Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 20, 2007 on Lifetime
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Norman is back from hell and is ready, yet again to bring back his demonic master.

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  • Norman's back and this time he's bound and determined to have Vicki take his place in Hell. He must procure the three pieces he used to call Aseroth the first time. As a Demon he has special powers making him a much more formidable opponent than before.moreless

    A great episode bringing us full circle and answering some of the questions we have been wondering about since the beginning of season one. The symbols on Vicki's wrists seem to be both a draw to evil and a defense for it as well. Norman explains that the reason she has been visited and surrounded by so many spirits, demons, and creatures because she has been marked. We see they help her in the battle with Norman as it helps her hold her own in her fight with him later in the episode.

    Norman has picked up the different capabilities of the lower demon he summoned originally from the first episode. He can break apart into bats, take the form of other people he comes in contact with, and has superior strength even to Henry. Basically he is still Norman and therefore his superior skills do not make up for his lack of intelligence and he still doesn't think ahead of his opponents very well.

    Clever of Henry to think of bathing the dagger in Holy Water. It sure put an awkward spin on Norman's results in the end. I am sure this is not the last we've seen of him now that he has reared his ugly head. He'll show up with another plan that just doesn't seem to quite make sense eventually. He seems to have the will, just not the way!

    It was fun the scenes with Henry and Vicki where Norman was posing as one or the other. Eventually they both figured it out. I thought the professor would as well but she didn't seem to in the end. Talk about making the right observation at the right time with Henry(Norman) standing there. I did think it was out of character for Vicki and Henry to stand on a street corner and argue out in the open about a case like that, but they had to further the plot so Norman would find out where the grimoire was.

    A pretty entertaining finale and as stated earlier a completion of the circle from beginning to end for season one. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The actors' job were excellent. The episode's plot was great and I loved watching it.

    **SPOILERS**. Christina Cox's and Kyle Schmid's acting were excellent. We could see the difference when they weren't Vicki or Henry, and they were really capable of being Norman, with the way he walks and all. It was absolutely great and made me laugh at times to see Kyle Schmid as the fake Henry. And I loved seeing Christina Cox as the fake Vicki, with the attitude she had. It was my favorite episode up till now. The plot for the episode was a great idea. I couldn't wait to see the episode when I first saw the spoiler at the end of 1x11 (Post Partum).moreless
  • Oh Norman, you're such a creep but I love you! This episode was great - so many good lines, a solid plot (nice follow up to the start of the show) and great character work by all the actors.moreless

    Firstly, I've got to say that Michael Eklund (Norman) was absolutely fantastic in this episode. Norman as a demon? SO much better than Norman as a geeky puppet for the underworld. His attitude, his movement - the writers really created a brilliant character here (his lines are always the best) but Eklund really brought him to life.

    Secondly, Christina Cox and Kyle Schmid owned. I mean, we love episodes that explore Vicki and Henry's strange relationship (and oh my god, the blood sucking kiss? hottest thing so far) but their portrayal of shape shifting Norman was brilliant. The scene where Henry!Norman visits Vicki in her office makes me cringe every time and I have to pause over and over again to just squirm and protest. But that's just proof that Schmid got it right - Norman is slimy and lame and feral with girls! And Cox owned her scenes as well.

    Though I have to say, I rather preferred her portrayal of Norman. Because Vicki!Norman was hot. It was Norman, with his sniffing out of the dagger and his lines, but it was something else entirely - smooth movements, wayyy sexy fighting and teasing and showing claws. I think Cox's portrayal was closer to what *Vicki* would be like if she was somehow turned evil and hedonistic and power hungry.

    And one last thing - that close up of Norman licking Coreen's face was absolute genius. Her terrified eyes, the proximity, the feeling of "Ew, blagh!" I just loved that shot.

    Fine episode, lots of comedy, lots of sex (as much as you can have with two characters that aren't allowed to get together or the show kinda dies) and *lots* of great characterisation. Must see.moreless
  • i just can't understand it. it wasn't to happy to watch i just think henry wants viki but she won't want him.

    the beginning was alright i did like how henry and viki were both just hanging out watching a movie together you know just like friends. then he has to bring up about vampires passion on love and not just their love for blood. i just wish he would stop trying to make so many moves toward viki to try to sleep or kiss her. and to add to everything else norman comes back from hell and poses as viki infront of henry acting like she is so into him. the posing as henry infront of viki trying to posay saying that viki should not be afraid of passion. it's getting boring for me watching henry trying to use his "charm" on viki. it was nice to see that viki kisses him but at the wrong time i was hoping that something would happen at the end but nothing did happen and that was upsettingmoreless
  • Blood Ties is about a PI Viki Nelson who teams up with a vampire Henry Fitzroy who helps her fight the supernatural. And with Mike Celluci and Coreen Fennel by their side.moreless

    Norman what can i say Great Episode! really thaught it was a well produced episode. Norman is back from the dead and is after Viki because he needs her and the things he needs to raise a demon. We see Viki and Henry's real feelings for each other which i loved!. My favorite part was when Viki said to norman not a real blonde a very good classic! ha she always cracks on everytime a demon is after her which is why i like her. Henry when he was on the floor and Norman transformed back into himself the look on Henry's face! he really thaught it was Viki blessmoreless
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