Season 7 Episode 9

Ulquiorra's Scheme, the Moment When the Sun Sets

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 12, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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After saving Matsumoto Urahara commences his fight with Yammy and Luppi continues to battle the other Shinigami. Meanwhile, Ichigo is struggling to fight Grimmjow after losing his mask and even when Rukia shows up to help they are no match for him.
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  • Mission complete? Boner kill.

    Bleach seems to have a tendency to do this; in the heat of the battle when tensions are high and it seems like the climax is going to only go higher, it falls off a cliff ending all the battles abruptly. It only worked once because it was accompanied by a massive plot twist, but when there's no plot twist, or in this case if the twist isn't good enough, it's really anti climatic. Still doesn't really take away from the battles that did happen though. It's always neat to see how the soul reapers go about by defeating their opponents, like in Hitsugaya's case, using the atmosphere in his favour and outnumbering Luppi's eight arms. And then of course Grimmjow's battle with Shinji.moreless
  • Really great episode, Urahara finally gets to fight for real, we see the power of the vaizard, and overall just some great action

    This episode was just great with the 2 figths going on at the same moment. Ichigo gets his ass kicked by Grimmjow and the others get their asses kicked by Luppi. Luckily for them there always comes somoene to rescue them offcourse :p.

    Urahara is really strong cause he just plays with Yammy. I really can't wait to see that guys bankai but that will probably take another while. Only thing that was a bit strange is that Hitsugaya could defeat Luppi so easy after all cause he's the 6 espada and should be off equal strength with Grimmjow, maybe he was just surprised by the attack i don't know.

    In the meanwhile Ichigo is in real problems, but just when Grimmjow wants to deliver the final blow Rukia comes to the rescue, but she isn't a match for Grimmjow either. And then comes Shinji. It's great to see the real power of the vaizard. I wonder what will happen when they release their Zanpaktou. Well great episode, i hope that they will keep up the good workmoreless
  • This is a cool action packed episode. Just as things seem lost for Ichigo and Rukia, Shinji appears to save the day. For the first time he dons his mask and teaches Grimmjow that Vaizard are not to be messed with. Great battle scenes as well.moreless

    I really enjoyed this episode. There was a great battle between Shinji and Grimmjow. As well, Rukia revealed her second attack Hakuren and Urahara showed that he had some tricks up his sleeve as well. The music was good in this episode even if the animation could have been better. Like the previous episode, most of the fans of Bleach appreciate this episode because it is the reason why people watch. The Battles!! Everyone loves the battles even if they arent in every episode. It really makes this show worthwile for people who love uncut, sword fights between powerful enemies. Ichigo proved himself in the beginning and Hitsugaya revealed a new move as well. Overall an interesting episode that will leave people wondering what the "mission" that Ulquiorra spoke of was.moreless
  • Watch this one. Just do it. This is one episode where the anime really fleshes out the manga action beautifully, and there's a LOT of classic manga fights to enjoy here! (Spoilers ahead.)moreless

    It's good to see a real return to quality and attention to detail, especially in such an important episode. Watch this episode and you'll get to see the conclusion of Grimmjow-vs-Ichigo Round 2, and the surpise entrance of Rukia and Shinji into the scrap. As if that weren't enough, we get to watch those annoying Espadas Luppi and Yammi getting their comeuppance from Hitsugaya and Urahara. If you weren't an Urahara fan before (gasp!), you will probably become one now! The animators do an especially good job on the Shinji-Grimmjow battle; the relatively smooth animation flow and huge variety of angles really give it the feel of a well choreographed, live-action, all-out fight. The animators stick to the manga plot, but also go out of their way to show the action from both opponents' perspectives. As an example, right after Shinji gives Grimmjow a backhanded compliment for the way he used his own Cero to minimize the damage from Shinji's Cero, the animators add a mini-flashback (not in the manga) in which we see the Cero attack again, in grayscale, from Grimmjow's point of view and get to see exactly how he defended himself, as well as how overwhelmed he was. Very cool... big thumbs up for that!

    Ulquiorra does not have much screen time in this episode, but when he does appear (which is a big deal in the plot, of course), he's very well animated, unlike some of the filler episodes. His interruption of Grimmjow's fight and his ending monologue sticks true to the manga, and the sorrowful music plays up the feeling that Ulquiorra himself was really the only one who was truly satisfied with the outcome of this mission.moreless
  • Non stop, fast pace...hold on to your seat moments in this episode...A must see for any bleach fan

    I that I can say is wow! I usually don't even take the time to write reviews, but this episode, in my opinion has been one of the best bleach moments since Ichigo single handedly stopped the soul slayer sword from killing Rukia. I mean, this episode truely has it all: a moment for hitsaguya to reedem himself(I am soo glad that he did, because last week's episode made me almost hate him, I know, call me "fair weather" if you want), a glimpse of how **** awsome Urahara is (yes, we all knew, but damn he is the man aint he?), a chance to see Rukia in action, a kick a** performance (and demonstration of vizard power) from shinji, and major movement in the know that Ichigo is going to try to train hard now to keep up with shinji, and we get closer to seeing why Orihime is so important. THis was just good stuff! I watched twice in one sitting so far. I am telling you all this is why I look forward to wenesdays. Great job Tite Kubo.moreless

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