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PI Vicki Nelson does fine with the bread-and-butter investigations typically handled by private investigators, but everything changes one night when she witnesses a murder and meets Henry Fitzroy a 450-year-old vampire. She investigates the murder for the victim's girlfriend, and suddenly is immersed in the supernatural. A former detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police; she quit after learning she has a degenerative eye disorder rather than accept a desk job. Her MTP contact, former partner and ex-lover Detective Mike Celucci complicates matters with his doubts about her experiences. As her cases progressively involve her in Toronto's underworld, she is torn between her attraction to Henry and love for Mike who fears for her sanity. Based on the "Blood" novels featuring Vicki Nelson by Tanya Huff. Created by executive producer Peter Mohan, the show is produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Insight Film Studios in association with CHUM Television.

Broadcast History:
Season One - Sundays at 9:00 pm
Season Two - Fridays at 9:00 pm

Blood Ties was broadcast in America on Lifetime cable network in 2007. Although filmed as one 22-episode season, the network split it into two seasons. The first 12 episodes were broadcast winter through spring of 2007, with eight of the final 10 episodes broadcast in autumn 2007. Season two was part of a block of programming called "Psy-Fridays" where Blood Ties was joined by reality show Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and game show America's Psychic Challenge. According to press reports at the time, Lifetime opted to move the final two episodes of season two to their website for streaming because the game show and reality series had finished their runs after eight episodes. With no supernatural programming to take their places, Lifetime chose not to finish Blood Ties' season with traditional broadcasts. There were rumors of a possible season three, but Lifetime effectively canceled the series when it was not part of their 2008 upfront presentation in April 2008.

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Fan Reviews (132)

  • Top Three.

    This show is one of the top three I want to see return along with Moonlight & Forever
  • Blood Ties, Moonlight, etc.

    The show was great but much like the show Moonlight. All great things come to an end. I think it was all about timing and with the Vampire genre growing more ans more, now would have been the time to come out with televisions shows such as this.
  • Another vamp series...

    I do love vampire series...but I do think that they could have put a little more depth into the scripts and maybe the show might have ran on longer. But hey Henry was completely hot! :P But this series does bring me back to the days of Charmed, Angel and Buffy times. I do hope that they'd revive this series and still have Kylie schmid as Henry. He played that so well!

  • How high can you stack clichés?

    A vampire show will all of the clichés, and little innovative content, Blood Ties lacks what it takes to be a long-runner. From the test-tube scientist with the British accent, to the bad Latin, cheesy ritual scenes, and murder-by-map pentagram, Blood Ties breaks little new ground and borrows plot elements and scenes from the successes of other vampire productions over the last ten years, and the clichés of the last hundred.

    The show attempts to present a “strong” female lead in Vicki Nelson, but the result is in fact a stupid woman. She investigates murder scenes alone and at night (even before meeting her fanged ally), and despite all evidence that there are murders occurring in a predictable manner, chooses to investigate herself, despite having vision problems and lacking self-defense skills. The shows one interesting character innovation, Vicki Nelson’s serious vision problem, is overshadowed by its inconsistent presentation and Cox’s spotty acting.

    Cox is not totally to blame however, as the script itself is as clichéd as the plot, with dialogue that leaves much to be desired. None of the actors seem really at home in their role, and the bad script and chemistry of the show take away from what might be a decent performance. The ill conceived and tried but trite relationships between the shows co-stars make an already eye-rolling script and plot even more unbearable. Both interactions between characters and movement through the story are jerky and slapdash. There is no depth to the story, nothing between the lines to read, and if the first several episodes are any indication what the remainder of the production will be like, I’ll pass and wait for the third installation of Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Night Watch” trilogy to get my vampire fix.moreless
  • umm well i have know idea what i am supost to do here so yeah i dk what to say! =S

    well frist of all i would like to say this is my fav show ever i miss it sooo mcuh i would watch it ever week like it was some sota richual, loved watching it my mom and i would sit down and watch it together i am sooo sad thats its not back yet i miss waching it. blood ties is that most amazing show ever and i have seen alot of good show but that facted it is about vampiers it so awsome i loove vampiers and now im hocked on the book the show was made after that are soo good! please bring that show back soon please please please!!!!! = )moreless
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