Blood+ (JPN)

Season 2 Episode 6

Broken Heart

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Broken Heart
Saya, Riku, Hagi, and Liza arrive at the hotel the others are staying at. Although everyone has not made it back yet, they decide to go up to the rooms then go eat. As Saya and the others are eating, Liza begins to question what Saya knows about the Chiropterans and why she fights them. Saya tells her she fights to protect people from Chiropterans, to which Liza questions if this what Saya truly wishes for. Before the conversation can continue, Riku collapses with a high fever. Now Saya must take care of her little brother, while trying to answer Liza's questions. Is Liza who she says she is?moreless

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    Elizabeth,Saya, Hagi and Riku arrive in Yekaterinburg and go to the hotel where the team is staying. David leaves them a note saying where he,Kai and Lewis are headed. They decide to freshen up. The cold Riku caught on the way seems to have developed into a full scale fever. After Saya treats him, Liza asks her why she fights Chiroptera. She also asks Saya whether she knows anything about the Chiroptera she is fighting. She also happens to know about the dreams Saya has about fighting a Chevalier in the snow, slaughtering people and Chiroptera alike in Vietnam and so on. Saya is about to break down when Hagi comes and comforts her. The scratch he gave Elizabeth heals completely and then it’s revealed that she is actually a Chevalier who killed the real Liza and took her place. Hagi tries to fight but is no match for the Chevalier who pretty much wipes the floor with him. After that, he proceeds to tell Saya that she is no different from the Chiroptera that she fights. She is a Chiropteran herself. After that, when Saya tries to attack him, he breaks her sword and tells her that she has a real sister:Diva(whom he is a Chevalier to obviously). He also blasphemes Hagi saying that he is not fit to be a Chevalier having neglected his duty to tell Saya about her past. After that, he invites Saya to a place called the “zoo” and goes away. When David and the others return, they find Saya’s broken sword in the courtyard and a note in which she wrote “LIAR”. Diva is shown awakening and the Schiff are also introduced. Overall, this episode puts things straight like how they revealed that Saya is a Chiropteran(I suspected it but it was officially confirmed in this episode) and the fact that Diva, the main enemy of the Red Shield, is Saya’s sister.I would really love to see Diva fight and besides that, I really like to see what that Chevalier can really do(he seems to be pretty powerful as even the Schiff who have no fear of Saya , seem to fear him). I also like to see the next episode as they are apparently going to introduce the remaining Chevaliers.moreless

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