Season 3 Episode 2

The Despicable Shinigami

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Aug 02, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Talking ftl

    This may be the first full episode where outside of the opening and ending credits, Ichigo is nowhere to be seen. This episode focuses mainly on Inoue's realization that she's not suited for the battlefield, and Ishida's battle against the 12th squad captain Mayuri. In all action shounens, there is usually that one antagonist that is a scientist and uses humans (or death gods) as live specimens for their research. Mayuri isn't any different from that archtype and loses originality in my book. There wasn't much of a fight between Mayuri and Ishida, just a crapload of talking and a whole lot of Mayuri showing the entire world how cruel he is. I thought the segmeant of Inoue mourning the deaths of the deceased death gods added depth to her character.
  • Orahime and Uryu came across a squad 11 captain who was drunk. He almost tokk them in, but the captain of squad 12 found them first and he was about to take Orahime and experiment on her, becasue she had spirts come out of her barrets. But Uryu said no!

    This epuiosde was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised the whole show. I've never seen Uryu get this way at all. And he wouldn't let nobody and i mean nobody touch Orahime at all. except for that one person but that was 4 his own good. Also, it was this episode that showed how he really was other than those epsiodes. My mouth was like open thoughout the whole show. and this was no filler epsiode neither!!! Then when that squad 12 captain told him that he killed and disected his grandfather; that was the shocker to me. I was like how can u do that. Thats when he got really mad and was like dont be that to be continued coment up there!
  • Exciting is an understatement! Truly brings you to hate an anime character(Mayuri).

    Exciting is an understatement. Mayuri is a heartless bastard (Sorry for the mild Language), using Nemu like that!
    I'd kill him myself if I saw him doing that to her, artificial or not, she looked in pain to me.
    This Episode was Great because it shows a truly corrupt Soul Reaper sacrificing others for his own sick pleasure & purposes. Ishida really comes to life & lets you see his true emotions for once. He finally dropped the needles & thread & used his weapon. There is still more to come in Episode 44! Check it out,Gonna Be Awesome!
  • This is a great episode for Ishida fans and very interesting battle too!

    Ishida and Orihime tried to escape from the wrarehouse before shinigami find out. Then..they bump into a shinigami from squad 11..he was kinda drunk.he find out they not in his squad. There a group of shinigami helping them..becuase they got the emblems from squad 12th. Uryu suspect why there so many people helping them..he figure out it was a trap he warn Orihime to stay away they blown up..thanks to Orihime's shield they o.k. This guy he rom squad 12th he a captain his name is Mayuri and his vice-captain Nemu. He like to experiment stuff.. he really bad at this point...He was talking bad about the Quincy he really made Uryu angry. Orihime left with the drunk guy..They started to battle. Mayuri said the last time he kill the Qunicy it was a old man..that was Uryu's sensei and Grandfather. Right now! Uryu is numb becuase Mayuri's shikai..he makes opponet numb by a slash. Will Uryu win and take revege of his grandfather..This battle will begin..Uryu will show his true power of he it enough to beat? Mayuri the captain squad 12.
  • This is really awesome

    It's nice to see that in this episode not Ichigo, but Inoue and Ishida are the main characters.They make really a fun couple, and it's good to see that Ishida is not so cold-hearted as I first thought. He really cares about Inoue and tries to protect her even if it costs him his own life. It is really freaky that Mayuri wants to study them as a test-subject. Such a thing is just ... well I even don't have words for it.
  • This episode lets Ishida shine. It was interesting to watch Orihime take a bite out of someone. Mayuri seem pretty weak to use his squad as disposable bombs and shields. It was a nice setup for what is to come.

    The exciting part will be watching Ishida take Mayuri down. And for good reason too, after Mayuri abused Nemu like that. This pretty much makes Mayuri the current most hated captian. Orihime played an important role, but then exited the battle for the rest of the episode. Maybe we'll get to see what advise Tsubaki gave Orihime ealier, maybe something to do with calling them faster.