Bless This House (UK)

Season 1 Episode 3

Father's Day

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 16, 1971 on ITV

Episode Recap

Father's day is coming up and Jean is baking a cake when the doorbell rings. It's Mike with two policemen! Mike's in trouble, this is the third demonstration this year. Mike quickly changes the subject to Sid's father's day gift. The phone rings, it's Dr. McClaren; he tells Jean Sid's surprise father's day gift has arrived and she tells him she'll be around later to see it. Sally is going for a drive with Dr. McClaren's son Julian in his father's Jaguar. Sid is worried about what Julian might get up to. Jean reminds Sid about what they used to get up to in his red Morris, Sid tells her he had a green Ford. Jean goes to the Doctors to get the gift and while they're looking at it she hears Sid come into the surgery. They quickly hide the gift and Jean goes out through his house. Sid thinks his old friend and doctor has had a 'bird' there after hours and they get to talking. Ian tells Sid that his son Julian is taking out a 'bird' tonight. Sid tells him that bird is my daughter! Ian assures him it's perfectly innocent and Sid finds out Ian had the red Morris and starts to chase him around the desk. Sid leaves the surgery and Ian comes after him, Sid comes back for something and hits Ian in the face with the door. Later Sid comes home drunk, Jean asks him why he came home in this state and he tells her it's because of her,Ian and his red Morris. Jean tells him she only went out with him once or twice long before she met him. Sid decides to have a lie down. When Sid comes back downstairs Sally is home and he asks her if Julian tried to do anything. Sally says he isn't interested in her, and assures her father she's still a virgin. Sid goes back to see Ian to apologise and Jean's there picking up the jacket. She hides behind the screen when she hears him and comes out after Sid leaves. Sid arrives home to find he left his tobacco pouch at Ian's. He telephones the surgery and Jean answers, Sid rushes back there, finds his gift(smoking jacket) which he thinks Jean bought for Ian and starts to rip it up. Jean and Ian walk in and Sid tells them he found out about the surprise. Jean gives him the box and wishes him happy father's day. Later Sid models the jacket for the family and they ask what happened to it. Sid tells her he did it at Ian's he didn't know it was his surprise gift. He tells her the store will change it if he adds another 21 pounds.

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(a BIG thank you to UE who made this synopsis possible)
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