Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on Lifetime
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Vicki keeps waking up on the same day and time with a chain of events happening over and over again.

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  • Vicki keeps waking up to the same day at the same time as each version of the day ends in disaster. It's like fate is keeping the date revolving until the right end occurs. As Vicki learns more each time she tries to get ahead of the situation.moreless

    I've seen this done on a number of TV shows (Star Trek: The Next Generation for one) and of course the movie Groundhog Day. It's not generally my favorite premise. In this case I will make an exception. I liked how she was proactive each additional time and didn't keep just letting things happen. As she pieced together the players and really began to understand the significance of what was going on. I will say the goblet breaking at the end seems to infer that there are some things that are fated no matter what, but in most cases we are in control of our own destinies.

    I liked how in the final chapter it was just her and Henry. She managed to go right to the point and keep everyone else out of the way including Coreen and Mike.

    At least in Vicki's case she has a few people that will believe her when she tells them she has been through this before. Henry seemed a little skeptical. Mike was a little bit as well. Of course Coreen was on board immediately each time. It was sort of cute when Coreen said that she loves it when Henry flashes his fangs etc.. She's a trip. I also thought it was funny when Vicki said it would be nice if for once one of these myths really was just that in reference to Pandora's Box. I guess the key was no mortal being can resist the temptation to open it. So it should be pretty safe with Henry.

    A fun story with just an edge of danger to it. Entertaining in general. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Perfect escapism.

    Imagination at its very best in this episode, and kudos to the writers for having the vision to put it together, enhance both key relationships AND make the viewer have to think during all of it!

    This is exactly what sets Sci-Fi and Fantasy apart from the usual formulaic programming and writing that is churned out on channel after channel these days.

    "If I could [had to] do it again" is a perfect theme to explore, especially in a show like Blood Ties, because of course you can't really do it again. But in this case, after multiple rewrites so-to-speak, our heroine gets to save her sort-of boyfriend, and have her vampire too! *nudge, nudge. wink, wink*

    Fine writing and fine performing.moreless
  • Best episode ever! Vicki wakes up to the same day until she figures out how to protect Pandora's Box from causing harm, and saving her friends at the same time...

    BEST EPISODE EVER! This was such an amazing episode. Days after I saw it I continued to think about it. It was so incredible. I love the way she woke up knowing a little bit more each day, and the more she knew, the less everyone else around her understood what was going on. Vicki and Henry were so close so many times, and the part at the end when Celluci comes in is almost like a metaphor between all of their relationships. This was such an incredible episode. If you haven't seen it, you must. We find out just how much Vicki really love Celluci, and how much Henry is willing to give, and trust Vicki.moreless
  • the p.i. wakes up then dies she wakes up then dies, she wakes up and then dies. again and again. wow i have seen it before.

    p.i. has a dream about something in a suit case she tries to fix it. in the mean while she asks henry why is this happening to her and why is mike going on a date with the lucky tie that she gave him. she also asks henry does he uses his sexual advance with people that he meets. he just has to eplain that he doesn't have to become a sexual advance he is one. this episode was boring but the only part i liked was when vampire and p.i. had a small nice moment in the elevator but he ruins it by asking viki if he can suck her neck because he was hungery. atleast he asked and she said yes.moreless
  • Vicki keeps having deja vu where she ends up finding Pandora's box. Everytime she is dies form opening the box, she wakes up again at 5:55. Vicki constantly tries to fix what she has done but it always seems as someone has to die.moreless

    This is an awesome episode! Vicki show a lot of emotion when she gets frustrated from trying to fix everything. Henri(as usual) teases her but accepts the fact she is repeating the day. Meanwhile, Mike seems to be intrested in his Kate. When he dies Vicki is so torn up she tells Henry to kill them again. Henri shows a strong trust in her but also kinda sad since Vicki would die if Mike would live. I was always wondering what she would screw up doing next and how it would finally end. The plot was so exciting I watched most of it over again.moreless
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Rob Daly

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Dean Paul Gibson

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    • Henry: If it's any consolation, I believe it takes much more than a silk accessory to win a woman over.

    • (Talking on the phone in a Southern accent)
      Vicki: Oh well, Gary, you are just sweeter than a Tennessee-
      (She spots Henry)
      Vicki: Williams.
      (She hangs up and turns to Henry)
      Vicki: Don't!
      Henry: Do one thing for me. Tell me you've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

    • Mike: Just covering the bases.
      (looks at Kate)
      Vicki: Every one. So you went out celebrating in your lucky tie, with her.
      Mike: Yeah, entirely professional.
      (Vicki walks away, and Mike calls out)
      Mike: It's just a tie Vicki!

    • Henry: To tell you the truth, I don't have experience of anything except this last time.
      Vicki: You ended the world for me 'cause you believed I can bring it back. You trusted me.
      Henry: Trust can be extremely stimulating.
      Vicki: It can at that.
      Henry: Do you mind?
      (Vicki shakes her head no, and Henry bites her.)

    • Vicki: Is a drink an implied sexual advance?
      Henry: Other than our strange sexless relationship we seem to share, I don't have much experience in the world of dating.
      Vicki: Really? So you don't get your groove on before you put the bite on?
      Henry: My relationships are usually intense and passionate from the first glance. I don't need to make a sexual advance. (he hugs Vicki from behind) I am one.
      Vicki: I hate it when you do that.
      Henry: I know.

    • Henry: You'd die for him, wouldn't you?

    • (After reliving a day, Vicki walks into the crime scene and immediately says)
      Vicki: You know, I don't care what you say, lucky tie means a date.
      (Looks down at tie, very confused)
      Mike: Where the hell did that come from?
      Vicki: I know, two cops out for a beer after work, isn't that how we started?
      Mike: Uh, well yeah, that and a 1037.
      Vicki: Yeah, we'll always have aggravated assault.
      Mike: Okay look, did I miss something here? I feel like I walked into the middle of a fight that we haven't even had yet. What the hell are you doing here anyway?

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