Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 8

Heart of Fire

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2007 on Lifetime
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Heart of Fire

Henry is held hostage by someone from his past, but can Mike and Vicki get along in time to save Henry?

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  • Henry has been taken by Monsignor Mendoza of the Inquisition and Vicki and Mike have very little time to rescue him. They work together to hopefully find him in time while Coreen seeks out help to find the answers to the Gold Sun symbol.moreless

    The Inquisition was active from 1480 till around the year 1530, but was predominately in Spain. I am assuming that is where Henry was captured originally by Monsignor Javier Mendoza. This must have been very early in Henry's life as a vampire considering he was made around that time.

    It seems like Mike comes to his senses for some reason immediately after he and Vicki get trapped in the sewer. You wonder what he thought the Monsignor was going to do with Henry once he had him? Reason with him?

    It was a shame about Delphine as it seemed they had reached her in time. That was a pretty hellish way to go it would seem. I guess it was pretty quick though. Mike did seem to be impressed that this was not the proper way a civilized person handles such situations. Of course who ever said the Inquisition was run by civilized men.

    In the end it would have taken Henry a great deal of restraint not to drain the first person he had put in front of him so you have to get the idea he has built up some resolve over the centuries. So the Monsignor is vanquished but we don't really get to see what happened to him, we just hear it. I had some interesting ideas myself. Mike, Vicki and Henry just seem to be happy to have survived the whole ordeal. It will be interesting to see the dynamics of the relationships going forward. Vicki got to see Henry at his worst, Mike got bitten so he has experienced that himself as well as feeling a little sheepish about not trusting Vicki's judgment, and finally how reluctant will Henry be to get involved again as I am sure this is not what he originally bargained for. We will see in the next few episodes.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Very clever. They get the team to work together after such a limited amount of time by using the characterization of the two cops brilliantly.

    Very clever. They get the team to work together after such a limited amount of time by using the characterization of the two cops brilliantly.

    Mike does what he thinks is right to protect his ex-partner, when it turns out to be wrong he doesn't hesitate to correct his mistake. Vicki puts everything else on hold to Henry even though she falls out with mike. On the other hand Henry is fighting his own battle against himself, and his own inner daemons. It is all based around the police idea of trusting your partner implicitly and mike trusting Henry because Vicki does.

    The whole series is subtly but well written like this, but this is one of the most obvious episodes where this trusting someone simply because other people do is shown.moreless
  • Intense episode

    I love how they finally work as a team. it seems a bit odd it took so long or so short, it didnt seem the right time for this episode after they only have known each other for a short time.

    it seems the whole series actually works a little fast judging on the fact they have only known henry and short while and vicki seems closer to henry than she does to mike!!

    anyway i loved how vicki really really cares for henry to go looking for him and make it her upmost priority, it also seems that mike doesnt really accept henry but learns to live with it

    good showmoreless
  • Henry is taken hostage thanks to Mike, who is shown the error of his ways by Vicki and they work together to find Henry before it is too late

    It has been interesting to see this series and how the characters are developing. This episode was great with the suspense- will they find Henry?, the action as they do, seeing how the charcters are getting to know each other- Mike learns that he can trust Henry no matter what he thinks is going on. To see them working as a team is great as is who will get the girl- will Vicky be able to choose between the good cop and the good vampire. I can understand why she is having a probelm-m what a choice! As I am watching this in the UK, am trying to be patient!!moreless
  • van helsing

    just like batman carries around a kryptonite ring in case superman gets out of control now vicki has the sun pendant if he ever loses it again. it was good & the type of behavior i expect from a strong woman who used to be a cop. although it at first bugged me that they let henry kill the priest it makes sense as there was no other way to deal with him, save turn him over to the vatican which would open a huge can of worms. of course they could set up the church as a new nemesis. i'm glad they brought back the professor lady, i had almost forgotten about her. & vicki is way 2 attached 2 henry & luckily she saw him for what he really is. a vampire. he isn't angel (a vampire with a soul) he's just a vampire who chooses not to cause waves for his own selfish purpose. but now she has the sun pendant.moreless
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Julian Sands


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Jiang Shi (meaning "stiff corpse" in Chinese) are not exactly vampires but reanimated corpses that feed on the life essence of other creatures. They are created when a person's soul does not leave the body after death and they are depicted as having greenish-white furry skin, perhaps to indicate the corpses' fungus.

    • Goof: When Henry goes after Vicki, you can see that he no longer has the burn marks on his left shoulder. How did he heal if he hasn't had any blood?

    • The fictional device known as iluminación del sol is Spanish literally meaning "the illumination of the sun." It was created by a Daoist monk to steal immortality from vampires. Religiously, the highest ideal of a Daoist is to acquire immortality.

    • Besides its fairy tale connotation, "happy endings" can also refer to a masseuse who finishes a client's session with oral sex or manual release.

    • Goof: Detective Lam mentions that Javier Mendoza was a "Grand Inquisitor during the Spanish Inquisition". It sounds like there is a specific time or historical period for the Spanish Inquisition, while in fact this institution was founded in 1478 and abolished in 1834. Although there is no famous Javier Mendoza associated with it, three-and-a-half centuries of work give room for a lot of possibilities.

      The Spanish Inquisition was most active in Spain during the time of Henry Fitzroy's birth, mainly as the means to cope first with a very religiously diverse population, much of it inherited after the last Spanish Islamic kingdoms were conquered, and later with the Reformation. By the date of 1742 mentioned, it was barely tolerated and acted only as the Censorship office for arts and literature. Witch-hunting was not one of its major activities, probably about a 10% only, since the Inquisition preferred to focus on heresy (which included all forms of Protestantism) and false conversions instead. Their biggest witch trial (11 condemned out of 7.000 questioned) was in 1610, and the inquisitors themselves dismissed most of both accusations and confessions as superstitious nonsense.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Vicki: (of Mendoza) You need to show us where he took you.
      Cassis: I ain't gotta show you nothing, princess.
      (Vicki manhandles Cassis against the wall.)
      Vicki: Okay, you have two choices, and only one of them has a happy ending. You do know about "happy endings", right?

    • Henry: Good evening, Monsignor. It's time to repent.

    • Henry: Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts, for which we are about to receive… from thy bounty through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

    • Vicki: (cradles his head) Mike, you okay?
      Mike: (groans) God, that hurts.
      Vicki: Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed.
      Mike: Well, You're welcome.

    • Mike: Henry is a killer, plain and simple.
      Vicki: He's my partner. And now, because of you, I've got to go do what I do when my partner is in trouble.

    • Mike: We really need to talk about your drinking problem.
      Henry: Clearly, I stopped too soon.

    • Kate: And get some rest, you look like hell.
      Mike: Thank you. Appreciate that.

    • (while Mike and Vicki fight over paying Cassis)
      Cassis: I have an idea. Pay me now, and fight about this all you want when you get home.
      Mike: Oh listen, sweetheart, we are so not a couple.
      Cassis: Sure you're not.
      Vicki: We're not.

    • (after Vicki pins Cassis to the wall)
      Cassis: (to Mike) Is this where you come in, good cop?
      Mike: Actually, she is the good cop.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Mendoza: I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw a beast rise out of the sea…

      This is a slightly altered version of Revelation 13:1-3, the book in the Christian Bible that foretells the apocalypse.