Bless This House (UK) - Season 1

ITV (ended 1976)




Episode Guide

  • The Morning After The Night Before.
    After a drunken night at the boy scouts re-union, Sid finds it difficult to remember where he took some souvenirs from, especially a mysterious chair.
  • Bless This House
    Bless This House
    Episode 12
    Sid is laying the slab for his garden shed when son Mike arrives home in an old Morris Minor that's seen better days. Daughter Sally is reading in the garden about pollution & it's effect on her generation when the neighbour starts to burn off some rubbish. Sid's wife Jean & friend Betty are collecting unwanted items from the neighbourhood to sell in their market stall. The Hobbs from number 86 are moving out & Annie tells Jean she can have the over mantle for her stall if Sid can unscrew it before the new owners move in. The over mantle comes off & so does half the plaster from the wall!. Sid & Trev have to fix the wall before the new owners arrive next morning.When they finish & close the door it falls off & they have to do it again. Sid's moving his wine making equipment to the new shed & wants to brew his own wine. Mike gets a job as short order cook where he meets new girl Kate who happens to be his new neighbour. Sid's wine is heated for to long & turns into Brandy.Mike & Kate's friendship blossoms into love, Sid buys Mike a new car as a wedding gift, Sid's shed explodes when the still is left on as everyone leaves for the church, Ronald (Kate's dad) works for Customs & Excise & Sid doesn't want him to find out about his still, the fire brigade arrive to put out the fire & Sid & Ronald travel to the church on the back of the fire engine. They arrive just in time for the family photos.moreless
  • If The Dog Collar Fits..... Wear It. !
    When Sally adopts a dog, Sid suffers the conesquences.
  • Charity Begins At Home.
    The whole family decide to go without food for the weekend.
  • Make Love Not War
    Make Love Not War
    Episode 9
    Sid and Jean learn it is not wise to meddle in other people's marriages.
  • The Day Of Rest
    The Day Of Rest
    Episode 8
    The Abbotts do not make a good impression on their new neighbours.
  • A Woman's Place
    A Woman's Place
    Episode 7
    When Jean gets a job, the Abbotts hire a maid, who is not quite what Sid expected.
  • For Whom The Bells Toll
    Is Mike planning a secret wedding?
  • Another Fine Mess.
    Another Fine Mess.
    Episode 5
    When Jean finds the mink coat that Sid picked up for his boss, she believes it's meant for her. How can Sid make both his wife and his boss happy?
  • Be It Ever So Humble.
    When Mike leaves home after some criticism by Sid, the women in the family turn against their husband/father.
  • Father's Day
    Father's Day
    Episode 3
    Jean's plan to hide Sid's Father's Day present leads to confusion and jealousy.
  • Mum's The Word.
    Mum's The Word.
    Episode 2
    Sid misunderstands news from the doctor's office.
  • The Generation Gap
    The Generation Gap
    Episode 1
    Sid and Jean worry about their son and daughter. Does Mike show enough interest in girls? Does Sally take birth control without them knowing?