Bliss - Season 1

Showcase (ended 2004)


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  • In Praise of Drunkeness and Fornication
    Alice and Bob (Gina Wilkinson, Frank Schorpion), a middle-aged couple, host a Saturday night dinner party for their friends. John and Wendy (Paul Hopkins, Mitsou Gelinas), Leah and Jack (Peggy Mahon, Daniel Pilon) turn up as scheduled and, initially there is lively conversation and a few good laughs. As the gluttonous evening wears on, everyone becomes well lubricated with drink. Sparks begin to fly, as Alice eyes John with smoldering interest and Bob attempts to flirt lasciviously with Wendy. Intimidated by the tone and theme of the evening, Wendy convinces a reluctant John to leave. The whiskey continues to flow and Alice and Jack eventually dance their way into one another's arms… only to be caught in the ensuing act by Bob. Initial shock is transformed into excitement, with Bob involving Leah in some celebrating of his own. For the participants, it's a night of playful passion to rejuvenate their souls.moreless
  • The Footpath of Pink Roses
    Sarah (Victoria Sanchez) can't figure out why she us not feeling in sync with her long-time boyfriend, Marshall (David Pauls). He is smart, sweet and gentle in nature, but she is looking for something else, something she can't quite identify. Through her martial arts classes, Sarah tries to understand the meaning of her desires and discovers she has an animalistic side to her, a part Marshall can't relate to. Her run-ins with Eddy (Maurizio Terrazzano), her martial arts classmate, soon escalate into much more than simple sparring sessions. Through a twist of events, Sarah discovers that, in Eddie, she has finally found someone who can fulfill her desires.moreless
  • Leaper
    Episode 6
    Julie (Michelle Lipper), a young writer, sits at an outdoor café, pondering the strange encounter she has just experienced with a young homeless woman (Millie Tresierra). While trying to understand her own feelings regarding the encounter, a mysterious woman named Diane (Paule Ducharme) joins her. Diane seems to empathize with Julie's emotions. Upon parting, the women become cognizant that the area surrounding the nearby subway station is crowded with emergency vehicles. They learn that the homeless woman has thrown herself in the path of a subway train. Diane invites Julie to her apartment to escape the commotion. There, she picks up on Julie's vulnerabilities and offers her comfort in a seductive, spell-binding fashion. In a bizarre twist, Julie discovers that the dead young woman was Diane's former lover…. and that Diane is attempting to repeat the cycle with Julie, her next intended victim.moreless
  • Voice
    Episode 5
    In a supernatural way, the wife of Ally's (Mikela J. Mikael) lover, Tyler (David Lovgren), manages to infiltrate Ally's dreams. Through these tense slumbers, the wife (Veronika Hurnik) warns Ally about the web of deceit Tyler is weaving for her. Not knowing if this is fact, a strange telepathic connection or just her guilty conscience speaking, Ally is eventually driven to meet this woman. In a run down motel, she finally encounters the wife. As the two women try to understand one another, an unexpected outpouring of need occurs between them. Finally, they are able to free themselves from the emotional trap that Tyler has been setting for them.moreless
  • The Value of X
    The Value of X
    Episode 4
    High school senior Jeanette (Tara Spencer-Nairn) finds herself struggling to figure out her identity. One of the most popular girls in school, Jeanette has caught the eye of the most popular boy, Eric (Paul Lemelin). On one of their first encounters, Jeanette loses herself in fantasy, picturing Eric as a woman. Confused and frightened by these feelings, Jeanette conceals these "weird" desires from her best friend, Marnie (Rachelle Lefevre). She soon befriends Zachary (Jason MacDonald), a boy unlike the others she has encountered, to conceal her growing attraction to Marnie. Zachary and "J" understand one another in a way no one else can. Slowly, them embark on an exploration that allows them to know a deeper part of themselves.moreless
  • Guys and Dolls
    Guys and Dolls
    Episode 3
    Laura (Jenny Levine), a highly esteemed lawyer, used to being in the public eye, finds herself burdened by the expectations and responsibilities of her internationally recognized law firm. As she hits her early thirties, she is saddened by how her entire identity is tied to her career. Through a strange sequence of events, Laura finds herself alone in a bar, where she meets George (Peter Wingfield), who later invites her to his hotel room. To her surprise, she develops an exciting relationship with him. The fact that he has no idea who she is charges and liberates her in a way she could never imagine. Once he finally discovers her identity, however, the well being she has previously enjoyed is seriously threatened.moreless
  • Six Days
    Six Days
    Episode 2
    Following a farm accident, Anna (Michele Duquet), a strong and feisty middle-aged farm woman finds herself without her lackluster and predictable husband for the first time. She hires Mike (Callum Keith Rennie), an unassuming, attractive 35-year old drifter to help with farm chores while her husband recovers in hospital. To her surprise, this sexually and emotionally repressed woman develops an intimate rapport with the farmhand, one that brings out many lost and buried feelings. As her husband's return draws near, she must decide whether she is willing to take the plunge with this new man and leave behind all that is familiar.moreless
  • Valentine's Day in Jail
    Kate prepares to visit Angel, a man serving a 10-year sentence for drug smuggling whom she met and fell in love with while teaching in prison. As a surprise, Angel has planned a Valentine's Day treat, a secret, intimate rendezvous inside the prison. If discovered by the authorities, this clandestine event would put him at great risk. In the face of Angel's attempts to share his passion with her, Kate herself is put in jeopardy . As the painful reality of his ongoing absence sets in, she grapples with whether she should continue the relationship.moreless