Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on Lifetime
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A young girl possesses telekinetic powers that control a monster. Meanwhile, Mike is on the hunt to find out who Henry really is.

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  • A young mother is killed and her daughter is left at a school for gifted children to be taken care of. Vicki is asked to find the daughters father as he abandoned them years before. It seems that violence follows the young girl wherever she goes.moreless

    It is the young girls grandmother who approaches Vicki to search for her granddaughters father. She thinks no matter what the girl would be better off with her father. We find out that Vicki was abandoned by her father when she was young. Mike finally finds out what Henry is and the sparks fly between them. Mike has total distrust for Henry and the feeling is mutual. There are some fun scenes in a comic book store with Vicki and then Mike as each of them is searching for keys to answers about Henry.

    In the end this ho hum episode is driven by the administrator for the school Cobb played by Jay Brazeau. He is scaring the young girl into using her unique telepathic gifts to stop anyone that might separate her from him. Where most childrens childhood imaginary friends are just that this girl literally can imagine them into being. Including the capability to do violence.

    Vicki, the father, Henry and Mike come together to stop Cobb and save this psychotic child from herself. It seems irrelevant that she killed her mother and tried to kill at least three other people we know of.

    This show is taking the wrong direction and I hope that it does not continue. It sort of reminds me of a poor mans Supernatural without the heroes. This "monster" was a little weak and the story not strong enough for this early in the series.

    They need to come up with clear cut roles for Mike and Henry as this weird three way relationship does not work as well. Maybe they should bring Coreen more into the stories or leave Mike out a little more.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Amzing, freeky and great chemisty

    I must admit this have become an addiction, and when Mike finds out at the end. I expected more of a reaction but heh i get that in the next one kind of.

    quite a freeky episode. that freeky little toy was scary and it was odd tht you find out it was her not the toy.

    the doctor guy also slightly freeky

    the chemisty between henry and vicki is still alive and i love it, especially the bit at the end. it seems he wants to protect and help her

    i really enjoy this show, and i really hope it continues for the sake of vicki and henry finally getting togethermoreless
  • x-men

    i was not happy that the vicki's cop friend found out about fitzroy. that is going to make things more difficult i guess, or easier as it will make the cop more helpful. although he was already helpful because of how he feels about her so it seemed to be unnecessary. the way she left at the end bothered me because they weren't being jealous over her. the cop had legitimate questions about the vampire & whether he has been killing people or not which she needs to answer. i was bothered that no one contradicted cobb when he lied to the girl. dad could have just said "i'm not going to take away buttercup" i think it was dumb that fitzroy was helping out with the case at the beginning when it was just a missing persons case.moreless
  • Wish you were telekinetic?

    Ever wish you had the power to move things wiht your mind? I know i do... but when a woman ends up killed in a very intersting situation and her daughter is left alone. Vicki is hired to go find her dead beat dad. When she tracks him down he tells her of why he ran away from his daughter and family. its because she has powers and that she had attacked him with them and almost killed. Her school is for gifted children. Meaning smart but the school new about her powers and encouraged them and thought her to think that her stuffed animal was killing all the people, until the father comes to take his dauighter away from there and she learns the truth. On the other hand, Mike finds out what Henry is and gives Vicki the whole 3rd- degree about it and how he cant believe that she would associate with something like that.moreless
  • Please let there be more fun stuff in the future. I adore the books now that I've read them and I want the series to be like I picture it being.moreless

    Okay we are four episodes into the series and I feel like I'm at a restaurant and they keep bringing out appetizers, teasing us while withholding the main course. This episode, don't get me wrong, but come on. It takes Celluci FOUR episodes to find out what Henry is. And yeah granted, the first two happened in the first night, but still. If Celluci is supposed to be this grand cop he should be a bit more intuitive. And yeah I know some of it is NOT wanting to believe in the supernatural but damn. I'm hoping that now the episodes will be getting better and have a faster pace to them since Celluci knows.moreless
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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Vicki: Wow, you are good. You know, at this rate, I can take a vacation.
      Coreen: What about my bonus?
      Vicki: I'll bring you back a t-shirt from Jamaica.

    • Mike: You okay with this case you got?
      Vicki: (shrugs) Standard missing persons.
      Mike: So, um, runaway dads, they don't push your buttons anymore?
      Vicki: How could they? They're never there.
      (Vicki leaves)
      Mike: (to himself) Therapist must be thrilled.

    • Mr. Cobb: Sarah's a very special girl. I'm happy we're able to help her.
      Vicki: Well, hopefully we can get her hooked up with her dad soon.
      Mr. Cobb: It's no problem having to put her up. Almost half of our students live here.
      Vicki: Aren't some of these kids a little young to be in boarding school?
      Mr. Cobb: Their parents all recognize their children's talents at an early age. They understood that enrolling them at Cobb Academy would be the best way to realize their full talents.

    • Vicki: You don't really strike me as the long term commitment type.
      Henry: I'm the definition of long term. Not necessarily one woman, of course.

    • Mike: What's this? You knew this?
      Vicki: It's not all Bram Stoker and....(turns head away)
      Mike: What.... what he is Casper the friendly vampire? What the hell you doing with him Vicki?
      Henry: We work together.
      Mike: What else?
      Vicki: Mike...It has been a really long day (walks away).

    • Celeste: Come on Sarah, it's bedtime. We have to be up early for the movers.
      Sarah: I'm not going to move. I'm staying here.
      Celeste: Honey, you can't. You'll like where we're going.
      Sarah: I won't, and neither will Buttercup.
      Celeste: Oh Sarah...
      Sarah: I hate you!

    • Henry: Fine, read my books, sniff into the secrets of my inner life. But be careful how deep you dig, Vicki… it might be a dark ride.

    • Vicki: Not making you sick is it?
      Henry: Just hungry.

    • Henry: I can sign that for you, if you like.
      Vicki: Are you stalking me?
      Henry: It's Wednesday.
      Vicki: And that's what, stalking day?

    • Henry: I just had lunch with the boogyman last night.
      Vicki: Really? How is he? I haven't seen him since I was five.

    • (seeing Vicki beating on a punching bag)
      Mike: It confess yet?
      (continuing to punch the bag)
      Vicki: It will.

    • Coreen: I so deserve a bonus!
      Vicki: I pay you?

    • Vicki: Can you sniff out whoever did this?
      Henry: I'm a vampire, not a bloodhound.

    • Vicki: I'm not ghostbusters!
      Coreen: They had a lot of clients. And now, so do we.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 3, 2007 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: September 6, 2007 on Living TV
      Czech Republic: May 17, 2010 on AXN

    • The comic book store used in the episode is Elfsar Comics & Toys located in the Yaletown area of downtown Vancouver, BC.