Bless This House

CBS (ended 1996)


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  • Season 1
    • Natural Born Parents
      When Danny gets an A in English, Burt and Alice are understandably proud, but then they discover it was because of her school project -- corresponding with a pen pal who happens to be a mass murderer.
    • One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Stereo
      The Claytons have a problem with a neighbor that will not stop playing his stereo loudly.
    • The Bowling Method
      The Bowling Method
      Episode 14
      After one pregnancy scare too many, Burt and Alice decide that one of them will have to undergo surgery.
    • Misery on 34th Street
      It's a joyless Christmas at the Claytons' when Alice's mother Sheila arrives with unwanted advice on how to discipline Danny, leaving Burt to play referee for the feuding females.
    • If It Ain't Broke, Break It
      Burt buys an expensive reclining chair from an obnoxious salesman.
    • Neither a Borrower Nor a Landlord Be
      Forced to choose between having a deranged neighbor of having "our house foreclosed on before we even make the first mortgage payment," the Claytons decide to rent out their new home.
    • The Postman Always Moves Twice
      Before moving into their new home, the Claytons trash their apartment to get back at their landlord. But unfortunately the new house isn't ready and their stuck in their old apartment, while the heat is on full blast and the water's cut off.
    • Fish and Guests Stink After Three Days
      As the Claytons prepared to move into their new home, Lenny -- still feuding with his wife -- assumes he's coming along.
    • A Fight a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
      The Claytons resume their house hunting and also decide to get a new life-insurance policy, but Burt fears he won't pass the required physical exam.
    • The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions
      Burt's dogged by a guilty conscience when he forgets to pick up Sean from school, so he tries to make amends by getting him a puppy.
    • Where There's Smoke, You're Fired
      Frustrated by her jerk of a teenage boss at her temporary job, Alice starts smoking again -- and catches Danny in the mall washroom with a pack of cigarettes; Burt tries to resist Vicki's amorous advances.
    • I Am Not My Sister's Keeper
      Burt has never been fond of his sister's boyfriend, and the latest one is no exception.
    • A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
      Alice and Burt are divided over whether to let 12-year-old Danny goes to the movies alone with Matthew.

      Meanwhile, everyone's plans are stalled when the family car is stolen while Alice is at an ATM.
    • Company Loves Misery
      Ever-bickering Lenny and Phyllis hope to inject some romance into their marriage by tagging along for Burt and Alice's anniversary celebration.
    • A Woman's Work is Never Done
      Alice applies for a job as a legal secretary, then is fired from her head cashier's position when her boss learns of the interview.

      Meanwhile, Danny brings home Matthew, her first boyfriend (who is 14, two years older than her), and then is crushed when her schoolmates spread lewd accusations about her and Matthew.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      In the pilot episode, the Claytons consider buying a house to move out of their dinky little apartment.

      Meanwhile, Danny's best friend Jane is staying over (a lot),because as it is soon revealed her mother is sleeping around.