Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Lifetime
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A former co-worker of Vicki and Mike comes to Vicki for help in his own murder. The downside: Only Vicki can see him.

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  • Paul Deeds a former colleague of Vicki's shows up at her office as a client. It seems he is dead and his ghost wants to know where his body is. Later with see Deeds walking around but it is obviously not him. The team must figure out what's what.moreless

    It seems that Vicki really is a beacon for ghosts, demons, creatures, you name it. When Paul Deeds finds himself without his body he heads for Vicki's to get some help. The problem is Mike is investigating Deeds for Vicki and finds him walking around as alive as anyone else. This becomes a sort of dilemma. Deeds had been undercover with a biker gang called the Wolverines. Biker gangs are very prominent in the areas around Montreal and Toronto. They are a big piece of the organized crime in that area of North America.

    With Henry and Coreen's help they eventually figure out they are dealing with an old Babylonian dark spirit. I tried looking this up (an Eekamu or Akahmu) but could find no reference to the creature they figured out was going from body to body burning them out as it raised in status. So I can't really speak to the solution of the wood spear in killing it. It sounds reasonable...

    Enjoyable episode but missing some of the passion from the first season. There was not much interaction between Vicki and Henry except for arguing and the same goes for Mike and Vicki. As they move forward this season I hope they deal with one or both of these relationships as they seem to be skirting them and there needs to be some movement one way or another. Interestingly enough Vicki sees Henry as her equal and has no prejudiced against him for being a vampire. One of the stumbling blocks to this possible relationship is that in Huff's world vampires just don't get a long in the long run. I'll be interested to see how they approach this if they ever get that far.

    Acting was good and even with the sketchy storyline it was an entertaining episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • vicki first new case of a new episode of the season she is asked to help find her friend body that is already dead but his spirit is siting with her in her office.moreless

    the only part that i liked was when henry was telling vicki that she was right about her best friend. vicki of course getting so exictied acting like she was all that. then telling henry that he is being a very cool detective and he gives a surprised look and asks her again what she thought. and for once vicki felt so happy that she came close to henry for once in the first episode of the second season and she wanted to kiss him but of course coreen comes in and ruins the moment. i thought that was really rude. that was the only part of the episode that i like the rest nothing really happened.moreless
  • Vicki searches for an old fiend's body after is ghost asks her fir help.

    I thought the first episode back would be more intense. Let you remember the passion and the chemistry. It wasn't really there though except for the part where Vicki is complimenting Henry on being a almost good detective but the Coreen walked in. I liked the episode i may not have had the passion but you could sense a bound between the three even thou Henry and Mike don't like each other. I hope that they add more in other episodes as far as passion but for know this episode showed a lot about all of them. Maybe things may spark between Henry and Vicki...moreless
  • Is he dead or isn't he? Just which girl really has Henry's eye? And with old cop friends where do Mike and Vicki stand the same?

    I think this episode was great for some charector insights for the series.

    But lets start with the plot, so we have a ghost of an old cop buddie that needs help since he was undercover and doesn't remember. As it turns out he isn't really dead at least not his body so he is kind of a ghost but a ghost who still can't seem to get the hang of being a ghost. While trying to find what demon/monster took over both Vicki and Mike have different feeling about their old friend and have to face new feelings as new evidence shows he might not have been the cop they thought he was. In the end he does the right thing and Vicki is happy for him.

    Now on even more juicey development of charectors. We see Coreen attempting to get Henry's eye but he ahs no part in it and gives her the cold shoulder having nothing to do with beng a vampire. Jealous Coreen even breaks up tender moments between Henry and Vicki when Coreen see that Henry's eye and tender feelings belong only to Vicki.

    Vicki and Henry have their own growing together as at first Henry doesn't trust the ghost but as he trust Vicki he learns to trust the ghost being him closer to Vicki as a partner and ulimately as freind and who knows from here....moreless
  • Vicki must investigate the death, or coming death of former co-worker now undercover cop Paul Deeds. He's gone bad, and is under investigation by IA, Vicki doesn't know until well into the case.moreless

    DOA was terrific. I loved the way that Vicki's past as a cop in a sense feed into the investigation. Former Homicide now Undercover Cop Deeds, the good cop/ bad cop storyline Vicki had to weed Through The other big thing to happen is it seems she make Henry a partner in her business. Vicki in the end choices to help her friend Deeds who comes clean just before dieing, still original and I loved the way her past and present were combined into one storyline pre the episode, her life as a cop and what that help her do to solve Deeds murder to be, by a supernatural Ekamo. As Always she didn't do it alone Henry and Mike helped in their ways... leading to a possibly full time work, nighttime partnership of Vicki and Henry in her business. It seems she agreed to make him her partner. The show left me with one thing, what is next to come to keep us watching...moreless
Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic

Paul 'Dirty' Deeds

Guest Star

Eileen Pedde

Eileen Pedde

Alison Crowley

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Woody Jeffreys

Woody Jeffreys


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Nimet Kanji

Nimet Kanji

Dr. Rajani Mohadevan

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    • In the first Tanya Huff Blood book, Blood Price, the villain's name is Norman "Birdwell", not "Bridewell". Presumably they changed the name of the character, who was portrayed as a socially inept nerd who only appeared in that single book to help make him appear to be a more sinister major villain for the series.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 8, 2007 on Living TV
      Czech Republic: May 28, 2010 on AXN

    • At this point Lifetime called this "season 2", which it really isn't. Its really the rest of season 1. In Canada and the U.K. Season 1 is a full 22 episodes.


    • Paul "Dirty" Deeds:
      There were two movies called Dirty Deeds: the first one is a 2002 Australian picture about underground Sydney casinos & mafia. The second is a 2005 U.S. picture about high school people completing a series of outrageous challenges before Homecoming dance.

    • Title: D.O.A.
      This refers to dead-on-arrival cases in the police, when the victim is already dead before the medical forces are on the scene. The acronym has been used for several movie titles, including the iconic Rudolph Mate film of 1950.

    • Deeds: Werewolves ate my baby? Vampire killed my boyfriend?

      All are true cases. The first one refers to a real incident in Australia where dingoes ate a baby left in a tent. The second one refers to Coreen and her boyfriend who was "eaten" by a vampire/demon in the first episode, thus being the catalyst for the series.

    • The name of the massage parlor the Dragons' leader works out of is the Alleycat. Kyle Schmid (Henry) starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Alley Cats Strike.