Season 6 Episode 18

Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM May 30, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Serious talk

    For once, Orihime is the star of the episode, and much of it is a series of conversations with different people about her inability to fight and getting in the way in the battlefield. Unlike the episode before, these talks were a bit sympathetic; having the laidback Urahara tell you that you would just be an obstacle in the upcoming battles is a pretty big heartbreaker, but to alleviate the pain, she is talked to with Hachi who tells her the exact same thing, but with extreme words of encouragement. A pretty effective string of convos to really help develop the character of Orihime. And although I'm not the biggest fan of Bleach's slice of life moments, how it opens up with several of the seated officers just making fun of each other really brightened up the mood well.
  • I don't think people fully understand the importance of this episode.

    Now I have to emmet not alot happened in this episode and it focused on Orihime, so those who don't like her I can understand why you hate this episode. But their were some revelations in this episode. Frist off thanks to that blood spilling, justice nut, hypocrite Tosen, Grimmjow is no loger an espada because he lost most of his powers when Tosen cut off his leaft arm. But back to main story, even if you hate Orihime you have got to emmet that what Kisuke said to her was really harsh! I mean she's the weakst in the gruop but still. anyway it was hilarius when Hiyori just jumped in on Orihime and Rukia (literaly) and just flew off with Orihime leaving Rukia speachless. I give that two thumbs!
    So Orihime meets Hachi, the big Vizard who makes barriers. Hachi relives that his and Orihime's powers are similar, that dosen't mean the exact same. and so he offers to restore her attack power.
    Now this is important because Rose (another Vizard) mentions that Hachi must feel happy to have met someone with simalar powers, like finding a lost family member. Rose also makes a comparison that the other Vizards seem to relate to, meaning they all have differnt abitetes and no other is like them. This gives us an imput of the vizards strengh. (also Hiyori is said to have similar powers to Ichigo, which is probley why she is the only one training him.) This episode focused on bleach charcters with weak abilites but it also showed that they are still useful. Also I think Hachi does have some fighting power but it probly only comes out when he's in hollow form. All in all good episode!
  • While everyone is in training. Urahara ask Orihime not to participate with the battle ahead. Chad gets mad and ask Urahara that fighting is not the only thing Orihime can do, but he insists that others a better qualified than her.

    A sad episode to watch. Here we have a Orihime that only wants to be accepted that she can hang with the big boys and yet put aside by her friends. And what does Ichigo do NOTHING but train harder. Not knowing that friend's are important. Yeah, Ichigo said his their to protect them, but what if you don't have any of your friend who are you going to protect.
  • The episode wasn't great but, it was okay.

    In the after math of Inoue learning the truth of what Azien plan is and her finding Ichigo we find her going to the shop master who trained Ichigo and Chad is still training and getting stronger his hallow is getting more under control and now the shop master tells her she cant fight the war against the arrancar but she gets emotional and stuff the comedy in this episode is the reason I gave this episode a 8 Ichigo's friend trys to hug her boobs and that was funny so after that the Vizards get Inoue for their barrier provider to heal her spirit partner and that makes her believe she can be a great help in the war.
  • It was meant to explain how inoue has no power to attack with and should stay back on the fight in espada. Also that she talks with haggie (the vazird with the power of shields). So in the end nothing really happend, but for all you chad fans be ready.

    This episode did nothing but explain inoue's situation so if you just want a qucik re-cap here it is. Inoue is summound to Urahara's shop they talk and he tells her she cant fight in the attack on espada. Now she is angry she talks to Ruckia and Haggie(vazird with shields) and she feels much better because he revives her power to attack "Tsubaki" which now she can heal because he was destroyed completely. So Haggie brings him back but a new Tsubaki not the old one he's dead. Thats about it and nothing but a bunch of BORING.
  • Ichigo is still training with the Visard ,Urahara told Inoue that she cant fight in the battle against the arrancar ,Aizen is now interested in Inoue and her hidden healing abilities ,Sado is training with Abaria ,nothing about Ishida

    Hi am new , i just watched this ep i think it's boring a bit nothing happened , just talking and talking , by the way Yammy is disloyal and Ulquiorra has a very cold tempre but he is cool when he is in action and Ichigo's mask is quite silly !!!!, i dont know but its not like the one that appeared the first time he turned into a hollow , not that strong though Hiyori kicked his ass .
    Aizen is now interested in Inoue and her hidden healing abilities am looking forward to the next ep next week .