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This is what i sent to E!s Kristen for help on a Blind Justice comeback(4/26/07)

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    Kristen, can you e-mail or petition abc to see if they could possibly give "Blind Justice" a second chance. I know the show was on 2 years ago but it was an awesome show and fans who watch shows that are on TV now like "Heroes", "The Real Wedding Crashers", "America's Got Talent", "House M.D.", "Grey's Anatomy", "Surface", "Raines", "Supernatural", "Prison Break", "Shark", or even "Jericho" could probably watch this show it's alot like some of these shows, I'll even tell you how.:

    Blind Justice & Heroes = The Heroic tone to both shows.

    Blind Justice & The Real Wedding Crashers = Insane out of the normal stunts of TRWC and the out of normal status of Blind Justice.(thats what networks are looking for these days. they seemingly try to hide it but everyone can tell that is the kind of shows they are looking for with all these new out of the normal programming.)

    Blind Justice & America's Got Talent = the out of normality, warmth touchy feeling of AGT and the touchy feely emotions of Blind Justice.

    Blind Justice & House = the heroic tone of both shows.

    Blind Justice & Grey's Anatomy = The Dramality of both shows. (greys started just after Blind Justice.) except for BJ's Main Character is Blind.

    Blind Justice & Surface = May be the best example, they both had good dramalities*, heroic tone, and just Perfectly out there to be still Very realistic and not so out of normal.

    Blind Justice & Raines = May be the second ,possibly even better, Best example. Blind Justice Main character is Blind But pretty much does everything like normal people just he can hear alot better.(people blind or have glasses like i do train their ears to hear alot better. (didn't know if you knew sorry if you did and take it the wrong way.)) on Raines Jeff Goldblums Character ,Raines, can see the people who were killed as 'hallucinations' and everyone thinks he is weird so they send him to shrink.(who is credited as a star for gosh sakes ,Madeleine Stowe). This show might as well be (In danger of you using this as the excuse why you may not try and do anything Blind Justice-) Raines is pretty much like a

    Blind Justice 2 revamped though, BUT is on NBC, and may just be a Blind Justice-esque show.

    Blind Justice & Supernatural = the dark like drama of both.

    Blind Justice & Prison Break = the are both alike in they are not so normal, and the semi heroic tone of both shows.

    Blind Justice & Shark = the PD way of system both shows have.

    Blind Justice & Jericho = If this show scan stay on then where isBlind Justice. (don't mean to offend but how can this show not be a mini-series. an A-Bomb blows up seemingly the rest of the US and they have no way out. 10.5 and 10.5: Apocalypse pretty much did that for everyone. but now typing this i'm kind of interested at how they do do everything in Jericho.)

    * - real life we have to deal with the reality that people "See aliens", "Hear aliens", "Know of aliens", "", "", "", "", "",

    i can't think of anymore shows right now but thats pretty much enough evidence(hopefully) to show that if they brought it back it would most likely survive a few more years because of shows just like it continuing. I know that there is only 1 show up there from ABC((3 from NBC (5 if you count 10.5), 3 from Fox, and 2 from CBS)) but they all have fans like Blind Justice ANDthat just goes to show that maybe ABC should have passed the show to another network most likely it would still be on now, given a chance by that other network. ABC doesn't know how to give chances. If they didn't have Lloyd Braun where would ABC be now? albeit Alias may still be on TV but ABC might not have been. This also brings up another thing i wanted to say. If you could, could you maybe petition or ask or whatever you're awesome secret is to have Blind Justice on another network because ABC might not want to bring it back giving they don't know how to give chances, but Fox or CBS or NBC may be able to pick it up and revamp it a bit.: Give him a partner who trust him, respects him enough not to be his "seeing eyes to his knowledge when he doesn't want it", and/or maybe one that won't worry about him so much, or get killed.

    So please as youv'e read or not from everything above can you please help Blind Justice. i thought all the talks of the show would die down but there are some people on boards(or so i've heard) that still talk about the show that was/is "about a blind n.y.p.o."

    can you at least talk to ABC and reply back on your chats on "watch with Kristen" to say what happen. thank you Kristen.


    sent to Kristen of E! April 26, 2007 6:14p.m.

    Edited on 05/07/2007 11:40am
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