Blood Dolphins

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Blood Dolphins
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AIRED ON 9/17/2010

Season 1 : Episode 3

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With his son, filmmaker Lincoln O'Barry, Ric O'Barry continues the journey that began in the Academy Award-winning film "The Cove", where he and a crew of experts exposed the world to the shocking slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan.
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  • Continuing from the Academy Award winning film, "The Cove", we follow Ric O'Berry as he reveals to the world what is happening to Dolphins in small towns, villages and coasts all over the world in his quest to end it, once and for all...moreless

    Just like Whale Wars, this show is a documentation of individuals seeking to bring an end to what many see, including myself, as a barbaric practice that continues to take place to this very day. Dolphins, one of the most complex organisms in the ocean are being caught and shipped of to parks all over the world, but the rest aren't being released, but killed and sold for meat. Though the hunters claim that it is a tradition and therefore the opinion of others doesn't matter, the facts that the dolphin meat is full of poisonous levels of mercury, that their own population doesn't even know about what their doing and they keep doing it shows that their reasons are for profits only. Ric O'Berry is doing his best to atone for his own past, as a dolphin trainer, as well as to ensure that his mistakes are never repeated again. His masterful use of media attention to the areas that continue the practice of killing Dolphins will hopefully change the minds of the populations of the countries people and force the governments to bring an end to these terrible acts once and for all...moreless

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