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ABC (ended 2005)

Could Have Worked

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    After NYPD BLUE I was waiting for a new cop drama. Then all you see on tv are adds for the new crime drama "BLIND JUSTICE" I thought this might be good I guess the viewers did not think so. In retospect this show might have worked if they would have followed a few things from NYPD. 1 )They made the show 1 demintional all about him none of the outher members of the show had any problems or events in there lives that we saw. 2) If they would have explaned how he was blinded in the first place . To me it looked like he was grazed across the forhead. How do you loose sight that way in both eyes no less never a doctor explaning to hin what happened and to the viewers. and 3) What police dept would put a blind officer on the street reguardless of being sued by the officer (heaven forbid you in a shoot out and your parnter is down.) That just did not make any sence for a serious sho in any means . A little more research and this could have worked. Bochco I think thought his clout would have carried this show . sorry.
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