Blind Justice

ABC (ended 2005)





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  • Did someone think this would work? Fire them please! Sincerely, this show was so bad I watched three episodes just to afirm it's badness.

    This is one of the most horrid shows in the history of television.

    First there is the idiotic way they try to spin the idea of a blind cop being able to cary a gun. Yeah, right. They try to paint the people that don't understand as being shallow or ingorant at the plight of blind poeple. Yeah right. Hey dummies, one thing that really helps out in aiming is EYESIGHT! I don't blame a blind guy for not being able to shoot, I just don't think that having a good excuse for not being able to shoot entitles you to a gun.

    Second is the often promoted but in its own way, demeaning to the blind, notion of heightened senses. Hey, really, honestly, truly. It isn't true. Blind people hear, taste, or smell no better than the sighted. And any argument that they learn to rely more on their other senses more does help me when you are talking about from four feet away smelling the distinction between differing soils. Sorry, don't buy it.

    The show just got worse from there. Characters I developed in the third-grade short-stories had more depth and texture than these guys, and the acting didn't even do the horrible writing justice.

    I was beginning to wory that ABC was turning back to its "Amaziningly Bad Channel" status of afew short years ago, but thankfully it found the good sense to put this show back in the dark where it belongs.
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