Blind Date

(ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Tennille and David/Ryan and Tiffany
      David asks Tennille if she's ever considered being a stripper because he wants to open up a strip club.

      Ryan discusses sex at dinner and Tiffany admits she is still a virgin.
    • Andrea and Chris/Michael and Amanda
      Andrea tells Chris all of her ex-boyfriends were jerks while she gives him a pedicure.

      Mike and Amy fight over wine and beer.
    • Emily and Will/Amy and Mike
      Emily tells Will she wants kids badly.

      While showering, Mike notices Amy's tattoo and is turned off by it.
    • Ryan and Dusky/Scott and Omid
      Dusky is sick but feels much better once she meets Ryan.

      Omid finds out and doesn't like the fact that Scott was married to a woman for 2 years before he came out of the closet.
    • Anika and Brian/Tiffany and Anatoly
      Brian wins Anika over by a delicious dessert.

      Anatoly asks Tiffany if she is a stripper and she throws shoes at him.
    • Scott and Mika/Pat and Michelle
      Scott and Mika have fun at boot camp. But when Scott starts to kiss Mika's neck and arms, she says he is to self- absorbed.

      From the first part of there date in a boxing ring, they do not get along. Pat starts to push Michelle's buttons in the taxi. At dinner, they both agree to leave and go there separate ways.moreless
    • Sandy and Romi-Vancouver/Anne and Hutch- DC
      Sandy and Romi both get along with there wacky attitudes. Romi ends up dipping and kissing her.

      On the date, Anne keeps questioning Hutch if he is a player. At the end of the date, Hutch asks her why she thinks he is insecure.
    • Jennifer and Andrew-Vancouver/Alissa and Luis- DC
      Andrew and Jennifer enjoy a nice gondola ride. They also have fun lumber jacking. Andrew tells her this is the best blind date he's ever been on.

      Alissa and Luis start off rock climbing. At dinner, Alissa is feeling the insecurity of Luis and gives him tips and advice.
    • Lucy and Bill- Vancouver/Zach and Jennifer- Washington DC
      Lucy and Bill have a good time in the car and on the plane. They end up exchanging numbers.

      Zach and Jennifer hit it off while the go kayaking. They go to try on bathing suits and have fun. But in the end, Zach is feeling a little to insecure.
    • Carrie and Brock. Aimee and Kevin
      On Carrie and Brock's date, they have fun at the gym but end up calling there friends at the end.

      Aimee and Kevin seem to have no chemistry throughout the whole date.
    • Angelo and Sheila/Alex and Tarlan
      Sheila is a model and Angelo is looking for a woman with affection. The get along at pottery class but all Angelo gets from her are the words "sweet" and "considerate".

      Tarlan and Alex go make chocolate covered bananas and they end the date with just a kiss.
    • Doug and Rachel/Steve and Francesca
      Doug and Rachel get made over on the beach and Doug offers to help fix her house.

      Steve and Francesca are both in their early twenties and are not looking for a serious relationship. All seems to go well until someone buys Francesca a drink.
    • Ann and Alex/Angela and Matt
      Ann, fun craving girl from Michigan, gets to watch Alex do a magic show.

      Angela takes Matt to a stunt camp and then Matt tries to entertain her with some of his best jokes.
    • Rosie and Chris/Regina and Eric
      Rosie, a hot latina and Chris, a guy with an eccentric side, try to build a birdhouse.

      Regina and Eric go to a children's activity center and Regina gets Eric to loosen up at a bar.
    • Elizabeth and Mark/India and James

      Elizabeth and Mark go on a date and Mark finds out Elizabeth wants a man who can take charge.
      India and James start of with some psychic readings and then move on to a silent dinner.

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