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  • Thankfully this show has been cancelled and Ron can move on to better things. Blind Justice was entertaining, but sadly just too bland. Had it taken a leapt of faith and show guts it might have been one of the great police dramas.

    I am a fan of Ron Eldard, and as much I love his work I have to say that Blind Justice is a mediocre series.

    It starts strong and with a lot of promise. The premise is fresh and interesting. Ron Eldard stars as detective Jim Dunbar who lost his sight in the line of duty. Jim must face numerous challenges to get accepted at work again. He has a troubled marriage, and seems to be a multi-dimensional character.

    The pilot starts strong as we see Dunbar getting back on duty and having problems with his wife because of an off-series extra marital affair. Right there the show held so much promise, but after the second episode the edge of the show started to become dull.

    What happened? I don’t know. Maybe it was conceived like that from the beginning or the producers changed their direction and decided to go on a “safe” and formulaic route.

    Jim’s problems get resolved too easily. His relationship with his wife gets fixed too fast his partners suddenly accept him too easily. Where there was a lot of opportunity to explore complex issues about being visually impaired, having to work through an affair, and deal with obnoxious coworkers, we get run of the mill solutions more fit for Disney movies than for a police drama.

    For crying out loud, his wife meets his partner and doesn’t get even concerned, not to mention jealous. After only two (2) shows his captain (initially cold and skeptical of having a blind cop with a gun under his command) suddenly trusts him. No wonder ratings started to take a plunge after the second episode and never came up again

    Thankfully this show has been cancelled and Ron can move on to better things. I wish him and the cast the best of luck. Blind Justice was entertaining, but sadly just too bland. Had it taken a leapt of faith and show guts it might have been one of the great police dramas.
  • Did someone think this would work? Fire them please! Sincerely, this show was so bad I watched three episodes just to afirm it's badness.

    This is one of the most horrid shows in the history of television.

    First there is the idiotic way they try to spin the idea of a blind cop being able to cary a gun. Yeah, right. They try to paint the people that don't understand as being shallow or ingorant at the plight of blind poeple. Yeah right. Hey dummies, one thing that really helps out in aiming is EYESIGHT! I don't blame a blind guy for not being able to shoot, I just don't think that having a good excuse for not being able to shoot entitles you to a gun.

    Second is the often promoted but in its own way, demeaning to the blind, notion of heightened senses. Hey, really, honestly, truly. It isn't true. Blind people hear, taste, or smell no better than the sighted. And any argument that they learn to rely more on their other senses more does help me when you are talking about from four feet away smelling the distinction between differing soils. Sorry, don't buy it.

    The show just got worse from there. Characters I developed in the third-grade short-stories had more depth and texture than these guys, and the acting didn't even do the horrible writing justice.

    I was beginning to wory that ABC was turning back to its "Amaziningly Bad Channel" status of afew short years ago, but thankfully it found the good sense to put this show back in the dark where it belongs.
  • i knew it wouldn't last

    when i first heard about this show i knew it's days were numbered. i really liked the actors and the writing was pretty good as well. but with all the crime drama on tv now it is very hard to be competetive. you throw a blind guy in the mix and you are just asking for trouble.
  • Blind Producers is more like it!


    Blind Justice is missing something –

    1.The Element of Verisimilitude (you know “Real possibility”) Is it even possible or LEGAL for an officer to be blind and carry a gun!? It is possible for ANY blind person to carry a firearm/weapon??? (If it is - I’m scared.)

    2.Character Development (It’s always about him! What about the others!) I still don’t know where his partner/ any of the other characters live – She could be an alien reject from Roswell for all we know.

    3.I’ve never seen that dog eat/sleep/poop/ or be an annoying dog. (Is his dog anorexic/heavily medicated??)

    4.Missing ratings and viewers – Hardly anyone I know watches it…Why am I?

    I have no idea – I just think he’s cute...
  • At first glance you'd hate it but!

    If you just glance at the premise for this show, you'd think its rubbish but if you take the time to watch it then you will find its a very well thought out series.

    The idea of a detective being made blind by being shot, and struggling to continue his career as a gun carrying detective is both poignant and endearing The struggle he has to endure both with his colleagues and his wife is one of the main sub plots throughout the series. I'm a little let down with the series final and I would have liked it to have continued into a second series
  • Bring it back!!! One of kind!!!! Like SVU with the aspect of him being blind!

    A police detective once was able to see know after a horrible accident can not. He develops his other senses and uses them to solve crimes. He and his partner were just about to get close and they axed the show. I would love for it to come back. it was very a one of a kind show and deserved a longer run that 5 episodes. it was completely unfair and needs to be brought back even though that will never happen there is always hope. Blind Justice was a great show and combined a lot SVU and the other L&O with a twist.
  • Original and a welcome respite from its peers.

    I really wish this show had been given more of a chance. I think the few who found it were able to recognize it right away as a show with great characters and potential. Instead of a 'reveal all' mentality, it introduced it's characters and their backgrounds as they were needed, which allowed the viewer to adjust to the 'hey, it's a blind cop' factor.

    I love the fact that Jim Dunbar is far from a saintly character. He is angry, impatient, resistant to change and stubborn, and has cheated on his wife.

    I stumbled onto this show one night, watched every Tuesday until it ended, and I've been trying to find it again ever since.
  • I'm enjoying far

    I've only just started watching Blind Justice here in the UK. So far I have to say it's pretty good. I knew that it wasn't going to last though, then I found out on the net that it was cancelled in obviously no second season around the corner. I'm only upto something like the 4th episode, but I'm really liking it. Wish they didn't cancel it. Had a good thing going, maybe people arn't ready for things like that. They want to "see" action, guns etc etc.... having a blind guy solving murders was just wasn't fufilling they veiwing pleasure, well, I can tell u this, it fufilling mine!
  • Witty and inventive. This could have become something had it been given enough time.

    This show is about a cop that gets shot in the line of duty, and suffers permanent blindness. After counseling and rehabilitation, Detective Dunbar makes the decision to go back to work despite opposition from his co-workers and Seargant. With one case at a time, he gradually regains his confidence and trys to win over the respect and admiration of those who he works with. In addtition to making adjustments at work, Dunbar must also contend with making amends in his marriage to Christie.

    I was impressed that the producers were able to find a new spin on the detective show. Watching Detective Dunbar do his job and attempting to adjust to his disability, brought a lot of hope and courage to people with disabilities who struggle every day to have a life outside their disability--including setting and reaching the goals they set for themselves despite any opposition from the individuals in their environment. I wish this show had been able to continue because people with disabilities need to be portrayed in a positive way to give hope and courage to others.

  • Just, alright.

    Blind Justice was a mediocre show about a blind detective that got back on the force, much to the dismay of the the force.

    This show was alright, the premise was different, so that was good. But the show just didn't do it for me, and most of the public. I watched the first 3-4 episodes, and just gave up, it had nothing about it that made me want to come back to it, like an NYPD Blue.

    By far what killed it for me was when the Cop wanted his gun for the job...are you kidding me?

    It got canceled for a reason.
  • where making major progress go to and sign it if u want blind justice back

    We are really starting to get those signatures help out in any way you can tell everyone
    if you thought blind justice got a harsh deal and u think it deserves another shot go to and then sign it. Also if ur an nypd blue fan go to and sign that one too. get behind these great shows and stand up if u think they got a bung deal.
  • I feel like I should have hated this show, but I just couldn't bring myself to change the channel.

    I mean, he was blind! And he knew kung-fu! It was like Walker: Texas Ranger for city folk! I'm not kidding, I really did enjoy this show, but only because it was so tacky. I SO did not choke up when he fought with his wife. Nope. Not me. Only watched for the tackiness. And it sure was glorious. BRING BACK BJ!
  • An Original Police Story... What Are The odds?

    I had the chance of watching Blind justice from the beginning, and being mesmerized by the elegance of its production values (good acting, fancy visual effects, excellent soundtrack, good editing, good writting) and the basic premise, that sold me out the show.

    A police story with a very original premise, is like finding a gem in the mud. In this particular case, a detective that gets hurt in a crossfire and ends up with a visual disability, and yet has the courage to stay in the force and solve crimes.

    With the same documentary-camera style that made NYPD Blues famous, we get the added eye-candy of visual effects ala-Daredevil intended to illustrate the blind-vision of the main character.

    The writting of the show, was very decent to say the least, and the actors delivered the lines with conviction. This part of the show's machinery was well oiled, and we can appreciate in them that they had trust in their show and hoped to be playing their characters for seasons to come, as they improved along the development of the story.

    However, a very bad time slot (even in the re-runs) and a battle against other network's shows conspired to bury this cop drama into oblivion. I just hope the studio releases this gem in DVD very soon, to have the chance to enjoy further Blind Justice.
  • This was a good show, and although one could see it coming from the start, it's still a shame they canceled the show mid-season. Oh yeah... and Marisol just keeps being hot!

    I had my doubts when I started watching this show. I had these 13 episodes lying around.. never got around to watching. I knew it was already canceled but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. And I was not disappointed. Action and solid drama, without all the really mushy parts one sees in those Danielle Steel type of dramas.

    Having Marisol Nichols in the show didn't hurt either, and I'm glad she's in "In Justice" now, so we can all keep enjoying her on TV. However, it wasn't really clear to me what the writers had planned for her in the show. Was she eventually going to be Dunbar's love-interest? Or were they just planning to make the team crack a case each episode, but with a "blind" angle?

    And this were the problem of "Blind Justice" becomes evident. There are only so many episode one can devote to Dunbar's blindness and after that it is inevitably going to get boring. So, you need twists and other kinds of interactions with the characters. And then it would just become another buddy cop show.

    So too bad it ended. I would've watched a whole season of this, but its gimmick would have worn out after that.


    I can't believe they would cancel such a great show. The story lines were great and the entire cast was excellent. Not a weak member in the bunch. I really think ABC missed the boat on this one. Cancelled it a little too early. Now I see that Jake in Progress has been brought back- give me a break.

    Another network needs to bring it back. Please bring it back!!!

    This was a great show, I definetly enjoyed it while it lasted. They have to bring this show Back now. I was really looking forward to watching it this season. They have worst shows on the air. At least this show had a purpose aside from it just being entertaining it was also inspirational. It was the best thing on T.V at 10pm when in all the other channels they were just giving news(you know for us little people who do not have cable) lol. Well you have to bring this show back and give it the chance it deserves.
  • Not your average cop show

    Blind Justice had one major difference to other cop shows and its that the main cop is blind.

    OK so its extremely far-fetched, but seeing how Jim Dunbar solves all these crimes is really entertaining.

    I'm from Australia and we've only got a few episodes shown so far and I was disappointed to find out it got cancelled after only 1 season. I wouldn't say I'm hooked - far from it actually, but in a world where there are tonnes of cloned cop shows, this show stands out.

    Theres a lot of people who say "that'd never happen", but TV isn't supposed to be complete non-fiction. Blind Justice is imaginative and thats why I like it!
  • A newly blind police officer trying to make it back into the work force and he meets up with all sorts of obstacles.

    We loved this show. When are they putting it back on? Are they putting it back on? ABC seems to have taken off some of the rather good dramas lately and need to replace them. I enjoyed watching this show because it showed that no matter if you had sight or not you still knew what was going on and knew what to do in those certain situations. The dynamics of him and his wife and her dealing with the trials of him going back to work were amazing. They showed his side and her side to perfection. Can't wait to see what they are going to do with this wonderful show.
  • Finally a cop show which is away from the norm and interesting to watch - so why get rid of it?

    Tuning in by accident and seeing the first episode I was instantly hooked.

    Not only is this different and much more interesting than the other cop shows on TV which have all become very similiar and uninteresting - but it promotes the 'ability' in 'disability'.

    I think that the fact he was blind was what kept me watching. I wanted to see how the writers were going to show that he was capable of solving cases - despite being one sense down - and they have done a great job with the series.

    This is truly was of the best shows I have seen in ages and I am disappointed that the series will not be continuing.

    Bring it Back!!!
  • It is very sad that this excellent show did not receive the chance it so deserved. It seems that only the worst shows are allowed the opportunity to not do 'as well as expected' and yet continue on.

    Blind Justice was a very enjoyable show, touching on a handicap, blindness, that is not often dealt with (or dealt with seriously) on TV.

    Seeing Ron Eldard's character's determination to continue his job, despite his disabilities was a positive message needed on TV today. While positive, it also depicted reality, with the problems he faced--including a failing marriage.

    It is very sad that this excellent show did not receive the chance it so deserved. It seems that only the worst shows are allowed the opportunity to not do 'as well as expected' and yet continue on.

    The cancellation of this show only furthers my hope that we can move away from the traditional network-based programming and move to a IP TV design that allows the consumer to choose, and not be subjected to the whims of network executives.
  • Why is it when you get into a very good show like Blind Justice, they tend to take it off the air? STOP taking things I love off the air. Bring it back RIGHT NOW!!! I absolutely love this show.

    Why is it when you get into a very good show like Blind Justice, they tend to take it off the air? STOP taking things I love off the air. Bring it back RIGHT NOW!!! I absolutely love this show. At least his partner gave him a chance. I especially loved it when he put people in their place, even the other policeman that always gave him problems. At least continue it to see it he gets his sight back or another addition to his life. Hopefully a child!! hint, hint!! This show is really awesome for viewers to watch.
  • I love Ron Eldard he's really great please bring back this show I have alot of friends who really loved it too and miss it Itwas one of the best shows on television !!!!!!!

    This was an excellent tv show I was very disappointed to see it was taken off the air. Ron Eldard is an excellent actor you would think he was really blind. I hated to see NYPD Blue leave us but Blind Justice is just as good if not better. It seems as though when a good new show comes on it only last for a little while and then you take it off the air. theres really not alot of shows to watch now days the only good ones are going off the air. I hope you will reconsider and please bring back Blind Justice it was really a great show Thanks
  • This show is awesome. It needs to be on the air!

    This is an excellent show. I was first a fan of NYPD Blue and when that was done I never thought there could be another show to replace it. To my suprise they came out with Blind Justice. This show had me hooked from the beginning and I didn't miss any episodes.
  • This show was GREAT.

    They took it off the air way too fast before anyone could get into it! The didnt give anyone a real chance to check out and decide if it was something that was worth watching. It was worth it to me and now its gone! Thats a bummer!! :( Oh well.
  • It is diffently better than alot of the stupid stuff that is still on t.v. like Wildfire. Blind Justice is different and not the same old crap like the other shows which seem to make their main focus on who is having sex with who every episode.

    This show deserves another chance. It is different and I found it to be entertaing and moving. I know it will never happen in real life but still it is a great show and I think the writer's need to bring it back. It is one of my favorite shows and I really hope that someone takes another chance on it.
  • Detective Jim Dunbar suffers the consequences of his partners actions every day and he is still willing to rejoin the police force after the loss of his vision. He perservers through all the politics to be the best cop he can be.

    I was very saddened by the departure of NYPD Blue but my mood lightened when I saw the previews for Steven Bochco's newest show, Blind Justice, From the first week I was drawn in to the lives of Jim Dunbaar and his precinct and wife. The fact alone that Jim was a blind cop was inspiring. But when I learned his partner froze during a bank heist and Jim to a bullet to his head I was even more interested. Just the fact that Jim was able to come back after such a tragedy was amazing. But what was even more amazing were all the politics he had to fight through to get back the gold shield he rightly earned.
  • Jim Dunbar is a police detective that went blind from a previous bank robbery when he got shot trying to take one of the villians down. No one knows that it's really his partner's fault because he froze up. This program shows you the adversities of his li

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was very different and interesting. Most of the tv shows they put on tv now a days are not very interesting. This show had something different to it. This time the detective was blind and trying to face those adversities. Not just some other detective trying to solve a crime. This show should not have been cancelled. If they would have put this show on at a better time, more people would have watched it. Ron is an amazing actor and does a great job in this role.
  • Before this show first started, every hour on the hour abc would show previews of this, and quite frankly, I thought I was sick of it before it started. But this show exceeded my expectations, I loved it, then they cancelled it? Wasn\'t it consistantly

    The writing was wonderful, the actors superb, and I will even miss Hank the guide dog! Rena Sofer once again, as she showed us in her early days of General Hospital, was so entirely believable in character. I think abc did alot of viewers a dis-service by cancelling this show.
  • Family shows are rare when you children and grandchildren enjoy the same show. Bring it back, it was our family evening event where we got together and enjoyed the same show.

    This was a show that was enjoyed by both young and old. You cant find tv shows like this very often. Our family got together to watch the show as a family event. We need more shows like this. The story line was real and it gave the audience a chance to see that real life problems can be accepted and fought with perseverence.
  • Blind Justice was one of those TV shows that just made you feel good watching it. The good guy with his challenges always coming out on top no matter what life seems to throw at him.

    The show gave some insight as to what it might be like to be a detective in NYC without all of the greusome clips as are shown in some other NY cop shows. And to think that a blind man could do all of that--wow! Yet, this show made you believe that there could be a blind cop working on the force in NYC, Chicago, LA, or wherever just because of all of the tools available today to lend assistance. But I think the thing to always remember in any cop show is that the cop is only as good as his partner helps him to be. The show had moments of humor and a little sizzle of a \"thing\" between the main character and his female partner. This is one of the most well-written shows I have seen in a long time. To only have it exist for one season is like a major tease! Please bring it back!
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