Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Lifetime
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Coreen asks Vicki to check out a string of murders at a Goth club. The victims looked as if they had been killed by bugs.

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  • Coreen helps Vicki with the case of a young man dying at a Goth club. Someone drops a body off at Henry's door. Henry goes to Mike to help him. He doesn't want to put Vicki in danger. Henry figures out it's Christine he tells them both to stay away.moreless

    An very entertaining and suspenseful episode. We have Henry afraid that another vampire is moving into his territory. He tells Mike of a story about three hundred years before where everyone he knew was killed so that he would have no allies just because a vampire wanted his territory. So Henry asks Mike for help and asks him not to tell Vicki.

    Of course Vicki is a private investigator so she figures something is up. She is dealing with a case of her own where a few young men have died and been attacked by bugs. Coreen's friend owns the club where the deaths have occurred outside and asks for Coreen's help, Vicki and Coreen figure there must be some kind of drug involved. Vicki asks Henry for help and he refuses which really gets her curiosity up and she begins to pick up pieces of Mike's and Henry's trails. Also when she speaks with Mike he's all agreeable which is another sign that something is up. Using her investigative prowess she walks in on Henry and Mike at a scene and they act all innocent. Now she is fully aware they are hiding something from her. That's like an invitation for her to bug them. No pun intended!

    She has to close her case, so she and Coreen go to the Goth club to get some of the drug they know someone is selling. It's called Venom. It's being sold by the bartender who turns out is really after Vicki because of her demon marks. The bartender is a Bug Demon. Everything else was a ruse to bring Vicki out into the open.

    Henry shows up and the Bug Demon gets stopped by Vicki and good timing on Henry's part. Coreen who was stung and injected with the venom will recover.

    The episode ends with all four in Vicki's office and Henry telling them to all stay a way from him as he needs to take care of this situation by himself. Mike gets anngy, but Vicky figures out it's Christine, Henry's maker so they need to take care.

    Looks like the next few episodes might be barn burners. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for reading...moreless
  • You know somethings up when the boys work together

    First--I loved that Vicki let Coreen help. And the 'You're wearing that?!' before entering the club was priceless! I love the dynamic between Vicki and Coreen--almost like sisters at times. Second--I was shocked Henry went to Mike about another vamp in town. I liked that they were completely honest with each other. They both would do anything for Vicki and want nothing more than to keep her safe.

    However! I think Vicki was crushed when Henry said they shouldn't be together for awhile--especially after everything else and they'd seemed to grow closer. I do like that Vicki figured out what was going on with Mike and Henry working together. My question is--why was the Bug trying to draw out Vicki? Makes me wonder if maybe Christina had something to do with it? That maybe she's trying to get a feel for competition? Maybe I'm wrong. But I hope Henry realizes he can't deal with this alone.moreless
  • Mike and Henry team up while Vicki and Coreen are on a another case.

    I have been awaiting this episode for a while. I felt that the writers did an excellent job at leading up to the episode with Christina, Henry's maker and ex-lover.

    The pain that was in Vicki's face when Henry told her that they should stay away from each other for a while was heartbreaking. I did not expect her to be so vunerable to his rejection. Her determination to find out why helped to fuel the fire between them...I enjoy that about Vicki. I was really surprised when Henry went to Mike for help. It was perfect when they announced their hatred for one another and still agreed to work together...I was not expecting an accord between the two. I was also very excited to finally see into Coreen's Underworld. I was wondering when they were going to show a glimpse of her life outside her day job. It was nice to see a balance of all the characters and the way that they interacted when put in a different situation than they would normally be in.

    The ending was perfect! It left me wanting more information of what was instore for next weeks episode...Except Lifetime does not seem to share the same feeling... Again there wasn't preview for the next episode and no word of their decision to renew the show for another season. I still have not seen any commercials or promos for Blood Ties. I hope that they decide to keep the show around, by far it is my favorite program on television. I feel let down by Lifetime and hope they make a decision soon. I want more Blood Ties...let me refrase that - I must have more Blood Ties. Until then I will have to watch Blood Ties on my Tivo to get my fix. I am forever addicted!moreless
  • I didn't know how this episode was going to be but it turned out to be a good episode.

    This episode had a good balance of Henry, Mike, Vicki and Coreen. Vicki and Coreen were working on a case involving the Goth world and Henry and Mike were trying to track down a vampire that was killing people. This episode marked the first time that Henry and Mike admitted to each other that they did not like each other and the first time that Henry and Mike were working together without Vicki. I liked the interaction between Henry and Mike in this episode. Throughout the episode both Henry and Mike were trying to keep Vicki in the dark about the other vampire. They must have both forgotten how good Vicki is at figuring out things because by the end of the episode she had figured it out. One thing I did not see coming was that the murderer ended up being a demon who used these murders as a trap to try to kill Vicki. I liked how Henry saved the day by running the bug demon over. Even though Christina did not physically show up in this episode I think that she is going to cause a lot of problems for Henry and the others. I look forward to next week's episode. I just wish they would have shown previews.moreless
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Olivia Cheng


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    • (Giving Coreen advice before going in the club to find drugs)
      Vicki: Alright, you have one hour. If you don't make contact during that time I want you to get out. If you look nervous you're gonna draw heat, so be careful. If you do get into trouble I want you to say "my mother's not going to like this" and I will come right in.
      Coreen: I know what I'm doing.
      Vicki: Alright, don't accept any drinks from anyone, don't leave your drink unattended, if anyone gives you drugs take them, but do not take them, do you understand?
      Coreen: And I will look both ways before I cross the road, and I will floss after every meal, and I'll wear a sweater just in case it gets cold. I'll be fine.
      Vicki: Well you better be or I'll kick your ass.

    • Vicki: Who's gonna tell me what's going on?
      Mike: It's best if you don't know.
      Vicki: Best if I don't know what?
      Henry: Telling you would kind of defeat the purpose of "it's best if you don't know".

    • Mike: Keep in mind Fitzroy I'm not doing this for you. I don't even like you.
      Henry: Since we're affording each other the courtesy of bluntness, I don't like you either. Vicki seems to trust you with her life, that's good enough for me.

    • Coreen: But what makes you think he was doing drugs? Because they dress in black?
      Vicki: Oh yeah, yeah, I always judge a person's character based entirely on their wardrobe decisions.

    • Vicki: Coreen, be still. No one likes a perky goth.

    • Vicki: I don't want to drag you into it.
      Coreen: Excuse me? I almost became a demon bride twice, I had my mouth stolen by a voodoo queen, I can handle anything they throw at us.
      Vicki: Oh, I'm sure we'll read that in the book of famous last words.

    • Mike: Who the hell is Christina?
      Vicki: Trouble.

    • Wynter: Didn't you know? Your friend has a powerful enemy. It's open season on her and I wanted to be the one to do it.

    • Mike: Come on, I've seen the movies. Give me something special, here.
      Henry: What... like a secret word that makes our heads explode?
      Mike: That would work. Is there one?
      Henry: No.

    • Mike: Oh, one other thing. If this photographer does lead us to the vampire, how do we stop it?
      Henry: I'll take care of that.
      Mike: Oh really?
      Henry: What? Surely, detective you don't have a problem with vampire-on-vampire violence?
      Mike: Uhh, what if this vampire is stronger than you?
      (Henry gives him a look)
      Mike: Come on Henry, anything is possible here, okay? I just want to know how to kill the thing.
      (Henry stares disbelievingly at Mike)
      Mike: Alright, (puts two fingers to his forehead) I swear that if I ever try to kill you again, I won't use any method that you tell me about.
      Henry: Strangely enough detective, I believe you.
      Mike: Thank you.

    • Mike: Okay, okay. Two conditions... one: we find this thing, we put it down.
      Henry: I wouldn't have it any other way. What's the second?
      Mike: Full disclosure. I ask you something, you answer. I want to know what color your underwear is, you tell me, you got it?
      Henry: Red, silk actually.
      Mike: I'm not actually asking, Fitzroy.

    • (Referring to a gift for Vicki)
      Mike: Between you and me, she really likes those kitten posters.

    • Wynter: It'll take a lot more than that to beat me, bitch.
      (Wynter is kicked by Vicki, then gets run over by a van. Vicki approaches the stained front window and as the wipers clean it Henry appears.)
      Vicki: (surprised) Henry?
      Henry: Sorry I'm late.
      Vicki: Sweet ride.

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    • Henry: Shall we, Renfield?

      Renfield is a character from Bram Stoker's Dracula novel, with later film adaptations placing him in the role of Dracula's servant.

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