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So Is it Really Dead Now?

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    DonnaD74 wrote:
    elainecleo wrote:
    I just finished the DVD and I don't understand networks that kill good vampire shows just when they are getting HOT. I loved Moonlight and Blood Ties both and instead we get vampires that sparkle and the only good looking one in Twilight, James, they have already killed off. Don't think any of the True Blood vamps are hot either. Of course I really love Spike, Angelus, Mick, Josef and Henry so any other shows have really high standards to reach in the Hot, Sexy vamps.
    You said it like it was straight out of my head :-D BRING BACK THE HOTTIES

    I really agree with you both!! I think the people who tend to find the Twilight vamps hot are younger people. It makes sense. Those actors are younger, and I imagine Spike, Angelus (in the later years), and Mick are too old for them. (I imagine young and old will agree that Henry is the hottest thing EVER!) The actor who plays James is a grown-up, and I'm a sucker for long hair. It's too bad Moonlight and Blood Ties didn't come out after the Twilight craze. I bet they would have done quite well. I do have to say, I'm glad that books still have such an impact on our culture. The fact that Twilight and Harry Potter are more loved than practically any TV show makes me happy. Also, Twilight was one of the only vampire stories brave enough to actually turn the heroine. Everyone likes to make fun of the sparkling (including me), but I always give props to writers who come up with a new angle to explain vampire legends, like why they don't go into the sunlight. I wish this show would come back, because Henry is super-hot, and I can relate to Vicky. She's a total (grown-up) babe. Honestly, I sometimes find the vampires who go for teenagers a little pervy. I mean, they look young, but they should have the maturity to be past the jail bait, at their ages.

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    yeah another good show goes makes me the past 2 years were canceled too many good shows and that drives me crazy
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    long store short. company/ tv that product this was purasches by another one and that company did not feel like re getting rights distrubtion to other country.
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    I still can't believe that they cancelled this show, it was so good and I wanted to know what happened with Henry and Vicki and whether things between them developed more, and it would be awesome if they did bring it back or someone else did because I would love to see more. I do agree about Henry though Madelynn1984, he's very hot, and so it Mick as well from Moonlight, another show I love and wish hadn't been cancelled. There are a few other shows I liked that were cancelled too soon, mainly Killer Instinct, The Others, Moonlight.

    Also I'd completely forgotten this but both Dylan Neal and Christina Cox have been in Stargate Atlantis, just not in the same episode, Dylan played John's older brother in the episode with his dad's funeral and he's back on Earth, can't remember the name though.

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