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Blind Date

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Blind Date (one of the most popular syndicated dating shows on TV) is a show in which a guy and a girl hook up and go around town to see if they are right for each other. They do fun stuff and usally go to eat. Throughout the date, Pop-Up Video-esque wisecracks about the people. Most of the time, the dates are hilariously bad, which makes the show (and the pop-ups) all the more entertaining and funny! Air Times Syndication Check your local listings SpikeTV Every Day: 12-1 AM* *Sometimes interrupted by Spike TV Movies. How SpikeTV Describes The Show "Go behind the scenes to take a lighthearted look at the mating ritual known as the "Blind Date." Unlike previous relationship shows that only talk about the date, Blind Date brings a camera along and lets the viewer watch as the action and comedy unfold. Be honest. You love it when they hate each other. Or, even better: when one of them is happy and the other one isn't. You don't want to miss that! You never know how it will go on Blind Date." All are syndicated. Check your local listings. Also, check out Blind Date Uncensored from Universal Pay-Per-View. more info below! Blind Date Uncensored Now Playing: Blind Date: Triple Play Experience the moments the TV censors have been hiding from you in this super-sized special. First, travel to another dating dimension with Freaks and Weirdos Uncensored. From psychos to professional Jackass Stevo-O, witness all the surreal, awkward, insane moments that have made dating America's #1 spectator sport. Then you'll race to turn down the thermostat when Dates From Hell Uncensored comes on! There's nothing worse than going on a horrible date, but there's nothing more hilarious than watching others suffer through them. End it all with Blind Date® UNCENSORED Deluxe, the biggest and best compilation of never before seen Blind Date® insanity, including the ONLY date that went so far that it was completely banned from ever being shown on Blind Date ®. ©2003 Bobwell Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved Look out for more Blind Date Uncensored specials airing only on Universal Pay-Per-View! Parents Warning! This program has been rated TV-MA for containing strong language sexual situations and some violence. This show is not for kids. Blind Date Products Books: The Blind Date Guide to Dating, by Frank Thompson "Love watching car wrecks but don't want to be in one? Then you will love The Blind Date Guide to Dating. It's the book that covers everything you ever wanted to know about love, dating, and the hottest show on television today. The Making of Blind Date--Learn all about the show, from how to get on it to the editing process to the writing of all your favorite characters, such as Therapist Joe, Sarcastic Sid, Dr. Date, and Mr. Mean. Sexiest Hot Tub Moments--Get a behind-the-scenes look at the favorite destination of all the crazy blind-daters, plus etiquette tips for when it's your turn. Hint: Make sure the bubbles are not your own What You Didn't See--Because the dates don't stop when the cameras turn off, we will show you the material that was just too hot for the networks. Hot Dating Tips--Great tips on how not to be as clueless but definitely have as much fun as the wild blind-daters. Therapist Joe--That's right, he is a real person, and in his special sections, he answers all the questions you wanted to know, and some that you didn't about relationships, from the one-night stand to tying the knot. The Best and Worst of Blind Date--From love connections to blind date meltdowns, all the crazy Blind Date moments that you can't look away from and can't believe happened." DVDs: Blind Date Uncensored: The Ultimate 3-Pack No black bars, no's Blind Date as you never saw it on TV...totally uncensored!moreless

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    • Dating Scene in New York

      Also funny and shot in New York
    • Theres no point and people rarely get hooked up

      Honestly theres no point of this show. 2 people try to get together and see how far it goes while possibley at first sight had already made their decisions. Its a waste of time, but it used to come on at night time. Now i dont even see it on day time, or it just keeps on swiching stations or something. The only thing that i really like about the show is the comedy aspect of the add text comments, animation, and sound effects. Im just saying this show used to be a lot more interesting to ppl but it just went down hill.moreless
    • A show that doesn't hold back the thoughts of the daters as well as their behaviors.

      You hasn't been on a date where someone ended up puking or took off their clothes? oh wait...hopefully that hasn't happened to you unless you've been on this show. Let's be honest, you don't watch it for the good dates. Mostly everyone enjoys the weirdos, the slutty, and jerks make complete idiots out of themselves. One of the best parts of the show is the Hall of Shame when the really terrible dates are shown. One of my favorites was watching a woman drool and let her drink run out of her mouth ruining her clothes. I'm not sure if she was drunk, but it was very nasty watching it. However, its stuff like this that makes the show interesting.moreless
    • this is so stupid

      thank god it's only on in syndication. this is one of the stupidest shows i have ever seen. for the life of me i do not know why anyone would ever want to be on this show. much less why people actually watch it. i thought for sure it would have been cancelled by now.
    • The "dates" waste my time.

      Well this is pathetic. Only in America will people be dumb enough to watch the idiots go on dates. And the "escorts" are incredibly stupid. No date is actuly like that and if I went out with one of the think tank of contestants they have on here I would shoot myself.

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