Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 6

Love Hurts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • to many hot love triangles between 4 or 5 house wives and a gardner then another love triangle between a P.I, female a vampire and a cop. this is just the same as buffy the vampire slayer.

    ok i will admit i don't watch the show i watch the show moonlight in my opinion is better but this episode was really hot for my taste. i was melting between henrys lust for viki i can very much tell he wants her. i can tell he wants to kiss her very badly but he respects her when his lust for her doesn't try to come near her. i really don't think that he could ever love her. she could love him but him, he could really use passion as love only for lust. and that is the same as buffy with angel, the commando dude and spike.
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