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From Steven Bochco Productions comes an innovative take on the modern police drama. The lead character, New York Detective Jim Dunbar, was blinded in a shootout when his partner failed to cover him. He could have retired with a full pension after his injury, but instead fought to remain on the job, determined to prove he still has what it takes and be an asset. Now, following his reinstatement, he is assigned to a new precinct where he intends to take on cases with the help of his guide dog, Hank. On his first day back on the job, he meets Detectives Tom Selway (Reno Wilson) and Marty Russo (Frank Grillo), both hardboiled New York cops. Russo is especially skeptical at the outset, bent on humiliating Dunbar and seeing him fail. In addition, there's Karen Bettancourt (Marisol Nichols), a Homicide detective who's been working with Selway and Russo for eight months on a serial murder case. Though all the detectives are impressed by Dunbar's heroism, demonstrated during the events that led to his being blinded, they are angry he has returned and incredulous at his belief that he can still work the streets and carry a loaded gun. Bettancourt in particular has reservations, which are compounded by the knowledge of Dunbar's past affair with her friend. As a result, when Lieutenant Fisk (Michael Gaston) - who reluctantly agreed to give Dunbar a chance to prove himself - partners him with Bettancourt, she is furious. Dunbar's wife, Christie (Rena Sofer) has stuck by him throughout his debilitating ordeal and supports him in his moment of need. However she has doubts about their marriage based on Dunbar's past infidelities, and begins to question why she stays, noting his tendency to take her for granted.moreless

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  • Marisol Nichols

    Marisol Nichols

    Detective Karen Bettancourt

    Reno Wilson

    Reno Wilson

    Lieutenant Tom Selway

    Rena Sofer

    Rena Sofer

    Christie Dunbar

    Michael Gaston

    Michael Gaston

    Lieutenant Gary Fisk

    Frank Grillo

    Frank Grillo

    Detective Marty Russo

    Ron Eldard

    Ron Eldard

    Detective Jim Dunbar

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    • Thankfully this show has been cancelled and Ron can move on to better things. Blind Justice was entertaining, but sadly just too bland. Had it taken a leapt of faith and show guts it might have been one of the great police dramas.moreless

      I am a fan of Ron Eldard, and as much I love his work I have to say that Blind Justice is a mediocre series.

      It starts strong and with a lot of promise. The premise is fresh and interesting. Ron Eldard stars as detective Jim Dunbar who lost his sight in the line of duty. Jim must face numerous challenges to get accepted at work again. He has a troubled marriage, and seems to be a multi-dimensional character.

      The pilot starts strong as we see Dunbar getting back on duty and having problems with his wife because of an off-series extra marital affair. Right there the show held so much promise, but after the second episode the edge of the show started to become dull.

      What happened? I don’t know. Maybe it was conceived like that from the beginning or the producers changed their direction and decided to go on a “safe” and formulaic route.

      Jim’s problems get resolved too easily. His relationship with his wife gets fixed too fast his partners suddenly accept him too easily. Where there was a lot of opportunity to explore complex issues about being visually impaired, having to work through an affair, and deal with obnoxious coworkers, we get run of the mill solutions more fit for Disney movies than for a police drama.

      For crying out loud, his wife meets his partner and doesn’t get even concerned, not to mention jealous. After only two (2) shows his captain (initially cold and skeptical of having a blind cop with a gun under his command) suddenly trusts him. No wonder ratings started to take a plunge after the second episode and never came up again

      Thankfully this show has been cancelled and Ron can move on to better things. I wish him and the cast the best of luck. Blind Justice was entertaining, but sadly just too bland. Had it taken a leapt of faith and show guts it might have been one of the great police dramas.

    • Did someone think this would work? Fire them please! Sincerely, this show was so bad I watched three episodes just to afirm it's badness.

      This is one of the most horrid shows in the history of television.

      First there is the idiotic way they try to spin the idea of a blind cop being able to cary a gun. Yeah, right. They try to paint the people that don't understand as being shallow or ingorant at the plight of blind poeple. Yeah right. Hey dummies, one thing that really helps out in aiming is EYESIGHT! I don't blame a blind guy for not being able to shoot, I just don't think that having a good excuse for not being able to shoot entitles you to a gun.

      Second is the often promoted but in its own way, demeaning to the blind, notion of heightened senses. Hey, really, honestly, truly. It isn't true. Blind people hear, taste, or smell no better than the sighted. And any argument that they learn to rely more on their other senses more does help me when you are talking about from four feet away smelling the distinction between differing soils. Sorry, don't buy it.

      The show just got worse from there. Characters I developed in the third-grade short-stories had more depth and texture than these guys, and the acting didn't even do the horrible writing justice.

      I was beginning to wory that ABC was turning back to its "Amaziningly Bad Channel" status of afew short years ago, but thankfully it found the good sense to put this show back in the dark where it belongs.moreless
    • i knew it wouldn't last

      when i first heard about this show i knew it's days were numbered. i really liked the actors and the writing was pretty good as well. but with all the crime drama on tv now it is very hard to be competetive. you throw a blind guy in the mix and you are just asking for trouble.
    • Blind Producers is more like it!


      Blind Justice is missing something –

      1.The Element of Verisimilitude (you know “Real possibility”) Is it even possible or LEGAL for an officer to be blind and carry a gun!? It is possible for ANY blind person to carry a firearm/weapon??? (If it is - I’m scared.)

      2.Character Development (It’s always about him! What about the others!) I still don’t know where his partner/ any of the other characters live – She could be an alien reject from Roswell for all we know.

      3.I’ve never seen that dog eat/sleep/poop/ or be an annoying dog. (Is his dog anorexic/heavily medicated??)

      4.Missing ratings and viewers – Hardly anyone I know watches it…Why am I?

      I have no idea – I just think he’s cute...

    • At first glance you'd hate it but!

      If you just glance at the premise for this show, you'd think its rubbish but if you take the time to watch it then you will find its a very well thought out series.

      The idea of a detective being made blind by being shot, and struggling to continue his career as a gun carrying detective is both poignant and endearing The struggle he has to endure both with his colleagues and his wife is one of the main sub plots throughout the series. I'm a little let down with the series final and I would have liked it to have continued into a second seriesmoreless

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