Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 6

Love Hurts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Teaser: A client, Gary Howsen, is in Vicki's office asking her to find out if his wife Marcy, whom we see with him in a picture, is cheating on him. He sounds sad and regretful, still clearly in love with his wife even when he makes a joke about hiring a hitman. Vicki warns him that sometimes, in these types of inquiries, the marriage does not survive after the partner finds out that he or she has been investigated, but he asks her to go ahead since the doubt is worse than knowing. Coreen enters the office after the client leaves, but is disappointed by the fact that it is just another adultery case. In another part of the city, Marcy has just finished making love with someone. She goes to the bathroom, chatting with her unseen lover and trying to arrange for another meeting next day, when she turns around and screams.
Title Sequence
Vicki arrives at a nice upper-class neighbourhood where the crime was committed and meets with Mike, who mistakenly believes at first that she is there to make dinner plans with him. The fact is that her client called her because his wife is dead and he has no alibi for the previous night. He believes that her lover killed her and he needs someone on his side. Later on in a bar, Vicki is having a drink with Henry while explaining the new case to him. He teases her, saying that now "normal" bores her and that only the supernatural excites her, but he is not only talking about cases. Double-entendres go both ways, and when Henry mocks Mike's detective skills, Vicki replies that police work is not the only thing Mike is good at. Henry leaves in a huff.
Next day, Vicki visits Gary and Marcy's neighbours to ask some questions. Her friends Wendy, Isobel and Sheryl agree that Marcy was a successful professional on her way up and a loving wife, and that it is a tragedy to be killed by a stranger. Vicki asks how they can be sure that a stranger did it and they explain that all their house and grounds-keeping personnel are vetted. Vicki asks for information about Marcy's lover but they all deny any knowledge of the affair, obviously lying. While in the garden, the women stare hungrily at their very attractive gardener, Emmanuel. They were all with him last night in a flower arrangement class. At the police station, Mike and Det. Graham are discussing Marcy's murder when Det. Lam hands over to Mike a case file pertaining to a murder in 1932 that he asked her to dig up for him. The victim's photo reveals two punctures on the neck. Mike puts the file in a folder with the name Fitzroy on it. Back in the Country Club neighbourhood, Vicki approaches the gardener to confirm his whereabouts the night before and to ask why Marcy was not invited to the flower arrangement class. Emmanuel replies that she cancelled, then hands Vicki a flower. They walk close together, Vicki almost falling into his arms as she trips on the stairs and laughing coyly when he recites poetry to her, all girly fluttering eyelashes. She is obviously besotted and her manners with him are far from her usual tough ones. They are interrupted by Bruce, Sheryl's husband, who is looking for his wife. He invites Vicki inside to discuss the case and shows her a collection of antique figurines collected by his mother, who was an anthropologist. Some of them are male and female nudes with exaggerated sexual attributes and others seem to represent some mythological creature. Vicki takes pictures of them.
That night in her office Vicki discusses the case with Henry again, this time mentioning the gardener and her suspicion that something is going on between him and the wives. Henry is more interested in Emmanuel's poetry recital and its effect in Vicki, especially since her heart beats faster when she mentions him. Henry tries his own brand of seductive talk and is rebuffed. Later that night, Vicki has a very realistic dream of a man caressing her body in her own bedroom and, after some heavy breathing moments, she wakes up before the really interesting bits. She dresses up and goes to Henry's apartment to ask him if, by any chance, it was he who happened to be passing by her bed for a sand-and-polish rendezvous, but he denies it. Feeling foolish, Vicki exchanges some more innuendo with Henry and leaves.
Next morning, Vicki goes to the police station to ask what Mike has on the gardener, since Coreen could not find anything. Mike figures that he is an illegal immigrant but the women have all confirmed his alibi. Mike does not believe it any more than Vicki, but that leaves only the husband as suspect for now. Vicki proposes dinner and Mike spoils it by asking if Henry is also on the case. Mike insists that he asks because he is concerned, but Vicki replies that the caveman in him is coming out to play, and that does not really turn her on. She then goes back to see Emmanuel and finds him leaving Isobel's residence through the backyard and enjoying a final frolic with the lady of the house. As he refreshes himself by pouring a bucket of water over his head while shirtless, Vicki approaches and asks him how many lawns is he tending in the neighbourhood and warns him than he is on the police radar. He maintains that he cared for Marcy and would never have hurt her. Sheryl interrupts them, coming from work early to discuss something with Emmanuel, and Wendy joins them with a similar excuse. Emmanuel flees to Isobel's again to give them time to fight it out and Vicki confirms her suspicions when neither of the women is able to agree on what flower  they were supposed to be arranging the night of the murder.
There is a party that night at the Golf and Country Club and Vicki and Coreen are bringing Henry to it to charm the wives into submission, so that they might reveal what really happened the night of Marcy's murder. In the meantime, Vicki and Coreen will search Emmanuel's cottage. Henry is more interested in the golf part and Coreen in the Emmanuel part, so Vicki has difficulty rallying her distracted troops to battle. Before she drops Henry at his apartment for a change of clothes, Vicki asks him to avoid the biting part in this assignment because it does not exactly say professionalism. Henry inquires if this is about something that he might do or something that he did not do last night, like staying with her or visiting her bedroom. Vicki, still embarrassed, denies that it has anything to do with the previous night happenings and Henry promises to keep his fangs to himself. At the party, Henry soon locates the wives chatting with each other, while their husbands cluster around the bereaved Gary Howsen, comforting him. Henry unleashes his considerable sex appeal onto the women one by one and, although they seem flattered, none of them succumbs, frustrating him.
Vicki and Coreen return from their foray to Emmanuel's cottage and through the Country Club neighbourhood, discussing the current lack of romance in Vicki's life, which is not for lack of candidates since she has two very suitable ones hanging on her hem. Vicki explains her dream from the previous night and how real it seemed, even to feeling the weight of the other person, and Coreen tells her that it could have been an Incubus, a sex demon. They hear a scream coming out of Isobel's house and Vicki orders Coreen to call the police while she goes in. She finds Isobel on her bed being attacked by a figure in black robes who knocks Vicki across the room and then sucks the life-force out of Isobel, before disappearing. Sheryl's husband, Bruce, appears asking if Isobel is alright and he is followed by Coreen and Isobel's husband, who kneels by his wife crying while Bruce tries to console him. While the police are on the way, Vicki and Coreen find Henry practicing with a 7-iron, something that Vicki finds hilarious until Henry reminds her that his father killed the Scottish king, so he knows how to golf. Coreen explains to Henry what just happened and also her theory, which is that Emmanuel is an Incubus. They return to the office to research  demons that could have killed Isobel while Henry exults, as he figures out that the wives ignored his advances because the incubus got to them first. From the literature, the incubus is a good candidate for a demonic murderer and Emmanuel fits the profile for demon lover. They also find that an idol representing an incubus, a sitting demon with a large penis, is an exact replica of one of Bruce's mother's collection. Someone could have used it to summon the demon.
In the morning, Vicki interrogates Sheryl about Emmanuel and the murders. She finally confesses that all the women belong to a networking group meant to help them with their careers, but it is in fact an excuse for having a few drinks together and they usually end up in whine-about-the-husbands sessions. Their perfect looking marriages are a façade behind which the wives complain about lack of attention from the husbands while the husbands resent their wives' professional success. In one of the meetings in Sheryl's house, where they got a bit drunk, they took the figurines to re-enact mockingly some marriages' scenes. Stirred by the Incubus idol and its enormous attributes, they made jokes about rubbing it like a djinni's bottle and ask for a wish, when the figurine let out a puff of smoke and scared them. The next night, they all started having very realistic erotic dreams until Emmanuel appeared tending the gardens. Each woman thinking that one of the others had hired him, they all soon traded dreams for reality. Sheryl offered the cottage in her property for Emmanuel to live in and the night of Marcy's murder she was with him part of the time. She asked the others to cover for her and that is when they found out that they all had dealings with Emmanuel. The night of Isobel's murder however, he was not with any of them and neither is he now in his cottage. Vicki then goes to see Mike and tells him about the incubus theory, warning him to be careful how they try to bring Emmanuel in for questioning. He takes it well, or at least better than he used to.
Coreen is researching rituals not only to summon the incubus, but to trap it. A ritual circle might hold him and the idol and a sexually frustrated bait, that is Vicki, should bring him to them. Vicki says that she is not sexually frustrated, but the fact that the incubus already visited her does not support that statement. Vicki tries to borrow the idol from Sheryl but Bruce refuses, complaining about Sheryl's lack of respect for his things. The fact that Sheryl paid the mortgage recently has made him crankier that usual. Despite this, that evening Coreen and Henry prepare Vicki and her bedroom for the summoning and trapping rituals. Henry tries to make Vicki relax and be more "receptive" by kissing her and Mike walks right in on them, since he still has Vicki's apartment keys. Sarcasms unsheathed, Henry and Mike duel while Vicki is exasperated. Later on, Vicki sleeps while outside Coreen dozes and Mike and Henry pace and glare at each other. Vicki suddenly screams and they all rush in, to find Vicki out of bed and Emmanuel running towards her, then being stopped by the ritual circle barrier. He growls at them and Henry growls back. Vicki asks him why he killed Marcy and Isobel, but Emmanuel insists that it was not him. He really cared for them and besides, they gave him food, shelter and sex. There is no reason for him to harm them. Coreen totally agrees and would free him right there if Mike and Henry did not push her back twice. Vicki asks him why he crosses over to this side and Emmanuel explains what a wonderful turn-on it is to have these tough professional women open themselves to him, become vulnerable, act on their longing with him, just like Vicki. Vicki replies that she has no longing, but then later admits that she has been thinking about buying a dog. Both Henry and Mike feel offended that she would consider that before either of them. If Emmanuel is telling the truth, them maybe something else murdered Marcy and Isobel. Coreen has an alternative at hand: Another of the idols represents Megaera, one of the Furies or Angry Ones. This particular one attacks whoever or whatever someone is jealous of, and that someone might not necessarily be the person that summoned it. Marcy's husband was very jealous of her and the other women were jealous of the extra attention that Isobel was getting from Emmanuel. It seems that someone is using the idol but does not know how to do it properly. They need to return to Sheryl's house.
Back at Sheryl's house, Bruce is holding the Megaera idol and calling it forth to kill Sheryl. He is not so much jealous of her affair with Emmanuel but resentful because she is the main bread-earner and decision-maker in the marriage. Vicki, Mike, Henry and Emmanuel arrive, with Henry and Mike still squabbling like children. Megaera appears in Sheryl's bedroom, where she is working late and, at the same time, Vicki and others enter the house using Emmanuel's key. Henry and Mike have graduated from bickering to pushing around and Megaera turns away from Sheryl, despite Bruce's desperate orders, and meets the others downstairs. Henry faces her and connects a punch that has little effect. Mike shoots at her but Megaera ignores it and focuses on Henry, trying to sucks the life-force out of him but failing because he is already dead. Megaera tries ripping his head off instead and Bruce appears still trying to control Megaera, while Vicki shouts that he is an idiot and goes to the rescue. Her trusty stick however has as little impact as Mike's bullets and Mike then wrestles Bruce, managing to take the idol from him and passing it on to Vicki, who smashes it with a baseball-like hit. Megaera disappears and Mike is left arresting Bruce under the horrified eyes of Sheryl.
As Bruce is being taken away, Henry and Emmanuel discuss seduction techniques, complaining that women today have lost the appreciation of the art of romance. Mike asks Vicki what they should do with Emmanuel, but he has not broken any laws, just a few husbands' hearts. Mike insists that he is not jealous of Henry, despite the fact that Henry was the one targeted by Megaera, but is just worried for Vicki. There are many things that they do not know about Henry, but Vicki declares that she trusts him and they leave it at that for the moment.