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ABC (ended 2005)

Im from Australia and missed episode 12 from season 1 and need something

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    Hi im from Australia and where just getting towards the end of season 1 (the only season made) If you could give me a massive in depth summary of this episode i would love it to death and even better if you had or knew someone who had this episode on the computer or a dvd. if they have it on the computer to tell me and will work out emailing it to me or if you have a taped dvd of this episode to rip it on to the computer if you know how to, and again will work somtin out. Next week is the last episode and i need it pretty soon.

    Also quickly if you like the show i got an online petition to save it go directly to

    and sign it online easily, free, quick and safe. Tell everyone but more importantly a massive summary or the actual episode PPLLLZZZZZZ.
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    What I can tell you about the eposide (last one ) was ther was an fight in a restraurant or bar he was in when he got up to break it up when he went back to his seat his bag that had hi gun in it was missing. He finally finds who might have taken it a appoliges to the person for the incendent in the restrauarnt saying he ment no disrespect to him or his family and the bag is returned to him . The last scene in the show is him and his wife learnung to ballroom dance fade out . Pretty lame ending to the show . I hope this info helped.
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