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New for this season, The Blobheads is based on the book series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. The Blobheads features an extraordinary mix of CGI animation and live-action. With one flush of a toilet, Billy Barnes's life changed forever. Billy Barnes' 14-year-old life has recently been complicated by the arrival of his baby brother Silas, who his parents sometimes treat as if he were the Emperor of the Universe. And now, the morphing, mess-making Zerek, Kerek and Derek have come from the Planet Blob and announced that Silas actually is the Most High Emperor of the Universe! Bubbling up out of the toilet bowl, The Blobheads appear and announce their intention to transport baby Silas across the universe to their planet. Obedient to The Great Computer's instructions, and to their leader Kerek's orders, they try to leave with Silas but – because of Derek's incompetence – they fail. Now, stuck on Earth until the next space-travel opportunity, the Blobs must learn to co-exist with Billy, a task both parties find taxing. The Blobheads, a Canada/UK co-production, is produced by Decode Entertainment Inc., and Wark Clements.moreless

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Season 2 : Episode 7