Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2007 on Lifetime
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Episode Summary

The dead body of pro boxer Diesel Swanson has gone missing. Things get weird when a tape shows Diesel getting up and walking out of the funeral home.

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  • Boxer Diesel Swanson's body disappears out of a funeral home when he was definitely dead. The mortician on the advice of the ME calls Vicki to investigate the disappearance. She wonders why until she sees the tape of the body getting up and walking out.moreless

    One of the best episodes of the first season. Ken Kirzinger does a terrific job as the dead boxer who is animated by the Egyptian Necromancer. The only question was who was behind the slight of hand.

    A great piece of detective work by the team as they come to the conclusion Diesel was murdered and did not die of the supposed natural liver failure originally thought. The bar tender William Carmichael played by Victor Ayala spiked a drink with Parsidol which caused the actual failure of the boxers liver. The other player, the morticians son, was the actual Necromancer and actually kills his partner William in the end. So at least they can get him on the murder charge legitimately. Very interesting mythology in this episode based on Egyptian myth and legend. I always find this subject fascinating as the Egyptian Civilization was very advanced way beyond later European modern civilizations but thousands of years before. It makes you wonder what kind of knowledge was lost when the Library of Alexandria fell into the ocean.

    There is a wonderful final scene of the widow saying goodbye to her dead husband, but he really is present and then he undoes the spell and is finally dead. He wanted to hear his wife one last time and know that she loved him. It was very touching.

    Interesting scene between Vicki and Henry in the end with her saying, "I think I get it finally. The sweetness of death." Henry replies, "It is an acquired taste."

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • vampire and p.i. both look for a dead man walking up from a table in a morge. they find out he became a zombie.

    henry just wont stop he is just to horny for my taste. i am happy that viki wont ever seduce her self to him. he really has to stop with the whole huging around someone that doesn't really like. he is just to creepy and i can see why i would never trust him. here is some advise for him. go to coreen she seems up to have a one night stand even though she is just the assisant she seems to really want to be with you. any way it was a little boring and this type of thing has been shown before.moreless
  • mummy fight club

    so the underground fight club has been done on smallville, angel & star trek: voyager, so nothing new there. but the best part of the episode was when henry was smelling the death on vicki. it was a great scene & christina did a good job of closing her eyes at the right times. i love the way a woman smells so i really enjoyed that scene. they screwed up by having the reanimated guy act kind of normal, i guess u could attribute that to the fact that the necromancer was no longer in control & that the free will had returned to the reanimated corpse but it doesn't explain his behavior. i like that henry was sympathetic to the corpse. he did explain that he still has his soul, which is different than the buffy vampire mythology so i guess i was wrong before. it was a pretty good episode. how hawt was coreen in her pigtails & corset! delicious!moreless
  • Wow! From the suspect and the ruse to be inconspicuous, the learning of Henry's days as a mobster to the compassion for a fellow "dead" guy, this was GREAT

    Oh myyyyyy. It was really great. Learning about Henry's days as a mobster was great. There was even a lesson of the chemistry of perfume! Coming from Henry, you know it's not the traditional chemistry lesson you had in school! The referrence to Easter was great as well, since not to many people would get this referrence! The difference between being reanimated and resurrected was made clear and the compassion Henry and the living had for the fighter was so touching. It's not really something most people would consider but it was really a concept that they made so very humane. You guys rock. In a world where racisms and predjudices are so common place, this really gave new meaning to acceptance. Yeah guys!For the warmer scenes well, lets just say, "oohhhh myyyy". I'm going to enroll in the next chemistry class!moreless
  • I enjoyed this episode especially the senuality between Henry and Vicky.

    I have to admit, I have been waiting for Henry and Vicky to show a glimpse of the sexual tension we all know is there. I only wish that the kiss in the begining scene between them was more passionate, it was more like a tease to keep us all watching.

    I really enjoyed the fact that they brought up egyptian history into the plot. It kept me interested the entire episode. I did not expect them to go into such detail about Necromancy as they did. I only wish that the episode would have showed Vicky return some of Henry's advances. I know that her character is meant to be stubborn and in control at all times...but come on! I need more than her playing games with BOTH Henry and Mike, for that matter. I was a little confused at the end of the episode when the boxer that the Necromancer re-animated had feelings and showed remorse. I thought that was the point of Henry telling Vicky the difference between being reserected and re- animated. I quess that I should not look so hard into the storline...overall I thought it was entertaining and I loved every second of it!moreless
Keith Dallas

Keith Dallas

Dave Graham

Guest Star

Ken Kirzinger

Ken Kirzinger

Diesel Swanson

Guest Star

Aurelio Dinunzio

Aurelio Dinunzio


Guest Star

Nimet Kanji

Nimet Kanji

Dr. Rajani Mohadevan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Anubis is the Egyptian God of the Dead. He serves as both a guide of the recently departed and a guardian of the dead, greeting the souls in the Underworld and protecting them on their journey.

    • The fictional reference book in the episode is entitled, "Egyptian Funeral Rituals and Resurrection Mythology."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Henry begins sniffing Vicki)
      Vicki: Whatcha doing?
      Henry: There's something different about you.
      Vicki: I don't think so. Same soap, same shampoo, same...detergent.
      Henry: (still sniffing) Something more primal.
      Vicki: I...changed my fabric softener.
      Henry: You smell like death.
      Vicki: Okay. How is that even remotely a turn-on?
      Henry: Decay is a common basenote in most perfumes. Usually derived from jasmine.
      Vicki: Hmm.
      Henry: The fusion of...attractive and repulsive scents creates a sense of...urgency, don't you think?
      Vicki: Not really.

    • Vicki: I think I get it now. (Henry looks at her questioningly.) The sweetness of death.
      Henry: It's an acquired taste.

    • Henry: When Bugsy caught me bumpin' uglies with his twist, he went off the track, clipped me on the spot. He and his boys dumped me in a Vegas landfill like I was yesterday's garbage. He figured... he figured I was down for the long dirt nap. But the next night, I was back with his skirt, ribbed up with the perfect song.

    • Henry: Men these days don't know how to treat a woman. He could have at least sprung for a motel room.

    • (Vicki and Henry catch a man, Barry, cheating on his wife)
      Vicki: Oh, Barry, I hope that was good for you, because that's going to cost you.

  • NOTES (2)