Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 5

Deadly Departed

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: After Mike enters Vicki's office and tells them he found out who was the rookie cop who ruined the evidence in the case, the scene switches to the police station, and it is day time. Yet, we just saw Henry in Vicki's office, wide awake. If it was day time, he should have been asleep.

    • The tattoos on Vicki's wrists bind her to the demon Astaroth.

  • Quotes

    • (Henry throws a sword at Vicki and it hits the wall)
      Vicki: Work not going well?

    • (looking up Magnus O'Connor on police computer)
      Mike: Ten years ago, he got nailed on a traffic violation with a severed head on the passenger seat of his car.
      Vicki: Well, nobody likes riding alone.
      Mike: That gave him dangerous offender status, no chance of parole. First night in Milhaven, he kills his cellmate.
      Vicki: What, he try to turn him out?
      Mike: No, I think he just wanted his own room.
      Vicki: Well, what about prison? Any, uh, gangs, any other affiliations?
      Mike: No, total loner. Only one visitor, every week...
      Mike and Vicki: Mom.

    • Mike: Whatever you want, it's going to cost more than donuts.
      Vicki: I can't hide an ulterior motive behind a box of donuts. Plus, I would make sure we were totally square before I asked any favors. You know, like...everything you have on Magnus O'Connor.

    • Henry: Victoria, he's dead. I can smell him.
      Vicki: (Crying) Meet me at the office. I have to call 9-1-1 now.

    • Vicki: What killed Fred Stamp?
      Mohadevan: There were no injection marks anywhere on his body and nothing on his toxicology report.
      Vicki: So, no external triggers?
      Mohadevan: Not necessarily, bruises on his heart... see it? Observe.
      Vicki: Someone reached into his heart and squeezed it until it stopped?
      Mohadevan: Like I said, a heart attack.

    • Mrs. O'Connor: He built me this salon. They killed his spirit in there.
      Vicki: I'm very sorry for your loss.
      Mrs. O'Connor:You have no idea. Get out... Get out now.

    • Henry: Or maybe O'Connor sought revenge from beyond the grave.
      Vicki: Oh yeah, that is great. Just great, that is just great. That is just what I need.
      Henry: I thought you wanted to consider every possibility.

    • Vicki: Saving lives is exhausting.
      Mike: (to Henry) Saving lives, there's a first for you huh, vampire.
      Henry: Like you'd know, your job doesn't even start until it's too late for the victim.

    • Henry: Dark Magic marks you. It draws forces towards you and you're already in enough danger because of it.
      Vicki: So be my safety net.

    • Henry: That's insane.
      Brady: Sanity isn't this family's strong suit.

    • Mrs. O'Connor: Kill her! Kill her!
      Henry: (runs up behind her and covers her mouth) You talk too much.

    • Pettigrew: How do I know I can trust him?
      Vicki: Because I trust him with my life.
      Henry: You do? Thank you.

    • Vicki: I'll give you one thing. You have the best breakup stories of anyone I know.
      Henry: Thank you.

    • Vicki: I touched him before. If I have some kind of connection to him, I'm gonna use it.
      Henry: It'd be silly to try to convince you otherwise.
      Vicki: Straight up waste of breath.
      Henry: At least you're consistent.

    • Vicki: I can't believe this, all these years Crowley has been riding me about obeying the rules and she's the one breaking protocol.
      Henry: She's not the villian here, Vic.
      Vicki: I know, just still sucks to have to go save her.

    • Vicki: Vicki Nelson...Warrior Princess.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 10, 2007 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: September 13, 2007 on Living TV
      Czech Republic: May 18, 2010 on AXN

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