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  • The best show on TV

    Seriously, who reads these things?
  • A genuine classic look into the simple pleasures of the simple Australian male lifestyle, Blokesworld is an ockers' dream show. Hosted by Ado and Ben Wah along with the vivacious Rachael, it is worth staying up for.

    I seriously found this show by accident.

    A show laden with endorsements from motor vehicle and beer companies, full to the brim with burnouts, breasts and blue collar antics, Blokesworld caters for nearly all viewers even though it is directed at a loud and boisterous minority.

    Based around stereotypical Aussie blokes Ado and Ben Wah, they host the show from their farm in regional Australia where they hold dirtbike races and re-enact popular beer commercials.

    A delicate balance of grunt and torque from racing cars and burnouts to the lifestyle sections such as "You, Me, Carpark, Now" where the fine art of "Barjitsu" is taught and the instant cross-legged action of "Pole Position" make this show severely entertaining from the opening credits.

    Constant heavy metal music and random spontaneous girls dancing in unusual locations keeps the mind in order, as it is easy to get lost in the hypnotic bouncing and the bright colours.

    Clearly one for the men. And I have a schlong, so I love this show to bits. Bloody beautiful, mate.