Season 2 Episode 17

The Reason for Fists

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 21, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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While Chad continues his search for the place where Rukia is held he encounters the 8th Squad Captain, Shunsui Kyouraku, who tells him where his power is coming from. Chad then remembers the reason he came to the Soul Society and the promise he made to his grandfather as well as the day he met Ichigo and what they promised to each other.moreless

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  • Chad :(

    You can never get enough of good ol' Chad. Why? He's just an awesome character, and what's even more awesome than finding out about Chad's past? It was interesting seeing the origins of his resolve to not hit back, and we see how far Chad and Ichigo's relationship ran before Ichigo became a shinigami. Though as much as I really like Chad, this episode was meh. The first half was just nonsense. Basically Bleach doing the same thing it's been doing this entire arc; wasting time. Much of it was reserved for back and forth talking, and unlike before, it wasn't trash talking. They were finding ways to avoid fighting each other. Kind of lame to say the least, but Chad had a good flashback episode in the second half.moreless
  • A good episode.

    I liked this episode, like I love all other episodes with background story revealing. This time, it was the background story of Chad we got revealed to us. We get to see his grandfather, and how his childhood was (kinda). And the whole thing has to do with the coin he got from his abuelo (grandfather). And he gets saved by Ichigo twice. That's a thing I'd never guess. And the ending of the episode, with that tremendeous blast. I thought for sure that the 8th Squad Captain was going down, but he just sliced Chad up. What a disappointment. Oh, well. It can't be helped. But, all in all, this was a great episode.moreless

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    • (Chad makes another blast with his fist but Kyoraku dodges it and appears behind him)
      Kyoraku:You ought to know, my friend, there are two kinds of attacks, those that run out of gas completely when you reach the point of exhaustion, and those where you can still push beyond that point but at the expensive of your life force. Your attacks are obviously the latter type.
      (He taps Chad's shoulder with two fingertips and sends him flying)

      (Ichigo calling on a cell phone)
      Ichigo: Uh, Hello, yes, I'd like to request an ambulance, please.
      Gang member 1: What! Calling an ambulance!
      Gang member 2: You think you're getting your pal, Sado, out of here without even fighting us first? Ha, you can forget about it!
      Ichigo: In fact send a few down at the end of Second Street, right under the bridge. How many?
      (counts each gang member)
      one…two…three…four…five. Yeah, five.
      (gang members lunge at Ichigo while he tosses the cell phone behind him)

    • Ichigo: And you always wear that necklace don't you. Is it something important to you?
      Chad: Yes it is. Is very important. Probably more than my life.

    • Chad: I'm in a hurry. Please move from there. You don't seem to be a bad guy. If possible, I don't want to fight you.
      Kyōraku: We're at an impasse, it seems. We both don't like to fight, but I can't let you pass, either. Isn't there any way you could withdraw?
      Chad: I cannot.
      Kyōraku: That so? Then I have no choice.
      (A moment passes)
      Kyōraku: (Plops down sake) Let's drink, like friends.
      Chad: (Stares at Kyōraku) Huh?

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