Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 11

Post Partum

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Sparks fly between Vicki and Mike!

    I have to admit I am not rooting for Mike to win Vicki's affections. Though last night's show was full of yearning between Mike and all started with a case. (of course)

    Vicki is hired by a husband that is concerned about his wife. She has entered a center for women that are having trouble concieving a child. The husband suspects something is wrong and is cult-like. Vicki decides to go in surch for a psudo-husband to go under cover with. This leaves Henry out due to his nocturnal habits...that leaves us Mike.
    Vicki and Mike pretend to be married and can not have children. Vicki enters the center...This is where my eyes and ears perked up. FINALLY some passion!!! The kiss starts off simple enough...very friend -like and progresses into a very full sensuous kiss. They are forced to part their ways...unfortunately. Vicki does her PI thing and investigates, finding out that their is something wrong with the "babies" that this center is creating. Overall this episode was kinda average..nothing unexpected really happeneds...except for the creepy kid was a product of the center 10 years ago. He is the spawn of a Dark EVIL ELF and loves nothing more than killing....yeah, as I said UBER creepy! Finally Henry shows up to save Vicki from the Evil Elf...the last 10 Minutes!!!! Oh, well I can't complain, he was in a few scenes. The best line in the show is Henry asking Vicki if she missed him. She says "yes" the same time I did. I missed him immensly this whole episode. Not that I am complaining, any screne time with Henry is a good time. Mike, Henry and Vicki save the mothers from the Elf. YEAH! The episode ends with the 10 yr old spawn of the evil elf watching other children...creepy kid.
    The best part of this episode, besides the kissing scene is the PREVIEW for next weeks show. WOW!!!!! I am counting down the days, minutes, seconds untill next Sunday! Keep it coming...every episode leaves me wanting....MORE!
  • plague of babies

    this was a good change of pace where we had henry working with coreen (although i'm surprised that everyone accepts her goth look as matter-of-fact, probably because she's hawt!) while vicki was pretty much on her own. anyway, the part where mike & vicki are pretending to be married & pretending to say good-bye was great because they both got forgot that the kisses were supposed to be pretend & were kissing each other for real! vicki's expression when the kissing was finished was classic. christina cox is gorgeous & she has beautiful, kissable lips. when are they going to make kate mike's partner? she's cute. ok, enough about the women. the smoke in the hallway at the end was odd & unnecessary. i also don't think we needed to see the evil elf's true appearance but it was ok. i did think it was great that the evil boy had pointy elf ears.
  • Vicki is hired by a man who's wife is having a baby at a fertility clinic and they have barred him from seeing her. Vicki goes in undercover as Mike's wife while Henry and Coreen do research to figure out what is going on.

    From maybe the best episode of the first season to maybe the worst episode of the first season. The really good parts of this episode were the interactions between Vicki and Mike, Vicki and Henry, Vicki and Coreen, and finally Henry and Coreen. That seems like a lot but they had to ruin it with the plot of the episode.

    A Dark Elve is inseminating desperate mothers who are afraid they will never have babies with demon seed that will produce children that will spawn evil deeds including murder of people and animals. The doctor of the clinic is using a combination of drugs to cause the women to be compliant and happy to go along without noticing the weird side effects of their pregnancy. You wonder what else the doctor was getting out of this deal with the devil.

    Vicki and Mike get to share some quality goodbye time with each other under the guise of being a happily married couple desperate to have a baby by any means.

    Henry comes in handy with his investigations with Corrine. It seems that he can detect evil and distinguish the different smells of animal and human blood from quite a distance.

    In the end the Dark Elve is killed with an Iron Spear. Now it is true in mythology that Dwarfs were forced to forge iron into weapons and I think they got the mythology mixed up a little, but I suppose that is not really important. I could be wrong though. The woman who just had the baby speared the Elve through the back I guess completing the joke of the title Post Partum. I wonder if that will screw her up very much?

    Again not a very strong story and sort of a silly episode. After the last episode this was a little disappointing. Thanks for reading...