Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 3

Bad JuJu

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Lifetime
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Bad JuJu
When her client is being hunted by zombies, who but Henry can Vicki turn to for help? But Henry proves surprisingly reluctant to get involved, and pleads with Vicki to drop the case. Rival Vodun practitioners catch Henry and Vicki in a battle over the resurrection of a dead sorcerer while Mike investigates the suspicious man in Vicki's life, Henry Fitzroy.moreless

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  • A girl from New Orleans approaches Vicki about finding her brother who has run afoul of a Voodoo Doctor named Papa Samedi. When things get a little hairy she asks Henry to help her He is very aware of what they are dealing with and warns her to get out.moreless

    Some of my favorite subject matter in the genre of science fiction and horror. Vampires, zombies, voodoo, magic, and the police and investigators working on solving mysteries and crimes related to those things. I am hoping that the relationship between Vicki and Mike gets a little better as time goes on. The skepticism is already getting a little old. Mike, so he saw a demon pull a human out of our world into another plane and has had an indication that vampires do exist, but mention zombies and voodoo and we are right back to girl you are acting crazy. Do we need a straight jacket? Very poor development of plot in general. The acting is fine. It's the plot development that's a little uneven.

    Now on to the actually episode. Interesting use of the Voodoo religion and culture in this episode. The use of symbols, seals, and witchcraft was entertaining. I like the twist of the who was good and who was actually bad. Voodoo is a dark religion and can be misinterpreted but not all of it is negative or evil like any other religion.

    The zombies were very cool and the use of the salt was good research on Coreen's part. It was good to see someone (Henry) finally following the advice of someone who may know what they are talking about. A lot of the plot on this show is based on people not following advice or doing stupid things.

    The voodoo doll was and always is a little bit of a reach as I believe the person being cursed needs to believe in the ritual for it to work. I may be wrong, but I believe that is true.

    I am beginning to like Dave (Mike's partner) a little more each episode. He keeps Mike grounded. I am still finding Vicki's relationship with Mike strange and her feelings/reactions to Henry even stranger. I hope they at least spend some time developing those relationships. Also Coreen obviously has a big crush on Henry. Should be fun to skirt that issue for a while. I'm looking forward to watching more episodes coming up. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • i might not be a fan of the show but i was impressed

    I do have to say i was impressed. in the begginging vicki came tto ask henry for help what i don't understand is why did he have to scare her before helping her find some one eles brother that came from new orleans. even though i am not a henry or vicki couple fan. in my opinon they both sure do work well with each other. and this was only the third episode of the first season. i was also impressed but still questioned because he held her close to show her a point of how creepy he can be she at the end she was happy that he helped and gave him his first kiss. i thought that was chessy but still a little romantic.moreless
  • the serpent & the rainbow

    This was a pretty good episode & the twist was well done because i did not see it coming which is always nice. coreen losing her mouth was not as frightening as it was in the matrix, mostly because she barely reacted. when vampire boy moved in to kiss vicki though she cheeked him which was good. as much as we would like them to get together it should not happend so soon as for it to be unbelievable. of course the scene when he ran back into his apartment would have been better without the audio of him saying salt. i thought he missed when he grabbed the voodoo doll as well, so it was another nice surprise. although i wish she would replace her baton with a taser.moreless
  • Good, solid episode with twists and creepy grave bugs. I really liked this one. SPOILERS


    I liked this episode a lot. I loved how Henry caught the thrown knife. I loved the look he exchanges with the bartender he had threatened earlier. I loved the bartender crossing himself behind Henry's back. I loved the testosterone laced exchange between Henry and Mike. I liked that Henry resisted letting Vicki involve him at first. I loved that Henry is actually afraid of something, and that you could see it as he and Vicki fled the place where they pinned the zombie with the lance. He also got anxious when they went to confront Grigoire and a zombie showed up. The actress playing Angelique did a great job. She was both spooky looking and innocent looking. I didn't see the twist coming. Well written. Nice that they didn't stick pins in the voodoo doll - over done. Grave bug. Creepy. I liked Henry going back for the salt, though I wonder why he bothers to have comestibles in his home.

    One thing - in the testosterone scene between Henry and Mike, Mike says there's nothing on Grigoire in anything they've looked at. He names quite a lot of places they looked. Later when Vicki shows up at the station to tell Mike she has to cancel their dinner date, she casually asks, "Did you find anything out on Grigoire?" as if that's the first time they've discussed it. And this time, Mike has some information, but we get no explanation about something new he thought of to check.

    Also, for crying out loud, why didn't Vicki wait for Henry to wake up? At the point she decides to go graveyard strolling, it's clearly close to dark, because it's dark when she gets there. She couldn't wait half an hour in order to have help when she's injured (cursed, whatever) and up against voodoo magic? I hate it when smart characters do stupid things just to set up plot points.

    But mostly, I really liked this one. I have hopes that the show might get truly good.moreless
  • As Vickie and Henry work together again to solve the supernatural crimes.

    As Vickie is wiht a client, she is attacked by none other than the living dead. Or as henry likes to say zombies or voodoo. But that is not all... the struggle between Henry and Mike continues over Vickie. But taht still not all. Vickie's client Angelique is a voodoo queen and is looking for her brother. Angelique and her brother are evil and they feed off the hearts of children to remain young. And that is not all she tricked Vickie in to helping her kill another voodoo priest and take his spirit. And in the process makes a voodoo doll of Vickie to get what she wants from Henry.moreless
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Tommy Europe


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