Blood Ties

Season 2 Episode 6

Drawn and Quartered

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • I absolutely love this show but this episode... I've seen it three or four times and it still makes me cringe. Boring. Boring. BORING!

    I'm not exactly sure what it is I don't like about this episode. It could be the large focus on the guest stars, the way that Henry and Coreen both branched off with new characters (not to mention Mike and Dave but Dave does have a right to be there - it just added to the problem).
    This episode just goes to show how important the dynamic between Vicki and Henry (and, to some extent, Vicki and Mike) is to the show. When there's a lack, there's a lack. It certainly says something that the most interesting parts of this episode was the exchange between Vicki, Coreen and Henry at the gallery.
    Worst episode of the series, in my opinion. Severely unimpressed.
  • an episode where henry asks vicki out on a date surprsingly nothing else happened.

    this was very clever in the begging henry asking vicki out on a date to his art show. but i was hoping for more sexual tension from the two since he asked her out. but again nothing really happened. and i also didn't like how he was using his mind trick solve a romance promblem. that was just so so and really upsetting. and the whole plot of a monster killing people from a inside from a painting was really dumb and stupid i think that the creators could have came up with a diffenrent type of plot in this episode.
  • Henry has a painting in a friend named Maya's show. Maya's boyfriend is found dead the day of the show and Mike believes Maya is involved. Henry is convinced otherwise and asks Vicki for help proving she is innocent.

    Some of the greatest horror episodes in television history have been related to paintings and galleries. Night Gallery did this very well in their Pilot "The Graveyard" and "The Escape Route". Other shows like The Twilight Zone and Friday the 13th have done this as well.

    This one was not very well done. The basis of the story was very flimsy and the murders other than being bizarre made no sense. The protagonist again made no sense. How did the dead painter go from one canvas to another? He was in the painting in the gallery, but was also in the painting the accomplice painter just finished? The accomplice was a hack and he was obviously crazy and there was no motivation for him to be doing what he was doing and especially for him to kill Corrine. It took a while but it was finally easy to understand Henry's weird affection for this girl. She was a piece of work, but as the episode went on you had a much better understanding as to why. Obviously the people that were murdered were pulled into the paintings and drowned as the paint filled their lungs. Why did they show up in the chair in the culdasac? I guess it was the element of surprise that caused the people to be so easily taken otherwise there is absolutely no explanation. This episode made me think that someone had an idea, sort of threw it out, and then they sort of put it together in pieces. Poor execution though and very little work on the story was obvious. The actors were all credible and the dialogue was OK, but that does not support the holes in the story overall.

    Very disappointing compared to the majority of Blood Ties episodes. Thanks for reading...
  • I was hoping this episode would be better.

    There were several things that I liked about this episode. I liked the opening scene with Henry and Vicki. I liked that Vicki actually got to dress up in this episode. I really liked her dress and Christina Cox looked good wearing it. It was actually nice to see Vicki with gloves on when she and Henry had broken into whoever's office that was. I did notice that Henry still did not have gloves on though. This storyline reminded me of a Charmed episode I had seen but instead of people getting killed they actually became trapped in the painting. I think that was an interesting idea but it just wasn't executed well. I did not particular like the Maya character. At first I did not understand why Henry was being so protective of Maya. I was glad that was explained later in the episode. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.
  • Cute and great mystery that was creepy.....

    I like the chemistry in the beginning of the show between Henry and Vicki, and it was a good mystery this week. It did leave Mike out of the loop but I don't really mind that much, Mike's partner was funny as usual which makes it fun. I love the backround into Henry's life but I think the drama of it was a bit too much and I think that Henry should have told Vicki sooner. It was nice to see the assistant off hocked on another man and away from Henry for a change. The evil painter was creepy, yah big time. Overall not that bad, I would have liked a little more Vicki Henry time but he did say she was beautiful in a dress and they where so cute when he asked her to come with him to the art openning. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic vampire lover.
  • I love Coreen !!

    I always like an episode that showcases Coreen. I love her humor and her style. She just brightens up each episode that she plays a pivotal part in.

    I admit this storyline was a little wanting on closure angles. I was expecting more on the Maya angle for Henry to be so infatuated/obsessed/protective of her. Her character just seem to lack the vulnerability I think the writers wanted us to see. It was very upsetting to see Henry turn on Mike so quick after everything Vickie/Mike have done for him. The main storyline was good but I wish they would have developed a little more with the Tyrone's obsession. It just seemed to be a side story when I thought it should have been the main point of the episode.
  • I loved this for the chemistry between the characters but i really don't like maya

    Okay, call me jealous but i really didn't like maya because she was just so annoying. then at the end i saw her true colours, she was a total maneater and it sucked to watch her with Henry.
    Although when he told her she didn't want him it was so obvious he wanted vicki!

    i just want them to get together.
    i felt sorry for coreen though. she hasnt had much luck with the boyfriends. the first episode he got killed, this one, he was evil :( then he ended up dead. i felt sorry for him though cause it wasnt his fault.

    vicki also looked absolutely stunning in that black dress, and the scene where he invited her. it was sooo intense. amazing story, maya annoyed me meaning great acting/writing !!