Blind Date

Season 1 Episode 15

Tennille and David/Ryan and Tiffany

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2006 on

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  • Is David last name Tucci?

    A battle between Pencil and Pen.

    The battle raged on,
    blank spaces nearly gone,
    for the war of the century had begun.

    Both knew this would happen
    either now or then
    for it was never-ending battle
    of pencil and pen.

    As the day started slipping
    the newspaper clipping,
    was stained with ink and graphite.
    However it was, only the beginning
    of a glorious and bloody fight.

    Both sides had good,
    both sides had bad,
    And I’ll list them the best I could;

    Pencil was clever,
    however bit weak
    and knew how to catch their mistake.

    But pen was opposite,
    they caught no mistake
    what they did was right
    and that was the end of it.

    However this epic
    is a sad one at that
    lets just say the winner was both
    and just leave it at that.

    No? Is that what you say?
    well as an author I must obey.
    Then with grief, I will tell
    Of the ending of pencil and pen.

    The winner of this epic
    will cause you to think
    for ‘twas none other than
    computer printing ink
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