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Blood+ (JPN)

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A war has been raging for many centuries between Chiropterans and a group called Red Shield. The Chiropterans are monsters that can change their shape so they look like humans and feed on blood. Red Shield is a group whose soul purpose is to kill all the Chiropterans. Otonashi Saya is an average high school girl who does not remember anything about her past except for the year before. But some how she is in the middle of this war and does not know why. Now she must figure out what happened in her past with the help of Hegi who says he knows her. Who is this man Hegi and can Saya figure out her past?
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  • This show is kool, I wish was like Saya, staying young and healing wounds fast is probably what everyone wants... i seen all 50 episode and all worth it....

    this show is mostly about chripoterans or in other words i think its like vampires. the two main chripoterans are Saya and Diva, two that were in sealed in a mummy mother 100 years ago only to be discovered by Joel and his partner. they first accedently droped blood on the cacoon the two baby girls were incased in only to see they sucked it through. after they were born from there cacoon as an experiment they spilt both of the babys up giving one a name and a home and people to care for her and the other was not givin a name and was lock in a tower not cared for that much. but as the one who was cared for named Saya stumbled upon the tower one day she heared her singing and asked her name but since she didnt have a name she named her Diva. later on some other day it was Joel's birth day and saya thought that it woukd be great if Diva sang at his party so she stole the key from Joel and unlocked the tower and left to go pick flowers with Haji only to turn Haji into her chivaler and to return to the party with all of the people to be killed by Diva. so now her only life goal is to kill Diva and all the chripoterans and her self after everyone else.moreless
  • Really neat anime!

    A show about a girl who fights monsters... sounds kind of unoriginal, no? Well, it is original. It is good. And it rocks!

    The story in this show is really, really great. From the first episode to the last, the story moves ahead at a perfect, steady pace, with periods of intense action, and periods with calmness and peace.

    The animation is really great too; and I really like the way they did it in this one. It's really cool, and the colors and art is so nice, and it's very realistic, which I like a lot.

    The show has some nice OP and ED themes, and I must say that I enjoy the background music as well. It's really moody, and that's the whole point oof it. Job well done!

    The characters are portrayed in a really realistic and great way, and I really like how they all have their struggles. be it the Sif, Saya or anyone else, they all have their own struggles, and their personalities are really lifelike. I like taht alot, so kudos to that.

    I enjoyed watching this show both the first and second time I watched it, and I probably would enjoy watching it over yet another time.

    If you enjoy an anime with realistic characters which are deep as a well, and some good action, this is the show for you! Oh, and there's slight bits of romance as well.moreless
  • A young girl named Saya has a happy life which all changes once she finds out she isn't so much human or young either. Her life grows complicated as she finds herself in the middle of a war between humans, blood sucking monsters, and her own past.moreless

    Honestly. It started off pretty strong but once about halfway into the series is just lags. The entire 50 episodes are spent seemingly trying to development interactions between characters. There is no real development of a story beyond Saya's need to fight which she does so reluctantly until she finally finds the drive to but then at that point she can't. (That last sentence will make more sense once you've seen the series if you choose to waste your time in doing so) Incidentally the characters stay exceptionally the same which though nice that they don't vier completely off from where they started, it's sad and boring as there aren't any insights into their beings that if left out would make the ending incomprehensible. If you have time to waste or just appreciate a main character that exemplifies stereotypes about women being weak/too emotional/unable to do much else unless told to do so by a man (not a light-hearted statement either) or villains that will literally express all their strengths and evil plans amidst a battle with their enemies well then yeah. Blood + is for you.moreless
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Blood + is a great show and you should definitely watch it with the original Japanese and subtitles. Nothing beats the original. Saya is great and I live her adopted family. Riku and kai are wonderful characters and as soon as you meet them in the show you fall in love. My favorite characters though are Haji and the Schiff. Haji, Saya's Chevalier, is the best and I loved learning about his past throughout the show. I didn't know about the Schiff, a mix between Chevaliers and Chiropterans, at first, but I they grew on me and they are now some of my favorites, especially Moses, Karman and Lulu. The enemy is also cool, especially Solomon, but the Diva and the rest of her Chevalier's are great as well. Overall the story was great, easy to follow, and had everything you could ask for in a TV show. I watched all of the episodes online in about three days and I loved every one. I highly recommend that you wach Blood+ because I guarantee that you will like it, maybe even love the show like I do.moreless
  • Not your typical vampire story.

    I was hooked to the show like the blood lust that drives a vampire to stalk its prey. This takes your standard vampiric tale and flip it onto its head. The show has its slow moments, but they are necessary to fully understand the development of the characters and plot. Once the action begins though, you won't be disappointed with the beautiful animation. It's a beautiful and brilliant way to convey the deeper meaning of love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness while having some comic relief to bring it full circle. Again, it's a refreshing way to view these nocturnal creatures in a new light. Experience the show for yourself and allow it to permeate your Being.moreless

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