Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 5

Deadly Departed

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • An attorney dies of a heart attack in an elevator and Vicki is approached by the widow to investigate the death. The suspected killer died in prison the week before. Other people, a DA and judge who were all involved in the killers trial die as well.

    Much better episode than the last few and definitely a step up in the story telling. Complexity, suspense, and a little fear built into this story.

    We have a witch. Well it looks like we have a number of witches. First we meet Sinead played by Christine Chatelain, a sultry reader of tarot and bones who obviously has a history with Henry and tries to mislead Vicki. The other is Lavena O'Connor (Mary Black) mother of Magnus who was the killer who died in prison. Lavena is a purveyor of the black arts and is directly involved in the current terror.

    First Magnus' attorney Fred Stamp dies of a heart attack in his office elevator. Then DA George Neely buys it the same way in his car. Finally despite Vicki's efforts Justice Petigrew dies hiding in his panic room. The key was the fingerprints on the hearts. The coroner really is playing a huge part in the information that Vicki is able to put together.

    Mike is forced to finally listen to Vicki and with Henry's help they are able to defeat the ghost that is being manipulated into killing. We also get an insight into what the marks on Vicki's arms are all about.

    On a side note that was pretty wicked the way Vicki and Henry found Brady. His mother must have been really upset to do that to her own son. I would say that is one mother that is in charge of her families business dealings.

    The scene with Sinead and Henry in his home was quite good too. The fact he was able to resist her to go to help Vicki was interesting. I wonder if we'll see her again. She said he would see her around!

    Much improved and an enjoyable episode. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Thanks for reading...
  • Scared the sniznigs outa me! Great episode

    This episode really freeked me out. The fact that he can be anywhere and his mom is soo creep aswell.

    The first episode i begin to realise that henry has really no need to stick around but he chooses too. again the chemistry between the both is growing and i love watching it.

    mike drives me insane a bit, hes too uptight and annoying but he works good with the whole story.

    the storyline is a bit odd with all the irish killers but it was a good storyling overall and had a good happy ish ending

    its a pity too many people had to die though in each blood ties it seems alot die.
  • ju-on

    at first i thought vicki was going to deal with some kind of cyber villian but it turned out to be a regular ghost (if there is such a thing) so I thought it was odd that he appeared on the computer monitors & was disrupting the lights but i guess a ghost would emit some kind of electrical discharge that disrupts capturing them on video. it was odd the way henry seemed 2 vanish when the ghost entered the judge's home. i was very surprised at vicki getting a foot massage from henry because that is an intimate act as we all know from watching pulp fiction! she's making him work hard for that 1st kiss!!
  • A vengeful spirit and a witch is on the loose and their next target is close to Vicki and Mike

    Would you kill your self to get out of jail and to kill or avenge your jail sentence, and be brought over and over again by your mother, a person supposed to care and love, the one who told you to kill yourself and become her slave in murdering people? People that are not linked to her... be to you? Would you continue killing all those who have "wronged" her after you are done wiht your killings. We never find out. Vicke and Henry are hired to investigate the murders of people that have 2 things incommon. 1- they are criminalists and 2- they were all involved in the same case.
  • A spirit comes back from the dead seeking revenge...

    i really liked this episode becuase it was the only episode where Mike and Henry were civil with each other. I also liked the fact where they had to work together to keep Vicki safe.

    Ok so the mother in this episode was a complete witch with a B...i mean she made her son a killer and then when he couldn't kill anymore she made him kill himself and then melted her other sons hands...i mean shes crazy...

    And i so didn't like that psychic girl...i hope this is the only episode she is going to be in...she bothered me so much...but all in all it was a good episode..
  • A spirit starts killing people who have sent him to jail. Vicki investigates and finds out more that expected. Henry comes in contact with an old flame.

    Loved it. Seriously, the only reason why I stay up on Sunday nights. The storyline shows us more into Henry's past and his care for Vicki. Mike shows his jealousy for Henry, yet again. The episode was quite exciting, with the dead comming alive, tattoos flashing, and secrets being revealed. The series is quite interesting and is easy to get into. Can't wait for the next episode. I am really hoping that Henry will be able to get Vicki. Their love is inevitable, it seems.
  • Good episode where Mike and Henry have to both watch Vicki's back, with Mike now knowing what Henry is. This review is free of major spoilers, though it has minor ones.

    As an episode, this was pretty good. The ghost was definitely spooky and the solution to what was happening was at least one level - maybe two - removed from the obvious, so that was good. But what I really liked was some of the contributions this episode made to the show's arc.

    We get to meet a new, potentially recurring character in Sinnead, and we see a lot more of Crowley, Mike's boss. Best of all, we revisit the demonic tattoos left on Vicki's wrists by Astorath. Do you notice I haven't complained that nothing has been done with those since the pilot? I was patient, and my patience was rewarded. Vicki could touch the ghost. I like it. They're setting up the potential for Vicki to have some powers over the supernatural in her own right. What's more, a comment of Henry's explains that those tattoos are why creatures of darkness are attracted to Vicki. While we haven't seen that overtly yet, it is a nice explanation for why an ordinary PI's cases keep going into weird-land. And since it is something of a team show, I'm pleased to see them set up something that could impact the supernatural other than just always throwing the vampire at it. The magic-hating vampire. It would have been cool if Celucci had the tattoos. Imagine how pissed off he'd be.

    I'm glad we didn't go the entire episode with Mike never saying anything to Henry about the vampire thing. He would; he just would. And he did. And I'm very glad we are finally told that Henry has asked to learn about the PI business. Yes! That was what was missing in Gifted. A reason for Henry to be working with Vicki. Okay, I'm happy now. I liked that Mike is willing to lose his job for Vicki, and that he rolls with the punch when Vicki tells him about a ghost. It would have been unrealistic for him to have protested that ghosts aren't real when he'd met a vampire. I did like what Mike does in the final scene. Oh, and if you're wondering why Henry was drinking a glass of water, in Huff's books water is the only other thing Henry imbibes. I always liked that, it made sense to me.

    Nice special effects. The ghost in the fire, and the ghost crawling out of the mouth. And an excellent action scene in the parking lot! And what is in Sinnead's tip box? Whatever it was, it didn't really seem to affect her when Henry opened it at her. Yes, she then tells him the truth, but it didn't look like she did it out of fear or compulsion or anything.

    Other weak things - Vicki is mad that Crowley is all about "protocol" when Crowley's the one who violated protocol. That's silly. Crowley's beef with Vicki is about knowingly breaking necessary rules because Vicki thinks she knows better. What Crowley did was just a rookie cop's mistake. Coreen has almost no presence in this episode, and previously they would have had her research the pentagram spell rather than heading straight to Henry's old flame. Why was it different this time? And Henry being so annoyed with Sinnead about using magic to keep him with her - it's not much different than when Henry "influences" his, er, dates to make them leave when he needs them to.

    Overall, though, this was a solid episode, with important and satisfying additions to the general story and character arcs.
  • Deadly Departed, a pivotal must see.

    Tonights episode was the best by far... The writing is coming together to showcase all actors and the plots.. This episode didn't seemed rushed ((although it was over WAY too soon))

    YOu also got to see some back history of Henry's and more explaination of things that happened in the first episode..

    The interplay between Vicky Mike and Henry was great, as was Vicky's handling of the situation ((she didnt run off by herself as much this week.

    Mike is showing his true colors as a friend and cop.. ((gotta love how it ended ))

    This series is getting better by the week :)
  • This episode was better than last week's.

    A vengeful spirit starts killing everyone that was involved in his incarceration. The wife of the first victim hires Vicki to look into her husband's death. As Vicki investigates, she finds that Magnus, a former client of the first victim, killed himself in prison and he had perform some sort of ritual before he died. She consults Henry about this case but he is unsure what the ritual is about so they go to see one of Henry's ex. In this episode the audience finds out that magic can affect Henry. Henry's ex was using dark magic on him and that is the reason why they parted ways. She tries to use magic again on Henry but he is able to resist it. Another thing that was revealed was that the markings on Vicki's arms allow her to touch spirits. Towards the end of the episode Vicki is able to stop the spirit from killing her ex-captain because of this. Mike was more involved in this case and he is starting to see more supernatural things so he can no longer dismiss them. He still doesn't trust Henry and that is proven at the end of the episode when he takes Henry's fingerprints off of a glass. The writing was better for this episode. I did like the twist in this episode that it was the mother that was responsible for all the killings including her own son in prison.
  • Great case and some backround to the mystery tatoos...

    Grant I would have liked more Vicki/Henry romance than there was but there was enough to keep me hooked! And the fact that Henry resisted a witch's spell because of how he feels toward Vicki was great and made up for it.
    I like the case. Ghost gets revenge on the people who put him in jail. Grant the ghost was a serial killer and deserved to go to jail but to see that Mike's boss was not only not perfect but broke the rules too. So this serial killer kills himself so that his mother who is a black arts witch can bring him back to kill. We find out that she was the one who turned him into a serial killer to begin with.
    And his brother at frist looks to be bad but we find that he is on the side of good. And I am still not sure that I like that Mike knowns about Henry but Mike was playing way to nice nice and at the end of the show we saw why. He wanted to get Henry's figure prints. Bad boy. Wow I do love Mike's blue eyes though, but Henry is hot and my favorite. I think Vicki's too. We didn't see Vicki's assistance but once for a few second she was not really a part of this show this week. Vicki and Henry did great solving the case together and now we know that the tatoos bind her to the demon "astro-off."