Why not? And, how do you know my name?" Her brother says that it makes him sad that she's forgotten his voice and moves closer to her. Orihime says, "What are you talking about?" He says it makes him sad again and attacks her. Ichigo jumps in and blocks the strike with his zanpakutou (his sword). Ichigo wounds the Hollow's hand and tells Orihime's brother that is supposed to be after Ichigo. Sora backs away and disappears through the wall. Ichigo sees Tatsuki and asks himself how Tatsuki got into this while Orihime thanks him for rescuing her. She asks how he got there and then Ichigo questions how she can see him. She says, "Why wouldn't I?" Ichigo glances over to her body and has a flashback where Rukia explains that only other spirit beings can see him. Just as Ichigo puts it all together, Orihime's brother returns and says that Orihime is dead. Ichigo misses him and he quickly grabs Orihime's soul chain. Ichigo hits his tail but does no damage and gets whipped out the window.

    Rukia looks up from the ground and sees Ichigo in the air. The Hollow squeezes Orihime in his hand and warns them to stay back. He slams Ichigo to the ground several feet below and Rukia runs to Ichigo. With Orihime, the Hollow goes back in through the window and Rukia tells Ichigo to get up but he does not move.

    Orihime tells the Hollow to let her go and he asks her if she has forgotten him. She turns to look at him and suddenly she recognizes him. Rukia finally manages to rouse Ichigo and he says he is fine as he gets up off the ground. Rukia reminds him that Sora is a monster now and he cannot show mercy.

    Up in the room, Sora explains that he was lonely and watching her gradually forget about him was upsetting. He has a flashback of Orihime and he explains that she prayed for him all the time and then she gradually stopping when she met Tatsuki. When she started high school she did not pray at all.

    Orihime tells him he is wrong but he stops her and grabs her saying if she loves him even a little she will not betray him anymore and she will do as he says. He turns and says that he will go finish Ichigo.

    Orihime tells him not to hurt Ichigo but he says: "Shut up, Orihime!" He picks her up and says that it's her fault he's become this monster. He chokes her and says that if she does not stop he will kill her first. Ichigo leaps in and stabs him in the tail, shouting at him to stop.

    Sora drops Orihime and tries to get her again but Ichigo chops off his hand. Ichigo checks on Orihime and asks Sora if he knows why big brothers are born first. He explains that it's so they can protect their younger siblings. Rukia comes to the window and Ichigo continues to say that no one has the right to kill their younger sibling. Sora tells him to shut up and says: "Orihime is mine! I was fifteen when she was born and I raised her when our parents abandoned us. To me she has been more like a daughter than a sister." He turns to Orihime and tells her if she listens to him he will spare Ichigo and Rukia.

    Rukia warns Orihime that it is a trap and that she can't believe him because he does not have a human heart anymore. Suddenly Sora notices the hairpin Orihime is wearing and his eyes widen. He has several flashbacks of them together as she grew up and finally the time when he gave it to her. The Hollow in him subsides briefly and he struggles to regain control but he goes back to being a Hollow and attacks Ichigo. Ichigo blocks him with his zanpakutou and says that Orihime doesn't belong to anyone especially not to him. He pushes back and throws Sora out of the apartment.

    Ichigo leaps out after him and raises his zanpakutou above his head to deliver the killing blow but he hesitates and Sora spits acid on his hand. Ichigo drops his zanpakutou and gets whipped by Sora's tail. Sora charges in for the kill and Ichigo turns.

    Orihime blocks the bite meant for Ichigo and she falls to her knees hugging Sora's head. Sora eyes clear and he asks why she did it. Orihime apologizes and says that it is her fault he did not leave because she begged him not to leave her. Because of her wish he could not find peace.

    Orihime continues to say that she'd always felt like he was watching over her; even the day before when the car almost hit her. She explains that she had realized that if she depended on him he'd never rest in peace. For that reason she tried to show him that her life was really happy so that he wouldn't need to worry anymore. Orihime cries and says she never thought it'd make him sad and lonely. Orihime then falls and Sora goes out of control, again trying to suppress the Hollow.

    Ichigo asks what's happening and Rukia tells him that the part that is still human is fighting the Hollow. Rukia notes that it means Sora did not become a Hollow by choice. She continues saying that Sora was taken over by the stronger Hollow that wants Ichigo's soul in the hopes that he would not be able to kill it. Sora gains control and his mask shatters. Orihime falls to the ground and Ichigo rushes forward but Rukia tells him to calm down since she is not dead due to her soul chain still being attached. Rukia uses her kidou to heal Orihime and Ichigo notices Sora looking at the hairpins Orihime is wearing. Ichigo says he heard they were a gift from Sora. And that is why she wears them every day. Sora turns and picks up Ichigo's zanpakutou and tells Ichigo that he only has a short time before the Hollow overwhelms him again. Sora holds the zanpakutou to his head. Ichigo tells him to stop but Rukia says he has made the right decision to pass on. She explains to Ichigo that exorcising a Hollow cleanses it and allows it to enter the Soul Society. Right before he exorcises himself, Orihime calls out to him. She reminds him of the argument they had when he gave her the hairpin because she thought it was not grown up enough for her. She continues saying she knew she hurt his feelings and he left without saying anything else. Then that was the last time she saw him alive.

    She looks up at him and says: "So, now I want to say what I should've said to you before you went off to work that day. Bye brother, have a good day." He thanks Orihime and thrusts the sword into his chest. He disappears and after a moment, Orihime begins crying against Rukia who comforts her. The next day, Orihime tells the girls at school that a sumo wrestler with a gun blasted a hole through her room last night and of course none of the girls believe her. They keep talking about it on the roof while they eat lunch.

    Ichigo watches from afar and says, "So that's what you did yesterday, huh" Rukia nods and Ichigo has a flashback of Rukia giving Orihime the memory replacement. Ichigo says, "You used the same thing on my family, didn't you?" She says that he's right. Ichigo tells her that he is still not ready to commit to being a Soul Reaper. He explains that he's not so noble to risk his life for a complete stranger but he admits that he could never just sit by while someone else is being hurt. He agrees to help Rukia as a substitute Soul Reaper and she smiles saying that she's counting on him.moreless
  • meh, decent.

    Inoue's brother goes after Inoue herself after an unsuccessful fight with Ichigo. This whole incident literally took up the entire episode, and surprisingly there wasn't that much action. Well there was a lot of action, just not as much as you'd like. The story behind Inoue's brother not being able to move on was pretty decently executed. It gave me an "Ohhhh" moment, but it got a little too dramatic after Inoue's final goodbye. Plus this episode relied on those "last moment" things, such as when Inoue was about to get eaten up, Ichigo comes in and saves her, or when Ichigo was about to get eaten, Inoue saves him. These moments are just too cliched.moreless
  • The 3rd episode of the ever popular Hit Anime Bleach by Tite Kubo! Episode 3: Sibling Rivalry!

    This was a very nice episode, going into abit about the past of Orihime's brother: Sora. Who died and his spirit looked over her, even when living as a spirit. This really was a sad episode, and rather touching to ones who are especially Orihime fans. Such a nice episode in which, showing how she was like when she was younger and some things which came to pass in her past time as a kid. She came to the relization that she must never forget her brother, a touching episode between brother and sister and so nice aswell.

    Another very good episode, just like episode 2 just abit more less humor aswell. But a must watch for this is a very well 3rd episode, of the very popular Bleach!moreless
  • Kinda sad..... but happy ending:)

    Bleach Episode 3

    Title:"Sibling Rivalry"

    "The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish // Ani no omoi, imōto no omoi" (兄の想い、妹の想い)

    Original airdate:October 19, 2004 Ichigo discovers that one of his classmates, Orihime Inoue, is stalked by her older brother's spirit who turned to become hollow. Ichigo shows up and begins fighting with him while Orihime's brother is also struggling to gain control. Although Orihime is almost killed but her soul remains attached to her chain, but at the end Orihime's brother gain control. As he is forced to use his power again, Ichigo finally submits to his purpose as a substitute Soul Reaper and agrees to take on Rukia's Soul Reaper responsibilities.moreless
Yuji Ueda

Yuji Ueda

Orihime's brother

Guest Star

Junko Noda

Junko Noda

Arisawa Tasuki

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • First appearance of: Chizuru, Ryō, Mahana and Michiru

    • Souls have three options for moving on. One way is for them to pass on and live in soul society if they are deemed good. Another way is for them to get taken into hell if they are the worst of the worst bad. The last option as shown in this episode is for the soul (or in this case hollow) to repent and be destroyed by the shinigami's sword. When this happen their soul is recycled back into the system and a new fresh soul is created in the living world.

    • When Orihime is killed, she falls on her back. Yet, when she looks at her own body before attacking her brother to save Tatsuki, her corpse is lying on its belly.

    • Near the end of the episode, Rukia says Orihime is still alive because her chain isn't broken yet. But at the scene before that, where Orihime has been bitten by her brother, the chain seen behind her is missing links.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ichigo: (thinking: Damn, Tatsuki. How'd you get caught up in all this?
      Orihime: Ichigo. Thank you for rescuing us from that thing. But where did you come from?
      Ichigo: Whoa! Hold on a minute. How in the hell can you see me?

    • (subbed version)
      (The day after Orihime was attacked by her brother)
      Orihime: It's true! A Sumo Champion really came to my apartment and blew a hole in the wall with a gun.
      Mahana: You and that story again. Try something with a bit more realism. Like a pro-wrestler came and had an out-or-ring grudge match or something.
      Chizuru: Well, I really like that mischievous mind of yours, 'hime.
      Orihime: (screaming) It's really true! Right, Tatsuki-chan?
      Tatsuki: Yeah..
      Mahana: You're selling the same story?
      (Ichigo and Rukia is watching them from a distance)
      Ichigo: This is what you did last night?
      Rukia: Yup.
      (shows a flashback from the night before)
      Orihime: Hey, Kurosaki-kun, what just...
      (Rukia uses some kind of memory replacement thing, causing her to faint)
      Ichigo: Inoue! What's that?
      Rukia: A memory modifier. I erased her memory of tinight and put in a replacement.
      Ichigo: Memory modifier?
      Rukia: Though, the replacement memory being random is the one fly in the ointment. If you don't understand, just wait until tomorrow.

    • (subbed version)
      Ichigo: Hollows attack their relatives?
      Rukia: It happens once in a while.
      Ichigo: What the hell for?
      Rukia: Hollows are fallen souls. Souls that weren't led to Soul Society by Death Gods, souls that no oen has protected from Hollows, those sould lose their hearts and become Hollows. Because his soul became a Hollow when it failed to eat you, it should seek out the soul of the person it loved most in life in order to bury its lost heart. Do you remember the large bruise on Inoue's leg this afternoon? That was the mark of a Hollow's touch.
      Ichigo: Then that accident was caused by Inoue's brother too?
      Rukia: Possibly.

    • (subbed version)
      (After being attacked by Sora as a Hollow)
      Ichigo: But why would Inoue's brother be after me?
      Rukia: I do not know. However, judging from the Hollow who attacked you last time, a separate and powerful Hollow, hidden from us, wants to eat your spirit power. Several other Hollows are probably being puppeteered by that one. If that's the case, it explains Inoue's brother.

    • (english dub)
      Ichigo: (to Hollow) Let me ask you something, Captain Overbite...

    • (subbed version)
      Ichigo: (to Sora) That hairpin was a gift from you, wasn't it?
      (Sora looks on with teary eyes as Rukia attempts to heal Orihime.)
      Ichigo: That's why she wears it every day.
      (Sora rises up and turns slowly away. He picks up Ichigo's Zanpakutou.)
      Ichigo: Hey?!
      Sora: As I am, I will become a monster again. That's why now, in this moment of sanity, (levels the tip of Ichigo's Zanpakutou at his throat) I want to pass on!
      Ichigo: But why?!
      Rukia: He's right! Once you become a hollow, you can never go back. Let him pass on.
      Ichigo: Rukia!
      Rukia: It's alright! For to reap hollows is to not really kill them; but to cleanse their souls so they can return to the true home of all souls: Soul Society. THAT is the reason we Shinigami exist.

    • (subbed version)
      (Sora is about to impale, and hence release his soul, with Ichigo's Soul Slayer/Zanpakuto)
      Orihime: Wait! Onii-Chan! On the day you bought this hairpin... We had a fight that it was too childish, remember? I let you go to work without saying a word... And that was the last time i saw you alive... (manages to pull herself up) So let me say this... Onii-Chan... Have a nice day.
      Sora: Yes... Goodbye. (dissipates into spirit particles as Ichigo's Zanpakuto falls to the ground and Orihime, distraught, breaks down in tears in Rukia's arms...)

    • (dubbed version)
      Ichigo: Do you know why the older brother is born first? It's to protect the little brothers and sisters who come after him.
      Rukia: Ichigo!
      Ichigo: A brother telling his sister that he'll kill her...
      (Ichigo raises his sword in front of the Hollow.)
      Ichigo: You never, ever say something like that, even if you're dead!

  • NOTES (4)