Season 3 Episode 6

The Avengers

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 30, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Horrible

    right off the bat I figured this show wouldn't be good but I was too lazy to change the channel so I stuck around and gave it the benefit f the doubt... boy was I mistaken. what that led to was the worst 12 minutes of my life, I tried to find any glimmer of humor in this show, I really did but this is a dry dead wasteland of comedy. I'm glad this show only lasted one season and if it comes back I'll grab my torch to send this foul beast back into the abyss. but I digress the pros to this show are... well they're... the characters are... the mouse is green, sure lets go with that. the cons? everything else! this is by far the worst anime ever put on television, the animation looks like somebody made CatDog charaters in anime form and crapped it out then burnt it alive and pee'd out the fires. the acting is uninspired as the actors just sluggishly say the most incoherent rubbish imaginable heres a line shark thing- "are you dumb?" Rukia guy-"..............not stupid enough" then there's complete silence. seriously I'd rather watch 6teen than this. the music? well there's some generic metal or something in the opening then its just dead silence for the rest of the episodes. I don't give a damn if the yuzu girl has a a good voice-actress, cute looks, a love life, it doesn't matter if the show isn't funny. Adult Swim seriously needs to stick to the 3rd party stuff because more than half of their own programming blows... except Home Movies, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Perfect-Hair Forever,Tom gose To The Mayor, and... thats about it. stay away from this show
  • Plot thickens!

    Ichigo's training has made strides as he's able to competently battle against Zangetsu for longer than five minutes, as stated by Yoruichi, but what gave this episode life is that the Aizen assassination is starting to develop again. Captain Hitsugaya, who has been hot on Ichimaru's trail for quite some time now, finally meets him dead on, but the most interesting part is how he is faced against Hinamori who claims that he's actually Aizen's murderer? So many questions and so many different possibilities, it makes you want to know what is really going on. Things are all over the place right now but you can't help but enjoy the hectic story so far. To add more intrigue to an already adrenaline filled episode, the story that Aizen wrote makes perfect sense. What is true and what isn't?
  • I had waited all day for this episode. It was the most amazing so far. I loved Momo's Anger. She really showed emotion. Toshiro was so cute and Protective.

    This was My favorite episode so far. I loved it. Toshiro was hilarious. Momo is one of my favorite characters. It was sad and exciting to watch momo and toshiro fight. She was so confused. As protective as Toshiro is, He had to knock momo out so he could find the real Killer of captian Aizen. His suscipicions is Gin Ichimaru. THis episode was one of the most interesting, I have seen so far. Ichimaru is going to get what he deserves hopefully soon too. I am so excited and I cant wait till this coming saturday to see the next episode.
  • One of the few Bleach episodes I've seen so far that doesn't really bore me. It had my attention throughout the whole episode.

    In Rangiku's flashback, Gin almost seemed human! O.O Woot! Go Momo! I never would have thought that quiet, mild-mannered Momo would be so rash and break out of jail. She's got guts as well as skills. Lol. It was hilarious when Yoruichi was getting in the hot spring and Ichigo started freaking out. Then she got in the spring, but in cat form, and asked Ichigo if he was disappointed. A few minutes into their conversation Yoruichi turned back onto her human form and Ichigo started getting hysterical again. Rofl. The scenes with Urahara were really funny too. I can't believe Momo would actually think that Tôshirô was the one who killed Captain Aizen. But actually, I can almost see where she's coming from. Her overwhelming sadness and anger clouded her mind so it was impossible for her to think clearly and rationalize. She was just acting on impulse. (Stupid Gin. It's obvious he's behind all this.) This was a really good episode.