Season 6 Episode 13

Visored! The Power of the Awakened

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

In Hueco Mundo, Kaname brings Grimmjow before Aizen for his disobedient actions in the real world. After their battles with the Numeros, everyone reflects on the grim situation. Chad asks Urahara to train him to be more powerful, and Ichigo seeks out the Visored.
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  • Chad, please get stronger, you almost seem like a filler character yourself.

    A pretty good episode, but it doesn't seem like enough was happening to really keep your attention fully until the very end. A lot of random moments, like how Karin couldn't find Ichigo in his room, Hitsuga-ya making his report to Soul Society, etc. It's understandable if there are a couple of them to explain some of the situations going on, but to have an episode cluttered in what felt like forgettable scenes is a no no. Fortunately the episode recovered itself near the end when Ichigo decides to give into the Vizard's demands. Though he doesn't easily give in and battles the first, but he quickly finds out just how powerful they are. Overall the fist half felt like a lot of random events connected together and the second half is what made the episode interesting overall.moreless
  • Grimmjow and Tousen return to Hueco Mundo, and face Aizen's reaction about the assault on Karakura, with serious consequences for the #6 Espada. Meanwhile, Ichigo finally makes a decision concerning his unstable power, and joins Hirako & the Vizards.moreless

    Well, this is one of the episodes I most wanted to see animated, ever since I read the manga chapters. Both the Aizen/Tousen/Grimmjow/Gin part and the Ichigo/Vizards part amazed me when I first read them, so I had a lot of expectations. And when someone has too many expectations for something, it's likely that the result will let them down. In this case, it didn't go exactly like that, but I still pictured this a little differently when I first read it, and I guess I expected a little more than I got.

    Nevertheless, I really liked this episode, just because, in terms of plot, we're entering one of my favourite mini-arcs. At this point, Ichigo knows that he's completely lost his battle against his Hollow, so he needs help to regain control of his powers (or gain control, because I don't think he ever had the upper hand on the situation). I still think it's funny that he doesn't want to "bother Urahara with questions, because he's helped me so much so far", when, in fact, Urahara is probably the mastermind of every single thing going on in this show XD But, then again, Ichigo's not that smart to figure that out. Concerning the Vizards, I had always imagined that, when the time for their Anime appearence would come, it would be at the end of the episode, with Shinji saying the final line of Chapter 214, "So you finally decided to join us, the Vizard army", which was a hell of a cliffhanger-line. It bothers me a little bit that they skipped that line in the episode, but I still liked it, and the final scene with Hiyori powering up, and that AMAZING background music (which is one of the main reasons I'm begging for OST 3 to come out soon) was really cool.

    As for Tousen cutting off Grimmjow's arm, I liked it, but I think it was a lot more shocking and dramatic in the manga, where Grimmjow seemed WAAAY more furious and decided to rip Tousen's guts apart than he seemed in the anime. However, the background music used was a great choice (as usual), and I'm getting even more used to the evil-Arrancar-flamenco melodies. I also think it's quite funny that, everytime Grimmjow's about to draw/release his zanpakutoh, someone stops him. First was Tousen, this time was Aizen. And I don't want to spoil anyone, but I don't think this will be the last time we'll see this happening. If this were a comical show, it would be quite a gag.

    But most important of all, Gin is back!!! He's, by far, one of my favourite characters in the whole series. I think it's extremely interesting that Gin suggests that Aizen kind of manipulates Tousen (as well as the rest of the Arrancars). That sort of things make me think that Gin and Tousen are both at completely different levels of trust to Aizen. I particularly think that Tousen thinks he's doing the right thing thanks to Aizen's manipulation (spiritual, not magical, of course, since he has immunity against his zanpakutoh), while Gin is aware of all of Aizen's plans. Aizen and Gin's relationship is one of the thins I'm so interested in, and that I want to see more developed, both in the anime and in the manga.

    Other highlits of the episode: Uryuu & Ryuuken's intense "training"; Chad asking Urahara to train him (an important plot point that will be relevant in the future); Rukia's concern about Ichigo; Rangiku playing peek-a-boo with Hitsugaya; and Mizuho's hilarious obsession with Ikkaku.moreless
  • Nothing happened, but that was some nice music. Ichigo reflects on his failures, while the others mope over their powerlessness.

    I have to admit, there was really good music coordination in this episode, and some humorous pop-ups that come from the most darkest moments. Aizen's evil side is now taking form in our minds as we see him toy with his subordinates, while Gin and Tousen get some screen time. Tousen brings up those questions we had upon their initial ascent (or descent) to the Hollow's realm: what is his justice? Of course, Bleach moves on, deliberately avoiding that question. Good. Cliffhanger. Hitsugaya brings up a rather obvious point: that the shinigami are not very strong compared to the Arrancar, but then we leave with a cliffhanger: Ichigo goes to the Vaizard, probably the only hope for the anti-Arrancarness.moreless
  • Everyone is reflecting on their outcome from the battle. Ichigo decides to go seek help to understand how to control his inner hollow.

    Overall I think it was a really good episode. It definitely ended at a key point making me not want to wait to see the next episode...and I've already read the manga! They did skip over the battle scenes a little bit, but it was still pretty exciting. They are doing a really good job following the manga and things are only going to get more intense and interesting. I would definitely recommend watching this episode. It is well worth the time. It has good action in it and is key to the series if you have been keeping up with it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!moreless
  • Despite the lack of any pivotal battle scenes the episode still entertains. The view into Hueco Mundo and the artwork for it is well done, and the scene with Kaname and Grimmjow is fantastic.moreless

    You'll want to watch this episode because it sets up the series of events for the next battle scene. Even without any major battle scenes this isn't a filler episode. Chad asks Urahara to train him, and Ishida is still with his dad trying to regain his Quincy powers. As for Ichigo, he seeks out the Vizard to teach him to suppress his inner hollow, and as the episode ends he faces Hiyori in her complete hollow form. The best part about this episode, though, is Hueco Mundo, and what Kaname does to Grimmjow. Definitely an enjoyable watch, and much better than any Bount Arc story build-up.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The scar on Grimmjow's chest goes from his left shoulder down diagonally to his waist on the right side, yet in following episodes, it goes right down the middle of his chest.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Ichigo arrives at th Vizard hideout)
      Shinji: So, Ichigo, you're her because ya finally decided to join us, right?
      Ichigo: Yeah, right! Me, join you? Get real! I'm here... to use you.
      Shinji: Say what?!
      Ichigo: I'm not joning anyone, but you will teach me how to suppress my inner hollow.
      Shinji: Looks like you're really underestimatin' us.

    • Gin: Thats kinda mean, teasin' your underlings like that.
      Aizen: Were you watching us, Gin?
      Gin: You knew Kaname would react like that... from the start, didn't ya?
      Aizen: Perhaps.

    • Grimmjow: (Laughing) You're always thinking about your morals, aren't you?
      Tōsen: That's right. I act based on my morals. Which your actions completely lack. Without a higher cause behind it, justice is nothing more than slaughter. (Grabs his Zanpakutou) But, slaughter in the name of that higher cause... (Chops of Grimmjow's arm) justice! Way of Destruction 54: Abolishing Flames!

    • Kon: I can do this! I have no idea what just happened, but I know I can win! Eat this!
      (he slashes his Zanpukto at a Shinigami, but it doesn't do anything.)
      Kon: Huh?
      Hanatarō: But, once the guage goes back to zero, Akeiro Hisagomaru is super weak.
      (Zaraki grabs him by the head.)
      Zaraki: I saw that, kid. You're pretty good. How about we have some fun?
      Kon: Wait!

    • (Chad arrives at Urahara' shop)
      Urahara: My, if it isn't Sado! What can I do for y-
      Chad: (Bows) Please! Please, train me!
      Urahara: (Shocked) Excuse me?

  • NOTES (5)

    • In this episode, the scar on Grimmjow's chest is dark black, yet in following episodes it's red.

    • Japanese Title: ヴァイザード!目覚めし者たちの力
      Romaji Title: Vaizādo! Mezame shi sha tachi no chikara

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Gin since episode 62, and as a result marks the return of all three of the shinigami traitors since the Soul Society arc.

    • Shinigami Golden: Having knowing Hisagomaru's power, Kon in Hanatarō's body tries to cut one of the Shinigami with it. However nothing happens. The real Hanatarou explains that once the red guage goes back to zero, it becomes super weak again. Zaraki, having seen this, appears and asks to have some fun with him, as meaning to fight him. A large explosion occurs, with a smoke cloud resembling a crying Kon head.

    • First apparences of: Lisa Yadōmaru, Mashiro, Kensei Muguruma, Love, Rose, and Hachigen Ushōda. The rest of the known Vizards.