Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 5

Deadly Departed

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Teaser: Vicki is in her office surrounded by boxes of Chinese takeout when Mike Celluci arrives. She sarcastically makes a comment about sending out a search party for him since he hasn't answered her messages and he tells her he has been busy. He declines the offer of food and begins verbally attacking her about Henry being a vampire and keeping the information from him. She wants to know if Henry is any different from some of the cases they have taken on. Looking over her collection of food he tries to make peace by inquiring about Kung Pao and Vicki has now lost her appetite.
Fred Stamp sits in front of a computer when the lights flicker and a face appears briefly on his monitor. His phone rings and he answers thinking it is his wife. It is a former client called Magnus O'Connor. He hangs up on him and the phone rings again. Suddenly he notices his screen flickering and Magnus' image appears there. Magnus is now on all the monitors as Freddy tries to run out of the office. He makes it to the elevator and Magnus materializes before him, reaching into his chest and killing him.
Title Sequence
The next day a woman goes to Vicki's office and asks her to investigate her husband Fred Stamp's death. He was found on the elevator. She thinks Magnus O'Connor caused his death and it's not a heart attack as she has been told. She plays the message from her husband's phone where Magnus calls Fred Stamp threateningly, telling him that he is a dead man. She also adds that her husband was strangely pleased when he lost Magnus' case. Vicki goes to the police station to bring Mike a box of donuts and he tells her that whatever she wants will cost more than that. Vicki wants all the information on Magnus O'Connor. Mike looks up O'Connor's file: A real bad guy. He was busted with a severed head on his seat and Vicki remarks, "Nobody likes to ride alone." It seems the first week O'Connor was in prison he even killed his roommate. But, Mike tells her, it can't be him who killed Fred Stamp because he killed himself in prison the week before.
Vicki goes to see Henry who is busy working on his new graphic novel. He tells her that if she wants to talk to him, she has to pose. She then sits, waving a sword around, as she brings him up to speed on Fred Stamp's case while Henry draws her. When she mentions that Magnus O'Connor cannot be the killer since he committed suicide, Henry just tells her that the guy might be seeking revenge from beyond the grave. Then Vicki sees Henry's drawings and sarcastically says, "Vicki Nelson; Warrior Princess." She then leaves to meet with Magnus' mother, Lavena. Vicki wants to know about Magnus' friends, but the mother just wants people to leave her and her dead boy alone. Brady, Magnus' younger brother, tells Vicki that if she comes back she will get hurt, because that is what happens to anyone who crosses his family.
Vicki goes to the coroner, Dr. Rajani Mohadevan, to find out what killed Fred Stamp. Dr. Mohadevan tells Vicki that there are bruises on Stamp's heart. Vicki says, "Someone reached into his chest and squeezed his heart until it stopped?" She is shocked. Dr. Mohadevan replies "As I said, a heart attack." She then shows Vicki the report of Magnus' death and it reveals that he had a pentagram carved into his chest when he died. Vicki goes to confront Mike, angry at his omission of the pentagram. She tells him that she is trying to solve a case and he responds that he is trying to keep her alive. Mike's boss, Superintendent Crowley appears and makes it clear that she never liked Vicki's work as a detective because she did not always follow the rules and that she does not want Vicki around her station. Afterwards, Mike agrees to let Vicki see Magnus' full autopsy report. Back in Henry's apartment, Vicki and Henry go over the report: Magnus was found on the floor in a circle of salt with the pentagram carved into his chest and other things like a burning candle and a grass of water around him, elements that Henry identifies as belonging to Celtic rituals. Henry suggests Magnus sacrificed himself to kill Stamp and he knows someone who might be able to help, but is hesitant to contact that person. Vicki disregards his misgivings. Meanwhile a man, later identified as prosecuting attorney George Neely, is getting into his car, visibly spooked. Suddenly ghostly hands reach through the roof of his car and into his chest. The man dies.
Henry and Vicki go to visit a psychic, Sinead, and old flame of Henry. She asks Vicki if she has been tattooed or scarred recently and wants to see the marks. Henry warns Vicki not to show them to Sinead, but Vicki ignores him. Sinead tells them that the tattoos can focus power, but Henry is angry because he considers that Sinead's interpretation of Black Magic as something that can be useful is foolish. Vicki then gives Sinead the pictures of Magnus' dead body and she tells them that the photos are of a simple cleansing spell to facilitate a spirit's passage and that anyone can do it. As they leave Sinead suggests that they could leave a gratuity in a box on the table, but Henry warns Vicki not to touch the box. Once outside, Henry admits that Sinead and he were involved before he realized how deep she was into the dark arts. Vicki is then called back to the coroner's office where George Neely's body has arrived. Dr. Mohadevan has run fingerprint tests on Stamp and Neely's hearts and both show Magnus O'Connor's prints on them. George Neely was the prosecuting attorney in Magnus' case and the Presiding Judge was Justice Hubert Pettigrew.
Sinead goes to visit Henry who is not really pleased to see her. It is revealed that Sinead tried to use magic on Henry to keep him with her, and that this is one of their reasons for their fallout. She tries to play down Henry's anger reminding him that she never complained when he drank from her. He just tells her that she actually offered the blood but that he never asked her to perform magic on him. She seductively offers up her blood now again, and he accepts. In the meantime, Vicki goes to see Justice Pettigrew and finds a car outside the house with the door open, as if someone left it in a hurry and the house also with the door open. She enters and finds the Judge hiding in a Panic Room. He tells Vicki that Magnus called him and when he tried to call 911, all that he got was Magnus' voice. She wants to know why a man would want to kill his both own attorney and the prosecuting attorney, and to top it up with the Presiding Judge. Justice Pettigrew admits that the evidence in Magnus' case was corrupted when a rookie cop messed up. They should have had the case dismissed, but they knew that Magnus was guilty of that murder and many others, so they decided to convict him anyway forcing the rookie cop to lie on the stand about what happened when the evidence was found, to make it admissible. Fred Stamp did not know about this. She tells the Judge that she is getting him out of there, but after they leave the living room, the fire blazes in the fireplace and Magnus' face appears in the flames.
Sinead and Henry are cosy in bed when his phone rings and it is Vicki, asking for his help. Sinead tries to delay him by spraying herself with something from a bottle and making Henry come back to bed. He pretends to comply but then asks her if she did it again. She admits she was using magic to try to keep him safe. He leaves in anger and goes to the Judge's house. Vicki wants Henry to take the Judge to a hotel and ensure his safety, but Magnus appears outside and then walks through the door. Pettigrew runs upstairs and Magnus walks right through Henry and Vicki, who collapse on the floor, and walks towards the steps. Vicki reaches and manages to actually grab the spirit's ankle while the demon mark on her wrist flares up. Magnus is momentarily stalled but pulls away from her. He finds and kills Pettigrew. Vicki is shaken and upset and tells Henry to go to her office while she calls 911. Mike and the rest of the police arrive and they interrogate the neighbours, who tell them that a man with a strong Irish accent, possibly Brady O'Connor, was lurking around the Judge's house the day before. Superintendent Crowley interrogates Vicki, who explains most of the story, omitting the ghostly parts. Crowley then takes Vicki to task for not coming to them sooner when she found out about the connection between the three victims. Mike then interrogates Vicki, who explains him the missing bits and tells him that the next victim of Magnus' spirit would probably be the rookie cop.
Back in Vicki's office, she tells Henry that the fact that she could touch Magnus' ghost is the best weapon that they have, but Henry does not like the idea because the fears that the Dark Magic that made Vicki's tattoos would draw forces against her the more she uses them. Vicki asks Henry to be her safety net. She goes back to Sinead for more answers and Sinead tries again to trick her into opening the mysterious box, but Henry appears and puts his hand on it to prevent it. He then turns the box to face Sinead and questions her again. She tries to stall but Henry opens the box a bit and a blue-red light shines in Sinead's face, who now looks scared. At the police station Mike, together with detective Dave Graham, brings in Brady for questioning. Brady denies knowledge of what is going on but it is clear that he knows something. He however insists that Magnus didn't hire anyone to kill those people. Back at Sinead's, Henry keeps his hand on the now closed box while Vicki questions her. Sinead confesses that the pentagrams in Magnus' chest and in Vicki's wrists are both used for binding spells: That means that Vicki is somehow bound to the demon Astaroth and that Magnus' spirit is also bound to someone or something. Because they are both bound, they can also connect. She tells them that she previously lied because she doesn't want to cross anyone who teaches that kind of magic to a thug and that they already have all the answers in the suicide photos. At the police station, Mike is forced to let Brady go. His mother comes to collect him and wants to know what he was doing at the Judge's house. He denies being there and follows his mom meekly. Henry, Vicki and Coreen lay out Magnus' photos on the desk at her office, trying to find out to what or who is he bound. They notice the Gaelic symbol for mother tattooed on him. Just then Mike arrives, telling that he knows who the officer was that screwed up Magnus' case: It was Crowley.
Coreen, Vicki, Henry and Mike decide on a plan: Vicki and Henry would go after Magnus' mom and Mike would protect Crowley. After Mike leaves, Vicki rants that Crowley was always after her to follow protocol and it was she who actually screwed up a case. Henry reminds her that Crowley is the victim here. Vicki tells him, "It still sucks to have to go save her." Henry and Vicki go to question Lavena O'Connor and find Brady lying back in a chair, tied to it by the flesh of his own arms that now looks like melted. He tells them that his mother cast a spell on him as punishment for trying to interfere with the murders, but it would probably wear off in time. Brady admits that his mother is behind everything, even Magnus' descent to becoming a ruthless killer because she taught him spells that corrupted him. Even after he was caught and behind bars, she manipulated him and made him kill himself. Brady also asks them to try not to hurt her; she is his mom after all.
At the station, Mike tells Crowley that he knows that she was the rookie cop who messed up the O'Connor's case. Crowley confesses that she opened Magnus O'Connor's car door and, when the severed head rolled out of, she put her jacket over it because she didn't want the kids at a nearby playground to see it. Because of that, O'Connor's lawyer could have argued that the head had been planted by the police, if the prosecution had told him, and the judge should have dismissed it. This was just a sentimental human failure, and she doesn't want the story getting out and becoming gossip around the station. She wants to go home. Mike wants to go with her, telling her she is likely to be the next target, but she says she can take care of herself.
Henry and Vicki race to the station. Vicki warns Henry that she would no stay back; she touched Magnus before and, if she can, she will do it again. Henry recognises that it would not do any good to try to stop her. Lavena is on the other side of the police station parking lot performing the spell to call forth Magnus, who emerges out of her mouth. Crowley goes to her car and is surprised by Mike, who followed her. Suddenly all the police car sirens go off and Magnus appears behind Crowley, pushing his hands into her. Mike tries to intervene but he cannot touch Magnus and the spirit can injure him badly with just a passing blow. Vicki appears and reaches into Magnus' chest as Lavena shouts "kill her!" from the other side of the lot. Henry grabs Lavena from behind, hand over her mouth so she cannot continue chanting the spell and Vicki rips out Magnus' heart, making him vanish. Lavena collapses: Dead by heart attack. Crowley rouses, still alive.
Vicki and Henry are with Mike at the police station. Henry hands a glass of water to Vicki and she asks Mike what did he report on the incident. Mike says he told the truth about what happened: Lavena O'Connor attacked Crowley in the parking lot. He just left out the part where her weapon of choice was her dead son. Henry and Mike exchange words and Vicki leaves, taking Henry with her. Mike lifts Henry's fingerprints from the glass of water.