Blood Ties

Season 1 Episode 11

Post Partum

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Vicki is hired by a man who's wife is having a baby at a fertility clinic and they have barred him from seeing her. Vicki goes in undercover as Mike's wife while Henry and Coreen do research to figure out what is going on.

    From maybe the best episode of the first season to maybe the worst episode of the first season. The really good parts of this episode were the interactions between Vicki and Mike, Vicki and Henry, Vicki and Coreen, and finally Henry and Coreen. That seems like a lot but they had to ruin it with the plot of the episode.

    A Dark Elve is inseminating desperate mothers who are afraid they will never have babies with demon seed that will produce children that will spawn evil deeds including murder of people and animals. The doctor of the clinic is using a combination of drugs to cause the women to be compliant and happy to go along without noticing the weird side effects of their pregnancy. You wonder what else the doctor was getting out of this deal with the devil.

    Vicki and Mike get to share some quality goodbye time with each other under the guise of being a happily married couple desperate to have a baby by any means.

    Henry comes in handy with his investigations with Corrine. It seems that he can detect evil and distinguish the different smells of animal and human blood from quite a distance.

    In the end the Dark Elve is killed with an Iron Spear. Now it is true in mythology that Dwarfs were forced to forge iron into weapons and I think they got the mythology mixed up a little, but I suppose that is not really important. I could be wrong though. The woman who just had the baby speared the Elve through the back I guess completing the joke of the title Post Partum. I wonder if that will screw her up very much?

    Again not a very strong story and sort of a silly episode. After the last episode this was a little disappointing. Thanks for reading...
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