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  • Dating Scene in New York

    Also funny and shot in New York
  • Theres no point and people rarely get hooked up

    Honestly theres no point of this show. 2 people try to get together and see how far it goes while possibley at first sight had already made their decisions. Its a waste of time, but it used to come on at night time. Now i dont even see it on day time, or it just keeps on swiching stations or something. The only thing that i really like about the show is the comedy aspect of the add text comments, animation, and sound effects. Im just saying this show used to be a lot more interesting to ppl but it just went down hill.
  • A show that doesn't hold back the thoughts of the daters as well as their behaviors.

    You hasn't been on a date where someone ended up puking or took off their clothes? oh wait...hopefully that hasn't happened to you unless you've been on this show. Let's be honest, you don't watch it for the good dates. Mostly everyone enjoys the weirdos, the slutty, and jerks make complete idiots out of themselves. One of the best parts of the show is the Hall of Shame when the really terrible dates are shown. One of my favorites was watching a woman drool and let her drink run out of her mouth ruining her clothes. I'm not sure if she was drunk, but it was very nasty watching it. However, its stuff like this that makes the show interesting.
  • this is so stupid

    thank god it's only on in syndication. this is one of the stupidest shows i have ever seen. for the life of me i do not know why anyone would ever want to be on this show. much less why people actually watch it. i thought for sure it would have been cancelled by now.
  • The "dates" waste my time.

    Well this is pathetic. Only in America will people be dumb enough to watch the idiots go on dates. And the "escorts" are incredibly stupid. No date is actuly like that and if I went out with one of the think tank of contestants they have on here I would shoot myself.
  • More television garbage for the adolescent demographic. Just what we need. More total crap to fill our next generation's heads with. The show is obviously totally orchestrated. Maybe at times, one half of the "date" is unaware of the put-ons.

    This is the most ridiculous show I\\\'ve seen in a long time. Many of the \\\"dates\\\" are clearly \\\"actors\\\" inserted into the situation to try to give the show some shock value. The people are so stupidly \\\"over the top\\\" in their efforts to sound outrageous that it\\\'s really an insult to my intelligence to sit there in front of the television and subject myself to this foolishness. At first, I thought it might be a funny show, but after watching a few episodes, I could clearly see that it\\\'s totally bogus. I think that this show might possibly hold the attention of a few adolescent idiots for a season or so, but that\\\'s about it. It is about the most phony attempt at portraying losers that I have ever seen.
  • wanted to state my view on tonites show... dated April 20th 2006

    hi, i\\\\\\\'ve been watching your show blind date for several years...but this specific episode caught my eye...his name was \\\\\\\"Tim\\\\\\\", the spoiled brat was \\\\\\\"April\\\\\\\"....i just wanted to express that i felt \\\\\\\"Tim\\\\\\\" was absolutely adorable, and very normal and down to earth...\\\\\\\"April\\\\\\\" is just a \\\\\\\"Paris\\\\\\\" wish i was, wannabe, and there are plenty of us women that would luv a chance to meet someone like \\\\\\\"Tim\\\\\\\"....(just wanted you to know that...) :)
  • I'm drawn to this show.

    I watch this show for the laughs. My favorite moments are when the pop ups come over a persons head with some humorous thougts or reactions. When the dates are bad those are the best episodes. Because one person walks away knowing "there is no way in heck I'm going on a second date with that person", and the other person is clueless.

    The graphics on the show are also fun to watch. I just love them. That's another reason I keep watching the show. This is a fun show to watch when you have nothing better to do, or nothing else is on.
  • very entertaining

    I find myself watching this show all the time. i get a crack oout of the pop ups. It's interesting especially 2 strangers goin out and some of them are different and most of the time will speak there minds. They go to different places and alot of times wild and crazy things happen.
  • Fools can be fun!

    I've always been attracted to anything in which people who think they are hot stuff end up looking like total fools, and Blind Date thrives on exactly that. Of course, the humor supplied by the thought balloons and other graphics comprise 80% of the entertainment value. The other 20% is provided by the audacity, stupidity and self-importance of the egos on display. Roger Lodge makes for a pleasant enough host, but if he could manage to come up with comments that are witty and clever, rather than just obvious and cliche, the show would be even better. Fun late-night TV.
  • Roger Lodge

    Roger Lodge is the man! He does a great job on this show which usually has a good date on it every once in a while gives me a good laugh. It's not the greatest show but for a cheap laugh at 3:00am it will do. They even have some B celebs on it like Steve-O on it.