Blood+ (JPN)

Season 1 Episode 1

First Kiss

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2005 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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First Kiss
Saya lives in Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa City, Koza District, Japan. She goes to highschool and is on the track team. Her past is a mystery since she can only remember the past year and nothing before that. She has two brothers and everything seems normal. One day Saya meets Hagi and everything begins to change.moreless

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  • Nice!

    This was a cool episode

    We start off with Saya Otonashi, a seemingly normal high school student, who excels in athletics, as seen by her jumping two meters without any help other than her feet.

    So, she is picked up by her brother, Kai, to go to the hospital, where she gets some blood injected. She has done that a long time, but I don't really think any of her normal friends know why.

    So, when she gets home, she finds out she has forgotten her shoes, and goes back to school to get them, when she is attacked by this weird monster who kills her teacher, and nearly kills her, before she is saved my a mysterious man.

    That man "awakens" Saya with a kiss that transfuses his blood to hers, as seen by her eyes turning red as the episode ends.

    Awesome start! 9.6/10moreless
  • saya gets here first kiss by haychi!?

    Saya was just an odanary girl living with her father. But when theres a report about pepole geting every drop of blood sucked out Saya invesagats at her school. she starts invesagating when out of the blue a ciroctorin(things that suck blood out of pepole)comes out and attacks saya saya runs to the edeg of the school then her brother comes out with a gun and shots it but the ciroctorin wounds him. then out of the blue guy named haychi come and saves her then he accoaly kiss her a awakens her inerslef and she kills the ciroctorin. thats it peace.moreless
  • are you serious! i need to write a summary too? tell you what, ill summarize it when i am able to watch it( yes i am yelling at the entity of a website) read outraged rambeling below for more details. i have 55 characters to, o wait, this is the max.moreless

    im confused. i saw this anime a real long time ago( probably like 6 months) but i havent been able to find a site that will play all the episodes in a row, or at least youtube and crunchy roll dont.( crunchroll is supposed to be one word but im too lazy to hit the backspace.) does this site play the episodes or just review them because it isnt playing them for me and i dont understand what the problem is. very frusterating since i really want to finish the series. so could someone please message me with an answer or a link to a site where i could see them please. and now that ive met the word requirement i will stop rambeling.moreless

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    • (Saya and Kaori are sitting under a tree, eating)
      Kaori: (excited) Let's eat!
      (Saya eats a lot of food, and Kaori is looking at her)
      Saya: What?
      Kaori: I was just thinking that it's like you to not be able to perform your best because you're hungry.
      Saya: There's that too, but it feels like my body's keeping me from using my full strength.
      Kaori: If it weren't for that, you'd be at the nationals right now, huh? More importantly...
      Saya: More importantly?
      Kaori: How can you eat so much and not get fat?
      Saya: Dunno. I wonder why?
      Kaori: While I'm struggling with my diet... I'm jealous!
      (she grabs around Saya, and they fall backwards)
      Saya: Hey, wait, Kaori! My obentou!

    • (Saya is standing outside the school, looking at the sky)
      Kai: (shouting) Saya! It's time to go to the hospital!
      Saya: Yeah!
      Kaori: You're so lucky to have Kai take you.
      Saya: (whilst eating the rest of her lunch) You think?
      Kaori: Don't you think he is cool? There are a lot of girls who're after him.
      Saya: I've never really seen it, but it seems he gets into a lot of fights. A few days ago he came home late at night, hurt. I was surprised
      Kaori: You don't like him?
      Saya: I don't like fights. (about her lunch) I'm all done!
      Kaori: I wonder if he will play baseball again?
      Saya: Did he use to play a lot?
      Kaori: He used to be the team's ace. An ace pitcher.
      Saya: I see. I didn't know.
      Kai: Are you done yet?
      Saya: Oh, sorry!
      Kaori: Don't oversleep and be late for tomorrow's game.
      Saya: Right! See you tomorrow!

    • (A black car is driving on the road)
      US. Base General: (from a computer) Are you receiving the mouse's signal?
      Man in car: I increased the search radius, but we haven't found him yet. That's the situation.
      (the scene changes to the office of the General)
      US. Base General: We're trying our best to find the mouse. But there's a limit to the number of personnel we can spare. I'd like you to understand that, Monsieur...
      Van Algerno: Van Algerno. You might not want to follow the orders of someone who's as young as your son, but my words are the words of your superiors. And it's also your fault that two of the mice escaped.
      US. Base General: I know.
      Van Algerno: Then that's fine. Then where do you suppose Type B is?
      US. Base General: Most likely Koza.
      Van Algerno: Koza? Okinawa City, huh?

    • (George is playing baseball with Riku)
      George: Here! Think of it as if there's a connection from your hand to your shoulder.
      (they start to throw the ball to each other)
      Riku: There is!
      George: Just like this. It should feel like you're pushing the ball in the direction it wants to go.
      (Riku throws the ball besides George)
      George: It wanted to go over there?
      Riku: Don't ask me, ask the ball!
      Saya: Hey.
      (she grabs the ball that Riku failed to grab when he noticed her)
      Saya: No playing catch in the park!
      Riku: Saya, welcome back!
      Saya: I'm back.
      George: There was nobody around, so we just...
      Saya: Dad, even if there's nobody around, it's still not okay.
      George: You're one harsh daughter!

    • (At the Miyagusuku place)
      George: Saya, give me your empty obentou box.
      Saya: I'll wash it myself. Just use water, right?
      George: Yeah. Did something happen?
      Saya: No, just feel like it.
      George: Just feel like helping out your poor father, huh?
      Saya: Huh? My competition shoes aren't here.
      Riku: You forgot something again?
      Saya: The locker room? No. Maybe under that tree? I'm going to school.
      George: Huh? Right now?
      Saya: I have a race tomorrow morning... thirty minutes! I'll be back in thirty minutes. So don't eat dinner without me, okay?
      George: Okay.
      Saya: Please, Riku!
      George: Just don't run too much, all right?
      Saya: Is that something you say to a high schooler?
      Riku: You've got twenty-nine minutes left.
      Saya: Uh-oh!
      (Saya runs)
      Riku: Don't trip, Nee-chan!
      Saya: I won't!
      (Saya opens the door, just as David arrives)
      Saya: Um, welcome, David-san.
      (he just stands in the door entry)
      George: What do you need from my daughter, David-san?
      David: I have to talk with you.
      George: Riku, go watch TV upstairs.
      Riku: Okay.
      Saya: Dad...
      George: You have to get something from school, right? Get going.
      Saya: Yes, I'll be back soon.
      (Saya runs out)

    • (David is talking with George alone)
      David: Soon it'll be a year since the syndicate entrusted Saya to you.
      George: Even if it were, I wouldn't give her to you. She's my...
      David: A replacement for your dead daughter?
      (David hand an envelope)
      David: That's this month's portion
      (David leaves)

    • (Saya encounters Haji in the school yard)
      Haji: At last, we meet.
      (he takes up a dagger, and Saya runs, and she ends up running into a teacher)
      Teacher: What is it?
      (Saya takes him to the place where Haji was)
      Saya: Well, sensei?
      Teacher: There's nobody here.
      Saya: But he had what looked like a knife! He's gotta be the Nago serial killer. We should tell the poli...
      (a big hand grabs the teacher and drags him into the tree)
      Saya: (scared) Sensei? Sensei? Sen...
      (the teacher falls down, dead)
      Saya: Sen... sensei!
      (a Chiropteran drops down, and she runs)

    • (George is sitting in his house, when Kaori arrives)
      Kaori: Good evening.
      George: Oh, welcome. What is it, Kaori-chan?
      Kaori: These are Saya's shoes. She forgot them.
      George: Oh? Saya went to school to get them.

    • (After Haji has brought Saya to safety)
      Saya: It aches. What was that?
      Haji: A Chiropteran.
      Saya: Chiropteran?
      Haji: A monster that feeds off the blood of the living.
      Saya: It sucks blood?
      (Haji is taking out a sword, and reveals a Chirpoteran right arm as well, which he cuts so it starts to bleed)
      Saya: Um, what are you doing? Um... hey! Wh.. what?
      (Haji takes his hand up close to her face)
      Saya: No! No, please!
      (the Chiropteran arrives)
      Saya: Stop it, please!
      (Haji kisses Saya, which transfuses some of his blood to her. Kai then arrives)
      Kai: Saya!
      (he notices Haji kissing Saya)
      Kai: Saya...
      (he then notices the Chiropteran)
      Kai: What the hell is that?
      Haji: Saya... fight.
      (Saya remembers things from her past, then her eyes turn red)

    • Kaori: How can you eat so much and not get fat?
      Saya: Dunno'. I wonder why?
      Kaori: While I'm struggling with my diet... I'm so jealous! (Knocking Saya over)
      Saya: Hey, wait, Kaori! My obentou!

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