Season 9 Episode 13

The Princess' Decision, the Sorrowful Bride

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jul 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Things are starting to get interesting.

    The arc is starting to get more interesting with Kifune being revealed to have connections with Kumoi, and now Soi Fong is somehow involved dropping a surprise visit on Ichigo and crew on their attempted raid on the faux wedding of Lurichiyo. The story development is getting more and more juicy with each new twist, but the execution of it in this episode is really average. Lurichiyo is coming off more as a crybaby at this point, and having to sit through her self pity would be more tolerable if her character arch type wasn't so common. Other than that, I guess a good episode?
  • average

    Kumoi schedules Rurichiyo's wedding for the day after tomorrow, forcing Kenryū and Enryū to take action lest he replace her with a look-alike to secure his power. Ichigo goes to speak with Rurichiyo, who reveals that she knew about the assassins' true goal and Kumoi's connection to them, and feels guilty that Chad and Uryu were injured. She escapes into Soul Society, intending to go through with the marriage to keep Kumoi in line; however, when she arrives on the other side, her eyes have gone blank and she expresses no desire to lead. Kenryū, Enryū, Rukia and Ichigo attempt to follow them, but are unable to reach Rurichiyo, as Kenryū and Enryū have been blamed for kidnapping her. On the day of the wedding, they four enter the compound to retrieve Rurichiyo, but Soifon and many members of the second division surround them, and Rurichiyo does not respond to Ichigo calling out to her.